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( I am indebted to Bhai Murtaza Attari for helping me with the digital image of my concept of Fulkul Husain and Mulkul Husain )

On the glorious 99th Milad Mubarak and at the onset of Ayya'mul Ta'budaat I share with you my thoughts on FULKUL HUSAIN

NUH NABI'S fulk was so built by the Command of Allah to withstand the surging waters resulting from 40 days of incessant rain that engulfed our planet to be safely anchored at JUDI - thus humanity, animals and plant life were saved from extinction.

IMAM HUSAIN'S fulk had a profound and greater divine purpose, which a layman like me fails to comprehend, a purpose which Aqa Moula (TUS) fully understands, his composing of the Marasiya ABKIKA MOLAYAL HUSAIN at the time of approaching his 99th year of age, is a living miracle, which we are blessed to witness.

I had expressed my tassavurat on the 10th verse in the earlier post entitled 'OUR SULTAN AND HIS MESSAGE FROM MAROL' In all humility I share my thoughts on IMAM HUSAIN'S fulk.

The purpose of fulkul Husain is Amr bil Maroof wa naha anil munkar till the day of Qiyamah, the purpose of fulkul Husain is the emancipation of humanity, the purpose of fulkul Husain is to turn the baser elements of humans into angelic traits, the purpose of fulkul Husain is to set free the Islamic values from the yoke of tyranny and oppression.

The purpose of fulkul Husain is to continuously teach humanity, the lessons of striving for the hereafter, in the face of setbacks and loss in this material world.
To remain steadfast and patient, to be submissive before the Divine Decree, placing absolute and unwavering trust in ALLAH above all else, to guard one's faith at all cost. to full fill one's word to the last, sacrificing one's all in the name of ALLAH, forgiving all in the view of His Compassion.

The fluttering sails of this fulkul Husain, till the day of Qiyamah will proclaim to humanity at large for the continuation of jihad at the individual and social level.

Aza e Husain is akin to the fast and rhythmic beat of the oars propelling the fulk, and for every tear shed, we mumineen pledge to resist the oppression of injustice, immorality, inequity and falsehood.

Al-qoos (muqadama't-ul-safina)is to overpower the temptations that try to entrap, on the onward journey, the bow designed to reduce the resistance of the hull cutting through water.

Al-hajiz – the bulkhead is so encompassing and at the same time like a fortress, that one feels safe and secure in their onward journey.

Al-halq (safina-tul-mustahat) the keel together with al-dafat – rudder helps in navigating through the ups and downs of life, and keeps the course in torrid seas of entrapping materialism, so that finally one disembarks rejoicing with Hamd and Shukr for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

‘kathe kudoos na pohchave - haq nu safina chhe
ehma sava’r chhe hamein Moula na saath saath’

Milad e Nabi (SA) Mubarak and mohanna to the readers of my posts. Looking forward to receive your comments and tassavura'ts, so that together we all stand to enrich our knowledge in this coming days of Ayyamul Ta'budaat. DOA NI ILTEMAS.


mohammed rangoonwala said...

It is a very well written article. It reminds us the hadees of Nabi Mohammed S.A. :math'alo Ahle Bayt ka Safinatun Nooh, M'an rakebaha najah wa m'an takhallafa anha gharaq. (Ahle Bayt-e-Nabi are like Noah's Arc.One who boards it sails through turbulent waters of time and finds salvation and and one who decides against gets drowned) Today, for us Dai-z-zamaan (T.U.S.)'s zaat mubarak is in itself a Safinaah. A stanza of Madeh shall suffice this as such: Tere Daaman ko jo mazboot pakre, Rasaii uski ho Aa'le a,baa tak. Another stanza in a marasiyaah lays it down so well: Islam ke khatir tuney jo Shabbir Sahey hai mehnat, Yeh teri Doa' ka phal hai mila Burhan Huda ki Surat, Insey hi Teri Yeh Da'wat salamat hai, salaamat hai , salaamat hai, Shabbir ka mataam karna ibaadat hai,ibaadat hai, ibaadat hai, Sarvar ke gham mein rona sa'adat hai, sa'adat hai,sa'adat hai. Indeed as Aqa Maula says the journey of safinaah e Husain -Ahle bayte Nabi began from Kerbala and the great waters which sustains its sailing even today in the amvaaj of Hayula are the waters of TEARS rolling down from the eyes of our Aqa Maula T.U.S.The great poet Syedi Sadiq Ali sums it up in his following couplets: Peer chhe ehva ke jehna neet nava e'jaaz chhe, aa hayula na yame mavvaj ma yeh jahaaz chhe,Jeh thaki dooba huva utraa yahaan thi paar jai, beadad ehsaan chhe ehno na avey paar kai. May he live long till the day of qayamat to see us sail through to our point of manzil-e-maqsood. -Mohammed rangoonwala

MIND MINTS said...

Bhai Mohammad shukran for appreciating the 'write up' and as expected from zakir e Husain of your stature, you have added more meaning and depth to fulkul Husain.

Likewise I hope other readers will come forward and share their tassavuraat. They can send e mails and I will be glad to edit and publish. The point here is that we can offer to our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) on the 99th Milad Mubarak our bouquet of tassavuraat as our humble tehniya't.

好好笑 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................