Monday, June 16, 2008


Salaam Asgarbhai,
I read your blog MindMints and to be honest with you I was really very happy to read it. I share similar views as you. I am a Software Engineer [QA], working in S1 Corporation India Pvt Ltd, Pune. I wanted to share with you one very big concern of our young generation as you have mentioned. Of the career path to take. More often than not, our youngsters (both boys and girls) are taking the easy path of the call centre job. Once stuck in this industry, it is very difficult to come out, since the experience here is not valid in any other industry. It is also very easy to slip into the path of drinks & drugs. Lots of cases of Young girls (working night shifts in call centers) from our society running away with out-caste boys has also come to light.

My wife and I had this idea about educating youngsters about various other respectable fields to venture in. I need ideas and a proper way in which I could do this khidmat.

Here are some points where it would be worth receiving ideas from others of our ilk:
1. Counsel boys, who do not have their fathers business to join, regarding various upcoming fields open to them, where they can earn a good & decent livelihood.
2. Counsel girls, who go into call centers (as they say "just for timepass"), regarding other options open to them.
3. Invite successful professionals from various fields to send a description of their profession, the courses / education path to take, the approximate costs involved, the future of that profession, the time involved to learning that skill and then getting a job / starting a business etc.

Any one needing advice on better career options than Call Center jobs, particularly in my field of expertise in Quality Analysis and Networking are free to contact me at

Allah apna Maula and Bawa ne sehat aafiyat ma Qayamat na din tak salamat rakhe. Aamin.
Alhamdo Lillah,

Shabbir Kagalwala.
B4, 503, Bramha Majestic,
NIBM Road, Kondhwa,
Pune 411 048, India.

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MIND MINTS said...

Like ShabbirB Kagalwala there are many of the same opinion, particularly the Professionals of our community, that there is no future in Call center jobs, it is a rut job. I am no professional, but I have had interacted a lot with Call center boys and girls of our community. Believe me there are many, who are well aware of the pitfalls, but as there is no other alternative to getting a decent salary, and call center jobs are easy to get, they get sucked up. Once in, everything that our tradition, culture and community values and nurtures, slowly gets eroded.

Everyone is well aware of what all is going around, but our thrust and energies should be directed, at how best alternative career and business options should be made available to the youngsters. Bhai Shabbir’s initiative is in the right direction. More and more Professionals, should come forward and offer their expertise, for the good of the community. “MEIN HOO NA’ will work wonders with our young generation, who know that they are in a rut job, provide them with a good alternative, and I am confident, that many will surely come out of it.

Last Sherullah I talked with a young lady employed in Call Center, and as she told me how the people at Call center are manipulating young minds. Even if the caller, who comes to know that the call is being routed thru India, starts abusing and using filthy language, the call center employee has to be all smiles and polite. Particularly ladies face a lot of flak.

I managed to convince a mumin bhai doing web and outsourcing business to call the lady for an interview. She is now happily employed and another mumina has also joined. The employer is also so very satisfied. So instead of merely theorizing, if each one in his small way can reach out, it will be a worthy khidmat.

If our Professionals and those connected with software and outsourcing business, can help in securing outsourcing business, centers can be started in cities , providing jobs to our youngsters. Instead of rock, hop and ragge, we will have piped madehs playing for our youngsters. The office environment will be conducive to our culture, namaz timings, and place earmarked for offering namaz.

This is just an idea, likewise, if people throw around a lot of ideas, something tangible will surely emerge. Let our Professionals keep on trying, I will keep on praying !!!