Friday, November 11, 2011


Cooked food in the Mawaid is just a meal
but when a mumin family partakes it
it becomes a life energizing means
a soul nourishing force
which make the spirit soar

Pray why is it so ? - you ask

The transmutation occurs not in the kitchen
an a'la niyat behind is the real reckoning force

It is simplest of fare, no doubt
but it nourishes the body as well as the soul
Thus in a sense my dear friends
the simple Thali scores head over the rich home cooked fare

The results will show - just wait and watch
the 'baraka'ts' of Jamea Anwar, in a day or month did not unfold
can any one deny now that years have rolled
Aqa Moula oft alludes of it's bounties manifold

Likewise for sure
the 'barak'ats' of this 'mauhim' will surely unfold
Just wait and watch
Just wait and watch !!


I penned the aforesaid musings,in a burst of creativity - which I feel needs some expert tinkering - friends, you are free to have your opinion on reading it :))

I was reading the 'MASANAVI' of Rumi ( English translation) on my Kindle, and the following lines inspired me to reflect and write ;

' On the table bread is a mere lifeless thing
When taken in body, it is a life giving spirit'

Every outcome depends ultimately on the NIYAT

I for one firmly believes that the end result will be very different for one
who 'orders' for the THALI as a means of ease , to get some relief from cooking and the other who feels blessed to be part of this 'mauhim' and to share the barakat of 'same food' the 'simple food' the benefits of which, for sure will show in the years to come.

Partaking of simple food is the essence - back to basics - healthy - nourishing food, weaning us away from Passion eating to Intelligent eating.

Friends feel free to correct me, if my thinking is erroneous.


Aquil Busrai said...

Food has various connotations, depending on context. It creates a psychological linkage that leads to different imagery in mind. Think why "Dal Chawal" on Tijia Jaman 'tastes' different. The taste is not different. It is the perception of 'taste' given the context of the ocassion that creates that difference. Similarly, as a child we often commented that food at neighbours house was more tasty than same food in one's own home. It was not. It was the perception set in diffetent context.

Mawaid Thali creates the same perception platform. Food served through Mawaid is not simply food any more. It is THE food because of context of its origin, connection with Aqa Maula and the huge global connectivity of it being served across severlal locations. It thus ceases to be mere food to satisfy physical hunger and transcends to food that satisfies emotional and spiritual needs too.

Mawaid Thali concepts has far deeper meaning and consequences than feeding. It creates - for the recipient - a link of commonality, a sense of virtual participation and a sense of belonging to a larger network.

It is more than food. Far more.

aquil busrai

mohammed rangoonwala said...

'One must learn to distribute more than what one gets' is the message of Thali. It consolidates the sense of being one in this life as in the life hereafter. The "ghiza" of this world is food to exist physically whereas "ghiza" of the life hereafter(Oneness of soul) is Ilm. Uniformity and simplicity of foods and tastes is required in order to facilitate the quest of ilm - the ghiza of soul. May we recall the couplet of Allama Iqbal: "O taeyre lahuti (the spirit in us is referred to as such) oos rizq se maut achhi, Jis rizq se aati ho parvaz (the flight of spirit) mey kotahi( O my soul ! death is better than such food which may hamper your flight to heaven). How to acknowledge Karam and ehsan of Aqa Maula who has made our flight to heaven so comfortably accessible with just one Thali !!