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The Olympic Games ended in a glittering closing ceremony at the Birds Nest Stadium at Beijing. Preparation will start in earnest shortly for the next Olympiad to be held at London in the year 2012.
In this Olympic games one of our own mumin bhai from Yemen had received a wild card entry to take part in Gymnastic, a singular honor for our community, the very first as far as I can recollect.
Come 2012 and the Olympic games are going to be held in London, a city which our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) has visited on numerous occasions, and has a very close bond with the city. London also has a vibrant mumineen population.

One young and very talented friend of mine is focusing his energies on sending a Taek- won -do champion mumieen to represent India in the Olympics. Is it wrong to dream ? If you have any reservation on this point, do express your opion in the comment link.

This Blog is all about dreaming big and striving to implement those dreams for the community good. The following beautiful lines, taken from a country song, express the mission behind the Mind Mints Blog.

you were young enough to dream
I was old enough to learn something new’

So this post concerns of a dream to be realized by a young and energetic sportsperson, who is fully focused and has also done his home work right.

Hopefully when our world wide community will be celebrating the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) there will be emerging on the Fatemi horizon a Taek- won -do champion, our very own, who will be focused on participating in the Olympics and Allah Willing win Gold and Glory for India and our community in particular.

I write this post as Sherullah is nearing the bend, within a few days we will all be engulfed in prayers and will be fasting and doing pious deeds, so my request is to remember this young man and say a prayer, so that his dream is realized.

His proposal is to start MSB Martial Arts Academy at Kolkata.

Bhai Taher Tambawala is Representive of Martial Arts Authority of West Bengal under the banner of Martial arts Authority of India (Department of Youth Sports & Martial Arts Affairs) the national body Sports & Martial Arts instructor of MSB Educational Institute –Kolkata for the last 10 years He also Vice President of the Martial Arts Authority of India.

Martial arts Authority of India is an official Governing body for all Martial Arts disciplines, traditional, contemporary, internal and all fighting events. Martial Arts Association- International (MAA-I) is representing 120 countries network and promoting multi martial arts. The oldest body of Martial Arts in the world.

Mission Statement:
Our primary mission is dedication to health, strength and longevity. We as a team strive for the following.
1. To listen and understand the want and need of our students members and families and to address those want and need specifically.
2. To continually educate and train over self and update our skill in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence.
3. To educate and train our students, members and families so that they are empowered to protect them and maintain optimal health.
To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom

Bhai Taher is trying to set up an Academy in Kolkata and the brief outline of his Proposal is as follows:

Projected Proposal

Preffered area where the Academy may be set up - South Kolkata
Space Needed – 1400 Sq Ft

Space Divided 2 Sections:

900 Sq Ft – Martial Arts Room (Around 40-50 Students + Changing Room Boys & Girls + Instructor room)
500 Sq Ft for Registration office, Toilet Boys & Girls, Waiting Room + Meeting Room & ECT.

Expense: 10 Lak +

Income Through: Life time Membership : 50,000
Annual Membership : 15,000
Package Work-out : 5000
Monthly : 400
Life Time Membership & Annual Membership Daily Fix time
Package Work-out Contains: Martial Arts Class, Yoga & Aerobic Classes (4 Days a week for 4 months)
Monthly Contains: 2 days per week only Martial Arts Classes

Work on the proposal has already started with the look out for a proper space at reasonable rent.

In the recently held 3rd Inter School Open Martial Arts Championship organized by MSB – Kolkata , 21 schools participated, and MSB – Kolkata with 46 medals were declared CHAMPIONS followed by The Heritage School – 43 medals and Delhi Public School winning 29 medals.

So here we have a potential, which needs encouragement and your prayers. Suggestions are welcome. Mumineen who want to be part of this Project may email to Bhai Taher at – and he will keep you updated on the development. Keep the momentum going, some thing positive will surely emerge, for the greater good of the community.

Be part of the dream and do pray during Sherullah for the realization of the dream.

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