Monday, December 15, 2008


Doing something different this time. After many serious posts on the Economic Downturn, Mumbai Terrorist Attack, Spirituality etc: I decided to write on something more sentimental. mushy but at the same time refreshing and useful, for those in love, (lucky ones indeed !)

those in the process of wooing their love (best of luck to all those beautiful guys and girls - what an experience you all must be having, exiting eh !! )

and last not least people like me, on the wrong side of fifty, trying their level best to keep the love embers from dying down.

Lyrics of songs at times provide the required spark, and here I am sharing a few. Courtesy WSR - Up country, my favourite channel. I term it songs with substance. Refreshing both to the mind and heart.

' you say it better, when you say nothing at all,

the touch of your hand, says you'll catch me when I fall

the smile on your face says that you need me,

there is truth in your eyes, saying you'll never leave me'

Your love is a miracle

It is spiritual

I'm just here in time.

Your love is a miracle

It is visible

even to a heart, that is blind like mine

live life, like a Sunday stroll

two hearts, one dream, makes a day in Paradise

this world was not meant for people, as beautiful, like you

It is not what you take with you, when you go

It is what you leave behind, when you are gone

I am a man of my convictions, call me wrong, call me right

shine on me, shine on me

shine your sweet love on me

but she don't shine for the rest of the world

she's busy shining on me !! (see the advantage of wearing ridas ladies !!)
To all my young Friends in zest !
When your aunty (my wife of 30 years and more) decided to walk off on me, on account of my obsession of writing blogs and trying to mould young and old minds alike, and my entire family including my son, daughter and their family were fully backing her, I did not panic, I knew I will win her over.
It just needed a beautiful lyric and an idea. I presented here with a frame depicting true sentiments, and she was won over. Hope you enjoyed reading a 'hatke' type of blog this time. But I will be back with serious concerns and issues soon. Till than, enjoy this Sunday stroll.


Mustafa said...

Dear Fakhruddin Uncle,

I am posting this comment after overcoming much laziness.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. You give a very interesting and different perspective the topic you cover in your article.

Your perspective on Lehman Brothers was a very interesting read. I hope you keep "trying to mould young and old minds alike".

Mustafa Imran Ali,

yusuf said...

Slms, enjoy reading your blog Your articulate use of the language makes reading def more enjoyable.
Yusuf Atlanta