Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FMB Barakat - Amazing Health Benefits of Peaches

I have been sharing with my readers posts on health benefits of nutritious and healthy eating, a direct result of the FMB initiative and barakats. Just the other day,  read a write up on Mawaid na Fawaid Group on the Amazing Health Benefits of Peaches.

Peaches have a number of health benefits. Good for the eyes and for the skin. It helps in weight control and is a good Toxin cleaner.

It is a rich source of multivitamins and minerals, besides antioxidants and  fiber.

The cherry on the cake is that they are 'in season' in India and will be available for another month or so.

                 PEACH PUDDING -  Easy to make, simply delicious and highly nutritious  

All you need  for one bowl.

500 gms Peaches / 250 gms whipped double cream / 50 gms Lime Jelly / 1/2 cup sugar

METHOD: Peel off the skin and cut the peaches into small pieces, add sugar, mix well and put to boil, till the peaches are soft and pulpy.

Take out a small portion of the syrup, add Lime Jelly and boil it and let it cool, and than add to Peach pulp.

Add whipped cream gradually to the mixture of Peach and Jelly, and let it set in a Fridge.

Add Peach pieces on top for decoration.

ENJOY ! But more important while partaking this delicious pudding, become aware  of the above health benefits and eat consciously, so that the goodness of Peaches infuses good health in your body.

It is true with all food you partake, you should be aware of what you are eating, partake with Hamd and Shukr, and eat consciously. This to me is a singular barakat of FMB. 

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