Friday, July 4, 2008


I am indebted to Bhen Fatema and Bhai Shabbir Kagalwala of Pune who had come forward to reach out and share their professional expertise and guide youngsters to better career options, than the one they get easily sucked into – Call Center jobs which has no future and more important, a job culture completely in variance with our culture and ethos.

In a recent mail they have informed that 3 youngsters have sought their professional advice and going thru the mails, I feel a good beginning has been made. Likewise, I would very much like to see other professionals in different fields, coming forward and reaching out thru their own Blogs or for starters, they can mail me and I will put their intention and social commitment to serve the community on my Blog.

I also feel that many our hesitant to express their views in writing, the reason are many. So any one with some socially relevant idea are free to contact me on my mobile 09831242486.

It is nice feeling to know that some positive developments are being seen within a short period of time.

In Kolkata with active assistance from a dedicated group of philantreprenurs, (DGP) financial grant for pursuing Engineering Education is being worked out for 3 deserving students, who have succeeded in getting WBJEE ranking but their parents are unable to finance the education. It is a path breaking initiative, and once things are finalized I will write in detail, so that in other metro cities, this novel path breaking concept can be taken up.

I am indebted to Janab Amil Saheb Yunus Bhai Saheb Zainuddin who is actively taking interest in this endeavor, and he is being informed of the development and to the emerging DGP who are not merely providing financial support, but themselves being professionals and have made their mark in their respective field of expertise and business by hard work and innovative ideas have come forward to bring about a positive change.

I am also in the process of consultation with one member of our local Hospital Board and he is also amicable with the idea of providing subsidies charges for the period of stay for needy mumineen, who merely need nursing care( terminally ill patients) So at the micro level things are being worked out, but once the ideas catches on at macro (Jamaat level) thousands will surely benefit. I keep praying and this blog is in GRTITUDE TO THOSE WHO HAVE COME FORWARD.

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