Monday, November 9, 2009


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Bhai Huzaifa Sk: Abbasbhai from Fakhri Mohalla - Pune has developed a talent of writing English poems. On an earlier occasion also he had written a beautiful poem seeped in the love and affection of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and he was fortunate, to present his poem in Hazarat Aliyah Imamiyah.

Reading the above poem entitled ' The Love Symbol' drawing analogy from a mystery thriller by Dan Brown, proves a point how deep the love and affection of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) runs in the heart of our youngsters. I sought his permission to share it with you all.

It is befitting to recall the following lines from the Madeh of Miasaheb Ahamdali Munshi.

'jees mein na rehata hoye tassavur tera hamein
ai'sa to' koyee roj nahein, aisee shab nahein'

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Unknown said...

hi i woud like to inform you about mojeza which happened at galiakot .drops of blood and water was seen coming out of stones when malekul ashter bhaisaheb did maatam of imama ghusain in the qubba mubaraka with mumineen.may allah grant our aqa moula a long and a healthy life till the day of qayamat ameen