Monday, July 13, 2009


22nd Rajab has a significance in our Fatemi tradition, as in many mumineen housholds, we make 'kheer puri' on this day and partake it by reciting salvat on Imam Jafar -us- Sadik (SA) As my wife is busy making 'kheer puri' I thought it most appropriate, to share with my friends some notes on Sprituality, as a befitting tribute to this day.

AQL - The human intellect is a microcosmic refelection of the Universal Intellect (Aql Kulli) When man attains proper use of his own intellect, he is able to move from the level of his own individual intellect to swim in the ocean of Universal (macrocosmic)intellect.

Through going inward (contemplation - taffakur ) he is conveyed outward to dizzying heights.

- From the Article by Irshad Husain.

The body is the brute touched to life. The true man is the other, going pure of the body, rationly endowed with virtues, which belong to the Intellectual Activity, the virtue whose seat is a Seperate Soul, the Soul which even in its dwelling here may be kept apart - THIS SOUL CONSTITUTES THE HUMAN BEING - .......

- From ENNEADS - Plotinus

SPRITUALITY is the way you find meaning,hope, comfort and inner peace in your life.
As the body, mind and spirit are connected, the health of any one of these elements, seems to affect the health and good being of the other.

Some meanings of Arabic words we generally hear in Vaaz and bayans.

'johad'comes from 'jhd' - primaary meaning is to strive or to exert oneself.

Ilm - knowledge

hikmaah - wisdom

taffakur - reflection

al- nafs al mutma'inna (the satisfied soul)

al- nafs al lawwama ( the self accusing soul)

al - nafs al ammara bi al su' ( the soul that enjoins evil) that which comes under the influence of Shiytan

tasawwur - conception

tasdiq - assent

al - burhan - proof

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