Monday, March 11, 2013


Inspired by the 102 Milad Mubaraka initiative of planting trees and taking loving tender care of potted plants in our home and work places, our extended family spread across the continents, decided to have a family competition and every one participated by posting their potted plant pics on Whattsapp.

My niece Sarah Boriyawala's family from Dubai won hands down, leaving all of us far behind, so I have decided to dedicate this post to her efforts. These are a few of the pictures from her balcony and drawing room.


Sarah's family balcony is resplendent with organic Jalapenos,  Tomatoes, Spring onion, Ajwain, Pudina and Coriander. The plants need half hour of daily watering, and care has to be taken to weed out fungus and do the pruning once in a week. With a lot of information readily available on the Net, just the will to do, is needed.

Sarah's family won hands down, because the Builder has provided the flat owners with a stretch of soil, as an extension to the balcony, with an inlaid sprinkler system. So any one having such a facility, can easily maintain and carry out organic farming in their homes.

The indoor plants, need only to be watered once a week, but they bring nature right into our homes, and are so pleasing to the eyes. According to Bhen Sarah B plants add a sense of  beauty and serene calm and coolness. It is a good idea to have small pots of single colored flowers on the window sill, and side tables, they really brighten up the home and infuse a sense of  happiness.

If a family has young children prancing around the home, it makes practical and better sense to have colorful indoor plants, than expensive Swaroski crystals and artifacts, which have to be continuously guarded, and the young ones hushed away all the time.

In such families, I would suggest to start with bringing home 3 different varieties  of indoor plants, and make your little darling aware that one is Abba plant - the other one is Ammi plant and that one is my little darling's plant. Just see the magic work. From day one your child will start connecting with his plant. Both will grow in a very loving environment !!

Today's Indian Express carried an article titled ' Blossoms For All' about the Market Yard flower market at Pune. What I liked was the observation, that the difference with other whole sale markets,  contained in the sprawling Market Yard, is that the flower market with 'almost every hue of the rainbow on display, is a delight to all five senses'

Likewise, if one makes a little effort and brings home a few plants and tends it with loving care, the entire family will have a very enriching experience, each day. Petunias are popular and reliable flowering and ornamental plants. The blossoms of Petunia come in many colors. Moon flower grows and flowers quickly in warm tropical zones. Their fragrance and beautiful blooming makes them an excellent choice for hanging baskets.

 Plants are also are teacher, if one is observant, there is a lot to learn. In my earlier blog on Fate, I had posted a home video of a small plotted plant, which taught me a life lesson.

With rising health hazards on account of greater use of pesticides in commercial farming, health conscious people are turning towards organic farming. If one is blessed to have a small patch of green, a small organic farm in your own back yard is not a big deal.

Net provides a lot of information, and for fence sitters, sharing just two links out of hundreds available, to get started.

(Tips on Organic Gardening - Basic simple - it just needs your will and intention to start your small organic garden )

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