Friday, July 11, 2008


While flipping over t2 supplement of Friday 11 July 2008 I came across the profile of Md: Shabban aged 65 years with a service record of 44 years with Calcutta Rowing Club.
He joined the Club as an office peon in 1964 and graduated to head bearer and now ------------- this will make it clear - head barman in 1972. He was greatly admired for his pork and beef steaks. His son also is a bartender with the Club.
Had Md: Shaban joined a regular business establishment, he would have risen from the lowly peon, to a clerk and thereafter senior clerk, and his son would have also got himself a good office job.

Both father and son would not have had to compromise their faith ------------- got the drift my dear youngsters. THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CALL CENTRE JOBS. Yes it is pays, but it is too slippery and once you get sucked in, and as it has no future and within a few years, the erratic timings, and no further career prospects, make you hunt for other jobs, it is too late.
You have by them acquired a culture and thinking at complete variance, with your Deen.

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MIND MINTS said...

call cenre persons are modern coolies

This is how aProf of IIT Chennai defined it

Also is a member of Planning Commission for Tecchnology


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