Friday, October 31, 2008


Contact: Manager - Bhai Ali Neemuchwala M - 00971504961127

This post is in gratitude to Bhai Ali Neemuchwala, who had arranged for us at short notice, a very memorable and exiting tour of the sand dunes, located on the Hatta - Oman Highway.

The SUV picked us up from Sharjah at around 3 in the afternoon, and within 2 hrs we reached the dunes, in anticipation and excitement.

A convoy of 10-12 SUV's assembled at the base of the dunes, and slowly with deflated tyres, we started to make the climb. The drivers know their job well, are fully trained, so in order to get us into the groove, the initial climb was at a slow pace.

Within minutes we reached some height, and then the real fun began. As the highway receded and we were sucked into the dunes, the car picked up speed, the sand like rising wave flustered the windscreen, and at the top bend of the dune, I found my driver at 45 degree angle below me, and within minutes as the car hurl ted downward, on a steep incline, I found myself down at somewhat same angle, looking up to my driver, in awe and excitement.

The flip flop continued from one dune to another at faster pace, and within half hour we were surfing the sand and enjoying the experience. As the sun mellowed, it was a heavenly experience, to see it coming down fast on the desert sands. The convoy slowed down and for about 30 minutes, we slowly moved on towards the setting sun, and finally arrived at the camp gate.

It is interesting to note, that the sand dunes are Sharjah territory and the Camp is situated in the Dubai territory.
As the dunes were completely enveloped in darkness, we arrived at the Camp site, it looked like a lighted up oasis. The camp site gives one a complete Arab Experience, with good food to be had in real desert atmosphere.

Bhai Ali was keen that we also experience the unique Dubai Creek outing, but unfortunately we had commitments. So Dubai Creek and Wild Wadi has to wait, till our next trip Insa Allah. November to March is the ideal time to visit the Gulf, as the climate good.

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