Monday, April 23, 2012


The barakaat of Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah in Kolkata has finally reached 100% households in the city. Mubarak ! Mubarak ! Kudos to all those who have actively associated with  FMB  under the kiyadat of  Amil Saheb Janab Yusuf Bs Mohiyuddin (DM) and very active participation of Janab Musta'ali Bs Mohiyuddin (DM)

 It is heartening to note that more and more mumineen are getting associated and the entire 'mohim' which is now well regulated and coordinated. Sharing  photos, so that other centres may also benefit
Readers of my post, are welcome to share their personal experiences by commenting on the post. 

                                  100% mumineen housholds are receiving Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah Barakaat
                                   The distribution system is streamlined.  Each packet contains 10 foil packed bags.

The packets are awaiting transportation to different locations around the metropolis, where Tanzeem members ensure smooth distribution.

  Is it just rice ?  It is an elixir, and more and more evidence is coming from around the world of the barakat emanating by partaking of the ' Thali' 

                       The Central coordinating office Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah - Saifee Masjid

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