Sunday, September 14, 2008


Earlier also I had written about BHAI TAHER TAMBAWALA, who is associated with MSB – Calcutta for the past 10 years, as Sports Instructor.

His zeal to excel in the field of his expertise, is largely according to him, on account of nazara’t and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) and his persistent efforts and focus.

After being honored with the prestigious post, the first amongst mumineen, that of State Representative for West Bengal for Martial Arts Authority of India, and conducting several State and National Meets, Bhai Taher has received a Doctorate in Martial Arts from the International University of Sports and Martial Arts Science – New Jersey, which is recognized by US Government.

Another first amongst mumineen worldwide in all probability. We at MSB – Calcutta are very proud of our very own Dr. Taher Tambawala. He is actively working towards the establishment of MSB Martial Arts Academy at Calcutta, and his dream is to create a pool of talent of our community youngsters, so that out of it one youngster gets an opportunity to represent India and become a serious medal contender in the 2012 London Olympics
I wish Dr. Taher Tambawala success and this Sherullah earnestly pray that may his dream be realized with the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS)
Dr. Taher Tambawala may be contacted at

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