Thursday, March 19, 2009

FAKHR - Pride ( post 2)

FAKHR of Nabi Mohammad (SA) in THE MESSAGE OF ALLAH. Mohammad (SA) was the personification of noble traits. ‘innaka la’lla kholoqin azeem’

‘He attained the height of eminence by his perfection
He dispelled the darkness (of the World) by his grace.’ (balagal o’la be kamalehi…)Such was the noble character of our Nabi (SA)

He suffered with fortitude and courage the ignoble acts and persecution of the Quraish -taunts, ridicules, throwing of camels entails on his person, while he prayed at Kabah. The Quraish went to extremes. Muhammad (SA) did not waver a bit, when it came to delivering the Message of Allah. Fakhr in his being the Messenger of Allah was paramount.

Here I am relating a historical incidence, which will help readers in understanding and inculcating Fakhr in our belief system and faith, which we hold dear. No compromises in this matter if we inculcate Fakhr.

So in this post, I am narrating the incident in detail, how Muhammad (SA) spurned the enticement of the Quraish and his reply to Moulana Abu Talib (SA).

The Quraish came to Muhammad (SA) with temptations of worldly honor and wealth, to entice him from spreading his Message. One day Utbah son of Rabi’ah approached him and said “ O son of my brother, thou are distinguished by the qualities and descent. We have a proposition to make to thee, think well.

When Muhammad (SA) said: ‘ Speak Abul – Walid, I am listening’

He said, “O nephew ! If you are doing all this with the view of getting wealth, we will join together to give you greater riches than any Quraishite possessed. If ambition moves you, we will make you are chief ………”

When Utbah had finished laying before Muhamad (SA) all the worldly enticement, Nabi (SA) recited the verses from Surah Fussilat (41) and Utbah was mesmerized and went back to his people saying Muhammad (SA) is attached to his Message of Allah and cares not for the worldly riches and positions. He advised that he be given full freedom to pursue his goals. But his counsel fell on deaf years.

Several Quraish deputations were made to Moulana Abu Talib (SA) requesting him to stop his nephew from preaching against their religion of idol worship. The Fakhr of Nabi (SA) in the Message of Allah was so very profound, that he said to his dear uncle Moula Abu Talib (SA)

“ O my uncle ! by Allah if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, that I abandon this course, I would not abandon it until Allah has made me victorious or I perish therein”

So this is real Fakhr that our Aqa Moula (TUS) is alluding to in this 98th Milad Mubarak – Ayyamul Ta’budaat.

When it comes to matter of Faith and belief system, we should rise up and proclaim, that I can be humble, patient, understanding, accommodating, you may at times misunderstand me as weak, but I AM NOT UP FOR SALE in matter of my Faith, and my Deen. My Fakhr will not brook any short cuts and compromises.

It is time of introspection friends, look inward , and make a self assessment.
It is empowerment, the concept widely taught in all Business Schools and very current in Business Lectures around the world.

Here I would like to recall the bayan mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) when he said - ‘Mumineen, tamne koi gareeb samjhi ne ijan ape to na jajo, hargij na jajo’ This is empowerment of the financially weak, the instilling of Fakhr being a mumin, although not well off financially.

However, there is a subtle difference. If you have Pride (haughtiness) then empowerment denotes controlling others. On the other hand Fakhr denotes, taking charge of your life, a more profound aspect of self development. Let us inculcate this Fakhr in our daily lives.

In the next post I hope to write on Fakhr in ubudiyat. Insah Allah.
Moulana Ali (SA) the perfect embodiment of this noble trait, comes to mind readily.

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