Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are in the midst of celebrating the 98th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and are carrying with us the visions and dream of celebrating his 100th Milad Mubarak Insa Allah.

I have been giving a serious thought on the subject of ‘Fakhr’ (Pride) which is the main theme of this year’s Ayyamul Ta’budaat. Let me share with you all, my thoughts on the subject.

Pride resulting out of material possessions, I need not elaborate here, is haughtiness, a negative and self destructive trait. Fakhr emanating out of things spiritual and non-tangible, adds luster and releases positive energies for the development of the mind, soul and body. Fakhr is conducive to mental health. When we have self confidence and self respect, we thrive. Ask any expert on behavioral science, and they will agree, that it is so. No doubts here.

Now the question – How best to inculcate this positive Fakhr ? – as humans we are attuned and attached to all things material. Aqa Moula’s Kalema’t Nooraniyah, surely shows us the way :

‘Ay mara pyara farzando ! Tamne koyee chiz nu fakhr hoyee to’ Imam Husain na matam ane buka nu fakhr hoyee.

Koi beezee duniya ni chiz nu nahi. Ay mara pyara farzando !

Imam Husain ni shadaat tamne parhi ne sunawoo, yeh mara vaste fakhr, ane ehna si mari sehat and badan ma quwwat.

Haqiqi fakhr su ? Ke A’al – e- Mohammad ane yeh sagla na doaato ni gulami.
Yeh haqiqi fakhr

So here we have it. In one of his earlier bayan mubarak Aqa Moula (TUS) said: ‘ je waqt mumin Abde Syedna likhe che, to’ ehne fakhr mehsoos thai che, ke mari nisbat mara Moula si chhe’

In order to understand, appreciate and finally inculcate the positive Fakhr in our daily lives, the historical incidents from the pages of our glorious Akhbar , albeit only a few have been taken by me, there are countless, but my knowledge is limited, I hope others will also share their knowledge. The purpose is to have an insight on the subject.

In many cases I will be just giving the thread of narration, and not the details, as every one surely knows all the riwayats, which I hope to refer, just the points, during this Ayyamul Ta’budaat. This being by first post on the subject. Your comments will provide me with guidance and motivation, for which I will be ever grateful.

FAKHR of Ibrahim Nabi on the WILL of ALLAH - Everyone knows the riwayat of Ibrahim Nabi (SA) when he was about to be thrown in fire – Jibraeel was bewildered at the reply Ibrahim (SA) gave that I seek nothing from Allah – what happened – ‘kulna ya naar kooni bardan va salama’ – Ibrahim (SA) said to Jibraeel - I felt ashamed to seek deliverance when Khuda ni hiqmat was that I should be martyred.

The Fakhr was in accepting what was Willed. A lesson to be learnt.

FAKHR of Musa Nabi on the FATIH IN ALLAH - He goes to the court of the mighty and most powerful Firaun with his vasi Haroon, both carrying nothing with them, but the walking stick. Every one knows how he managed to subdue and baffle the haughty Firaun and his courtiers.

For Musa Nabi (SA) the Fakhr was in reposing full FAITH IN ALLAH. We mumineen by reposing full faith in our Aqa Moula (TUS) can overcome seemingly difficult obstacles.

To be continued …………..

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