Saturday, October 30, 2010


Eckhart Tolle : As long as the egoistic mind is running your life, you cannot truly be at ease; you cannot be at peace or fulfilled except for brief intervals when you obtain what you wanted, when a craving has just been fulfilled. Since ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things.

The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, social status, recognition etc: None of this is YOU. Do your find this frightening ?

You will know it at the latest, when you feel death approaching. Death is the stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die"- and find that there is no death.

Interesting ! Has Eckhart read or come to understand the nasihat of Syedi Sadik ali saheb, and if you care to read his nashihat, it is a treasure trove of many such Spiritual truths in most endearing and easy to understand language. Just 2 examples in the context of the above.

Syedi Sadik ali saheb states so eloquently :

'gar maut ne samjo to', kunji (the key) chhe nazati ni
tehqiq yeh ma'din chhe ruhani haya'ti ni'

;">'marvana agaari tu' eh bhai mari jaje
logo kahe jivto chhe, ehvu tu kari jage'

I am sure Echart Tolle has not come across the nashihat of Syedi Sadik ali saheb, but has been blessed with the Spiritual Truths. In his best selling book THE POWER OF NOW he is merely showing us how to go more deeply and to understand the truth contained in our DEEN.

If one is taking 'haqiqat' sabaks they will find it more interesting and enriching to read his book.

## The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is.

OUR DEEN our all encompassing 'shariat' teaches us to accept and stop resisting in myriad of ways, so that we may overcome the primordial trait that resulted in our falling from grace, in the fist place.

## Resentment, hatred, self pity, guilt, anger, depression, jealousy, even the slightest irritation are all forms of pain.

OUR DEEN for this very reason to make us free of pain, teaches us kana'at - santosh and tawaakul - bharoso on Allah and our Moula (TUS).

## Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. TRUE POWER IS WITHIN AND IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW.

OUR DEEN : What other better living example than that of Imam Husain (SA) mocking at Shimr, laughing right on his face, as the layeen sits with 'butha khanzar' on his chest. Seemingly all powerful, but in truth utterly weak and vanquished.

It is this power within that made Imam Husain mock Shimr. Aqa Moula (TUS)referring from the most eloquent 'shadat'bayan of Syedi Abdulkader Hakimuddin Moula (RA) says

Aqa Moula (TUS) farmavey chhe ke Imam Husain Shimr na samne ‘hasa’ ane farmu ke tu uth mara sina upar thi – mane sajdo deva de' shimr ne uthvooj paroo – this is the true power within – The Power of Now – a’ waqt ma sajdo devano chhe – taru khanzar nahi chale – just give it a thought Imam Husain is all alone – shimr sina par khanzar layee ne savar chhe – magar haqiqat ma Imam Husain jane cheh ke a’ banu ummaya ni weakness chhe, which is disguised as strength.

So each year we mumineen assemble together on the 'nida' of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) to mourn and remember the 'shadat' of Imam Husain (SA) and in so doing we reaffirm the POWER OF NOW - the knowledge that Forms are born to die, we are aware of the eternal underneath the forms. We know and affirm that 'nothing real can ever be threatened'.

Muharram 1432 H is just a few weeks away, and every one is eagerly awaiting to hear the nida of Dai e Husain to experience once again, the reaffirmation of the POWER OF NOW.

Eckhard Tolle goes on to state that, when this is your state of Being, how can you not succeed ? You have succeeded already. We mumineen know for sure, for our Moula has on several occasions, emphatically conveyed that we need not worry.

No doubt self help books, those written by truly awakened masters and spiritual savants, are precious, but in the end, the effectiveness of the teaching is relative to the reader, who reads such books, and applies his understanding.

There are various methods of acquiring knowledge, one such is known as Socratic Method, the other is Philosophical method, but all these are very painstaking and laborious processes of acquiring awakening, and everyone is not competent to graps and understand.

The sure shot method with little effort and maximum positive result is what the mystics call the attachment with purified and perfect individual. OUR MOULA.

'If there is a desire for union in your head, O Hafiz
You must become like clay in the craftsman's hand'

In truth OUR DEEN has made us mumineen that supple clay in the hands of the master craftsman - OUR MOULA.

THE POWER OF NOW has done wonders to my understanding the Spiritual Truths, but this much I want to convey to my young well read, educated friends that OUR DEEN is more deep, more refreshing, more rejuvenating. I have been trying to convey this message in my writings, how far I have succeeded I know not. I leave it upon my readers to make the judgment.

