Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The spreading of Islamic Science and Philosophy

In the 11th century TOLEDO was the greatest Muslim center of learning founded in the West. In 1085 Toledo fell to the Spanish Christians. A Spanish Jew baptized under the name of Petrus Alphonsi became physician of King Henry I and thus he became the first to spread Muslim Science in the West.

The most prominent and prolific translator at TOLEDO was the Italian Gerad of Cremone who had a Christian and a Jewish assistant (Intereting !!) He occupies same position in the Western World as HUNAIN held in the Islamic World of Bagdad. Gerad was rightly called the the father of Arabism in Europe.

By the time of his death in 1187 he had produced 80 translations, amongst authors he translated into Latin were KINDI - FARABI _ AVICENNA ( Bu Ali Sina)

Latin versions of Arabic books immediately became the subject of study in the 12th Century at centres such as Bologna - Montpellier - Paris - Oxford.

The translations of Avicenna, whether medical or philosophical works were received with great enthusiasm all over Europe. when the manuscripts were finally printed mostly at Strasburg and Venice, they ran into innumerable editions, sometimes separately, and at times together with the works of Farabi and Kindi. There is evidence of their widespread use at various centers of learning.


Personal Note: It feels sad to note that in the 21st Century Islam is being misunderstood and maligned, largely on account of of a few misguided elements. When spread of knowledge is put on the back burner, humanity suffers.

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