Monday, June 7, 2010

A Brief History of Everything - KEN WILBER

KEN WILBER at the age of 23 left his graduation in Biochemistry to pursue the wisdom of unraveling the mysteries. Excerpts from his book :

Arthur Koestler coined the term HOLON to refer to any entity that is itself whole and simultaneously a part of the whole. For instance a whole atom is a part of a whole molecule, the whole molecule is a part of of a whole cell, and the whole cell is part of a whole organism and so on.

The point basically is everything created is a 'holon' of some sort or another.

Even the 'whole' KOSMOS is simply a part of the next moment's whole - indefinitely. At no point we have a whole, there are only whole/parts for ever and for ever.

(On reading this I thought it as a wonderful way of TAWHEED - only ALLAH - mubde - haq - subhanahu ) is complete ALL IN HIMSELF )

It was Pythagoras who introduced the term KOSMOS. It contains

1. Cosmos - the physio sphere

2. Bios - biosphere

3. Nous - nooshere

4. Theos - the theosphere or divine domains.

There are 'holons' in all the above spheres. Every 'holon' is a whole and a part. Every 'holon' has two twendencies or 'two drives' that is to maintain both its 'wholeness' and 'partness'

Maintaining its wholeness means it has to preserve its own identity, itw own autonomy, its own agency.

The self transcending drive produces life out of matter, the mind out of life and towards higher stages - the Spiritual stages.

The KOSMOS unfolds in quantum leaps of creative emergence.

Each 'holon' has four basic capacities : 1. Agency 2. Communion 3. Self dissolution 4. Self transcendence.

The Example of a thousand Monkeys and Shakespeare Play.

A scientific calculation showed that a chance for a thousand monkeys to produce a single Shakespeare Play was one in ten thousand million - million - million - million - million, so may be it can happen in a billion - billion years.

But the Universe is only twelve billion years old.

Calculations done by scientists from Fred Hoyle to F.B. Salisbury consistently showed that 12 billion years is not enough time to produce a single enzyme by chance. In other words, something other than chance is pushing the Universe.

SPIRIT is unfolding itself in each new transcendence, which it also enfolds into its own being at the new stage.

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