How I wish that in this 100th Milad Mubarak year, the great spiritual and literary works of our savants, awliya kiram sahebs, in this internet driven age, find a niche and become guiding posts for all those seekers of truth around the world.

Each day I see my posts, being assessed around the world, comprising of diverse cultural and ethnic population around the world, in countries like Morocco - Switzerland - China - Germany. The stats are a source of motivation and satisfaction.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'no mind' in Namaz - a natural state of felt oneness with Allah

During a recent Skype chat with my niece, who is doing a course in Middle Eastern Study at SOAS - London ( the chat veered on my earlier blog where I had quoted Eckhart Tolle.

I always admire and have high respect for our highly motivated and educated youngsters, who have been studying at various Colleges and Universities around the world, who are well read, have opportunity to come in contact and assimilate with different cultures,and thought processes.

So when my niece strongly recommended that I should buy the book, I did her bidding and when the bookseller refused to give the normal 10% discount, stating that the Book is in constant demand, I became sure that it is worth possessing.


THE POWER OF NOW - Eckhart Tolle over 2 million copies sold carrying rave reviews from important personalities and thinkers and now available in thirty languages. Gujrati edition titled ' Shakti vartaman ni'

For all those who feel that there are 'nobody' in this vast set up of the Universe, Eckhart conveys a very potent and powerful message in the very beginning of the Book. His quote : YOU ARE HERE TO ENABLE THE DIVINE PURPOSE OF THE UNIVERSE TO UNFOLD. THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE. I felt myself a few inches taller as I read it, I am no push over but an important cog in the great churning. Hope you also on reading this must be feeling the same. After reading this quote of his, who will not feel important, and he backs up his contention with hard facts.

The hard fact : that a single human cell measuring 1/1000 of an inch across contain instructions within its DNA that would fill 1000 books of 600 pages each. Simply mind blowing !! I am made up of a trillion of cells.

Let me share some spiritual truths, which I have had the good fortune to learn in 'sabaks' but in his book Ekhard has forcefully and with telling effect put 'upfront' in the most simplest to understand way. Eckhart is said to have experienced spiritual realization, one night after his twenty-ninth birthday. I know many youngsters may already have read the Book.

What is my point in writing about the Book - it is precisely that to convey that OUR DEEN if followed in true spirit is more enriching and sublime. Here I am taking help of Eckhart, I am deeply indebted to him, for by the end of my post, the readers will be fully understand what i want to convey.

In the introduction Eckhart states to the followers of ancient religions, that there is no need to go elsewhere for the truth, his mission is to show you how to go more deeply into what you already have.

Some random thoughts gleaned from the Book.

' The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some super human accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.'

We mumineen are blessed to have a MOULA whose very presence, energizes and enlightens many to feel the oneness with Being. Each year during 'asr' on Ashura, this feeling of oneness becomes profound and intense. I am sure many of my readers may have experienced this sublime feeling.

According to Eckhart, compulsive thinking, this incessant mental noise prevents you from finding the realm of inner stillness, that is inseparable from the Being. This is because the voice (your thoughts) belong to your conditioned mind , which is the result of all your past history as well as the collective cultural mind set you inherited.

He suggests that you start 'watching the thinker' so that the higher level of consciousness becomes activated. A very novel concept propounded by him is that when you learn to control your thoughts - the incessant chatter, when it subsides, you experience a discontinuity in the mental stream - a gap of 'no mind'

At first, the gaps will be short, a few seconds perhaps, but gradually they will become longer. When these gaps occur, you feel a certain stillness and peace inside you. This then is the beginning of your natural state of felt oneness with the Being, which is usually obscured by the mind. With practice, the sense of stillness and peace will deepen. In fact, there is no end to its depth. You will also feel a subtle emanation of joy arising from deep within: the joy of Being.

As you go deeply into this realm of 'no mind' you realize the state of pure consciousness. In that state, you feel your own presence with such intensity and such joy of thinking, all emotions, your physical body, as well as the whole external world becomes really insignificant, in comparison to it.

Now this over two million copies Best Selling Author advices some practical steps in everyday life to achieve this 'no mind' gap. Here are a few of the simple routine steps :

## Every time you walk up and down the stairs in your house or place of work, pay close attention to every step, every movement, even your breathing. Be totally present.

## Or when you wash your hands, pay attention to all the sense perceptions associated with the activity: the sound and feel of water, the movement of your hand, the scent of the soap and so on.

## Or when you get into the car, after you close the door, pause for a few seconds and observe the flow of your breath.

Now to all my readers I put forward a very simple and basic question.

