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This post is dedicated to Bhai Shabbir Poonawla, who commented on my earlier post and urged me 'to keep writing'. It is the Greek Philosopher Diogenes again friends.

When one surrenders on its own to the Supreme Power -to the Will of Allah in the larger context, to our Moula (TUS)in the micro context, his Spirituality, will achieve the ultimate flowering, because in this willing surrender is the ultimate salvation.

If someone forcibly turns you into a means and uses you, you are bound to loose your soul. However, your soul will be fulfilled, if you surrender on your own, and become an instrument in the hands of existence.

The Greek sage Diognes, was once captured by a group of petty traders to enslave him. The traders are baffled when Diognes himself voluteers to be handcuffed. As they take him to the slave market to be sold, he proudly walks ahead of all of them. There is not a trace of fear on his face, while his captors look like captives.

Diogenes mounts on the platform and proclaims : ' What are you looking for ? They are all my slaves, and although they are not in chains yet, they cannot run away from me. HERE IS A MASTER FOR SALE - whosoever can afford a master should bid for him'

There are many savants who on account of their wisdom and spirituality have lived a fearless life, because they have willingly surrendered themsleves to the Will of Allah. Our Fatemi history is enriched with many such incidents of true heroism, the one that readily comes to mind as I write is that of Syedna Kutbuddin Saheed (AQ)

He was chained and bound in the durbar of Auranzeb, but by his fearless utterance of Truth, he made all of them look like minions.

' Shere Khuda na sher woh garraya aa kadr..... ' Nashihat of Syedi Sadik Ali Saheb

It was the radiant Spirituality and surrender to the Will of Allah that enslaved Auranzeb, sitting on the throne, and although tied and bowed down in chains, Moulana Kutbuddin Saheed (RA) towered over every one. This is the power of Spirituality and Wisdom.

The sheer joy when individual consciousness merges with the Divine Consciousness, it is difficult to say wether the drop merged into the ocean or the ocean merged into the drop. When this happens, you begin to start seeing miracles. We are all so fortunate to be a witness to the living miracle - our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) who in spite of advancing age, health concerns arrived at 9.40 am to deliver Vaaz at Saifee Masjid in pouring rain on Urs day, and was amongst his beloved mumineen till 2.45 pm.

Friends try to inculcate Spirituality in your daily lives, and feel true ecstacy and joy, that the material world will never be able to offer. The sheer joy of crossing a busy road in pouring rain, with umbrella flying and being drenched, but being in time for the Magrib farz, the sujood of shukr followed thereafter for having 'made it'is just one example of daily working Spirituality. Reaching out to the needy fellow mumineen, in what ever way possible etc: there are numerous ways and means of enriching yourself by enriching the lives of others.

Become Spiritual to become Free.


Shabbir Poonawala said...

Thanks for the post.

Keep writing, is all that I can say.

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Anonymous said...

I have been following your creative essays since many years -and now i can say with fullauthority that your writings have reached a highly sophisticated well researched enlightning experience that deserves to be compiled and preserved-so that generations can read again and again(and reflect).Well Done.We r proud of you.
DR Aliasgar Lokhandwala

MIND MINTS said...

Shukran. I am overwhelmed, and just see what encourgement and spirutiality can do. My way of saying thank you.

Today we witnessed the Celestial spectacle of the Century.

As it was said to harmful to view the spectaclde in the sky with naked eyes, I was under strict instruction not to venture out.

So immediately after Farz namaz around 5.10 am I went out on the terrace to view the Sun before it was eclipsed. In a way I felt sorry that the majesty of the Sun will be eclipsed, a feeling similar to that which overcomes those whose loved one is being wheeled into the operation theatre for major surgery.

Doctor you can understand the feeling and emotions that pass over at such times. It was something similar.

As I was looking at the Sun in this state, my mind wandered to another major eclipse that engulfed the burning sands of Karbala on the fateful day of A'shura, when the Eternal Truth was eclisped by Evil in all its totalility.

Withing a few moments when I was ushered indoors, the mindscape created images of Moulana Abbas being eclipsed as he made a valiant dash with 'maski' towards the thirsy 'haramsharif', where Sakina was waiting.
The youthful flowering of Ali Akbar eclipsed by the spear of Sinan, the childhood innocence of Ali Ashgar eclipsed by the arrow of Hurmala.

Alas it was totality when Shimr advanced towards Imam Husain with blunt 'khanjar' and did the gruesome deed.

As all this thoughts crossed my mind, I felt sad and also spiritual.

All those experts and lay man who had assemled at Tarengana may have missed the celestial spectacle, because of the cloud cover, but for me this have proved to be my cherished spiritual experince. I know I may not get another opportunity like this in my life time.

I am grateful to Allah and the celestial wonder in the sky.

Doctor your comment and appreciation made me express my thoughts, and as I feel others may also benefit I am posting it in my blog.

Those who may read this, may be after many years will reflect and be inspired, although they may have missed the one in a life time opportunity.