Monday, May 12, 2008


LIKE FATHER LIKE SON - with a definate twist but having a kernel of truth

A man earned a lot of money and then gave all his property to his son. (normal human behavior)

The son then built a small house behind his big house, and ordered his parents to stay there (usual case scenario in modern times)

So the old couple stayed there, while the son and family lived in the bungalow. (pity - they had no other alternative)

One day while playing the grandchild came to his grandparent’s home , where every thing was in a bad state.

The grand child said “ Grand pa, be careful with your plate and chair. Don’t break them”

When asked why, the child said, “Because tomorrow my father will need them”

Have you ever wandered why the child replied like that.

The answer lies in the Quran A’yat Surah Al-Mumin :40 ‘ Whosoever does an evil deed, will not be requited except the like thereof…’

When ever I am seeking answers, I have a firm belief that the answer must surely be in the Glorious Quran. At such times I always call upon my friend Mohammad Rangoonwala, a business man, whose telescopic memory and passion, in always doing taffakur on Quran A’yats amazes me.

Yesterday while writing this post, I called him up on phone, he was busy negotiating a sale of 2 boxes of Belt fasteners, I could hear the conversation over phone, and in the middle of all the rush, he told me of the above A’yat from memory, in an instant !! AMAZING . Fortunate to have friends like this around.

Returning to the context of the post, there are many real life instances, that one may come across, where the wrongful acts of the children towards their parents, have visited them back, in similar action towards them by their own children.

However, a mumin who discharges his obligations towards his parents for him the blessings are many fold as stated in the same A’yat as above ‘ and whosoever does the righteous deed (in this case discharging of obligation to parents) whether male or female, and is a true mumin, such will enter Paradise, where they will be provided therein with all things in abundance, without limit.”

Merely discharging the obligations will ensure unlimited reward. I need not elaborate further.

However, in modern times when business and job opportunities compel one to move out to far flung countries, with large joint families no longer in vogue, in spite of the best intentions of the children, in many instances, the parents themselves, do not like to move out of their comfort zones, changes in lifestyle and culture are intimidating to them, and thus find themselves living alone.

Till the time they are able to manage themselves, every one on both sides of the divide are fine. However, problems arise once on account of age related and medical problems, the parents find it difficult.

At times it is seen that in spite of the best intentions of the children, the parents are reluctant to reallocate themselves, apprehending changes in routine and lifestyle.

In many instances children are willing to support their parents staying in their native place or urban cities, providing them with the best of amenities, but are confronted with man power constraints.

These are real modern day life style problems, and I seek solutions – so get cracking. I do not want platitudes and sermons, if you have a solution do mail me, and I will publish it on the blog. I know my efforts will not be in vain.


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