Offering Namaz on 'waqt' with discontinuity in the mental stream, by being totally present, shutting out the incessant chatter of the thoughts, is a much better practice to become enlightened, to achieve the natural state of oneness with the Being ?

Is it not my friends ? It surely is, but we have not given it the thought - 'ghar ki murgi dal barabar !'

Thank you Eckhard Tolle for telling us that there is no need to go elsewhere for the truth. OUR DEEN makes us not only enlightened but also nurtures us for emancipation.
But first things first - switch off the mobiles. It amuses me to see many holding their hand sets immediately after 'salam', some go further, casting a fast glance between 'ruku' and 'sujood' at the blip on their hand set during 'sunnat / vasek namaz' !!

I fervently hope that those who have cared to read my blog will surely find truth in it. To my young friends living in college campuses and professionals, who surely may have read THE POWER OF NOW it will be a revelation.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


ABUNDANCE : Think abundance, feel abundance, BELIEVE abundance and surely it will manifest itself in your life. So says one of the pioneer of New Age Thinking- Robert Collier (1885-1950) in his famous Book - THE SECRET OF THE AGES.

His Secret : 3 steps to call upon your inner power - The Genie of your Mind
First and foremost : To realize that you have the power.
Next to know want you want and finally
To center your thoughts upon it with the singleness of purpose.

In order to achieve the best results he advices that we need to practice.

Now the question is what is ABUNDANCE ?
Is it material wealth ? All the creature comforts, or is it something very different. You must be knowing many who have all the material wealth, but are they really happy, are they living an enriching life ? Are they living a contended life ?

I quote another New Age Amazing Teacher Eckhart Tolle who writes in his famous Book : THE POWER OF NOW - ' those who have not found their true wealth, which is radiant joy of Being, and the deep unshakable peace that comes with it, are beggars, even if they have great material wealth.'

They are looking outside for scraps of pleasure and fulfillment, for validation, security or love, while they have a treasure within that not only includes all those things but infinitely greater than any thing, the world can offer.

As I read the above lines, which started to slowly sink in I found the answer to why Moulaya Raja saheb of Morbi, who made a living by a very humble profession of weaving cloth, threw the jewels back into the well, that came in his 'dol' (water bucket) not once but all the three times, when he intended to fetch water to perform 'wudhu'.

He threw back the jewels because he had the true wealth - the joy of Being. He could think abundance, feel abundance, and enjoy abundance, and he did not look outside for scraps of fulfillment and validation. This is the secret of abundance, that our DEEN has to offer to true seekers of bliss, prosperity and plenty.

Molaya Raja was fully focused on the Power of Now - he needed water for wudhu, as the magrib time was ending, and he knew fully well that the real wealth and abundance, came from 'ibadat' of Allah at the determined waqt. Water was what he needed and water was what he got.

And as to the true wealth and abundance, history bears witness, that the abundance experienced by Molaya Raja, manifested in due time in the form of nine 'ratans' (jewels) of exquisite and resplendent spirituality, humanity, piety and learning - we are familiar with their glorious history - Badre'en Doat kirams.

The first and foremost amongst them Syedna Ismail Badruddin Moula (RA) had immense material wealth, but his true seeking of abundance came from seeking I'lm - staying six months each year at Ahmadabad in the hazrat of Dai uz Zaman, and spending the remaining six months at Jamnagar looking after his business.

The true meaning of abundance was given by him, and as conveyed on several occasion to his mansoos Syedna Abdul Taiyyeb Zakiuddin Moula (RA)

AWESOME ABUNDANCE ! Not great material wealth as stated rightly by Ekhart Tolle, but the joy of being - the joy of serving DAI UL MUTLAQ - WHO IS TRUE ABUNDANCE. Abundance is in his 'gulami' as repeatedly stressed by Sayedi Sadikali Saheb.

I may or may not be possessing any material wealth, it is inconsequential, but I carry within me abundant love of my Moula (TUS) that in it self is ABUNDANCE. Each day is a joy for me , each day is a celebration, each day a thankful day. I feel happy, I feel blessed, and the gloss and glamor of material possessions, does not effect me.

Those who try to make a big show of their material wealth, those who are only self indulgent, self possessive, self centered - I really pity them, for they are seeking validation, they are feeling insecure, they are feeling incomplete.

As we celebrate the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) let us also throw back all that is transitory and seek that which is everlasting, and if our seeking is focused, the joy and bliss of Abundance in life will surely enrich us.