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Qazi Dr. Sheikh Abbas Borhany is an erudite scholar of Islam and his in depth articles are published regularly. Recently I read his article in Malummat with regard to the esoteric science of Jafr al Jameye (Muslim Numerology and prediction of the future events)
Coincidentally I was going to write a post on the subject of truthful prediction of future events in Quran. I came across a very interesting historical fact, which I will like to share with you in the post.

Surat Al Rum (The Romans) Surah 30 Ayats 1-7 deals with a historic event which occurred precisely as narrated in The Quran.
'Alif-Lam- Mim
The Byzantines (Romans) have been defeated in the land nearby ( Syria-Iraq-Jordan and Palestine)

However, they shall win in a few years.
To Allah belongs the command before and after.
Then will the believers rejoice at the victory, which Allah has sent.

With the help of Allah. He helps whom He wills, and He is the all Mighty, the Most Merciful.
(It is) a Promise of Allah (ie: Allah will give victory to the Romans against the Persians) and Allah fails not in His Promise, but most of men know not. (Ayats 1-7)

My purpose is to share with my readers, particularly my young friends, the historical facts and an interesting story behind it.
In the Year 614 AD Chosroes sent an army to crush the Romans (Christans - People of the Book)
under his General named Shahbaraz.

The armies met in Adhri'at and Busra and the Persians (fire worshippers) inflicted heavy defeat. This event created much heat and storm amongst both the Muslims and idolaters in Makkah. The idolaters rejoiced at the defeat of the Christians, and poked fun at the Muslims.
Although the event did not concern the fate of the Arabs, it generated a lot of arguments amongst the Muslim and idolaters.
One of the asha'ab entered into a wager with an idolater of 10 camels stating that the Romans will win within a year. Muhammad (SA) told the asha'ab to revise the wager to 100 camels and extend the time to nine years.

In the Year 625 AD (nine years from defeat) Heraclius (the Roman Emperor) was victorious. He defeated the Persians and also recovered the Cross Of Isa Nabi (SA)
As predicted and on account of the esoteric knowledge possessed by Muhammad (SA) the prediction to the exact time of the victory over the Persians, came true.

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