Friday, March 6, 2015


Having heard so much uproar on the Documentary, I pushed the play button with much trepidation, thinking of seeing gut wrenching narration, and graphics, but I found the Documentary to be well made covering all aspects of the Nirbhaya incident. No prolonged wails and dramatic outbursts. I am wondering why the Indian Govt has to ban it ? The opinions of the experts and all connected with the incident, is laid out before the public in a very decent format minus theatricals. Some of the Hindi soap that are dished out on TV has more wailing and more gut wrenching scenes. Prolonged cries and hearty laughter of the goons.

Let me share with you a personal experience. I went to the Barbers for a shave around noon, the ideal time for family Hindi soaps on TV. One was playing out above my head,and although I was not able to watch it, as I had surrendered my face to the barber, I could hear the audio.

From the audio I surmised that a villain was acting tough and was in the act of  ruining the modesty of the lady protagonist, and for more than 5 minutes she was pleading, begging to let her go, and amid continuous loud wailing. I was feeling so disgusted, the wails and the cries were unbearable, so as the first part of the shave was over, I requested the barber to change the channel forthwith.

Now these type of soaps need to be banned, not this Documentary, which has a very understated tone, and tries to portray the thoughts of all those associated with the case.

At the end of the Documentary, the grieved father reflects on her Jyoti who has become a symbol - he makes a profound observation by stating ' a storm arose, and has passed, but what is important, is what is left after the storm' now that is very important. If her sacrifice has not been able to change the mindset of the country, her sacrifice is in vain, no lesson has been learnt. I was aghast to read the report that out of 10,000 foetus found in a hospital 9900 plus ( forget the exact number) were of girl child. Shocking indeed. Banning the Documentary shows the mindset still needs to be changed.


Unknown said...

I agree with your views. Nicely put. If something needs to be banned it is these soaps which showcase violence and indecenecy and corrupt the young minds.

mohammed rangoonwala said...

It is nothing but politics which is again allowed to be played under the pretext of patriotism. This is what is called "Power at its absolute best".Where is the organisation which is set up for "seva" of Bharatmata? It is so strange that under freedom of speech everything is free except criticism of the Govt.machinery which has inalienable right to fail !!! From Mohammedi saifuddin Rangoonwala, Kolkata