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AKHBAR IS ANWA'R - The Battle of Hunain


Nineteen days after the conquest of Makkah in the year 8 A.H., Nabi (SA) sets out with an army comprising of twelve thousand well equipped fighters.

The Muslim army felt very complacent and thought of an easy victory and a lot of booty. “We shall not be defeated” was the general consensus, but their statement sounded hard upon Nabi (SA)

However, as the Muslim army arrived at the valley of Awtas in the region of Hunain, in early dawn Malik bin ‘Awf had strategized a real surprise for them. A fierce attack from the safe hiding places by the enemy, routed the Muslim army, and there was utter disorder and confusion, so much so, that Nabi (SA) stood fast in the thick of the attack with only a handful of Emigrants.

Abu Sufyan bin Harb, who had recently embraced Islam, mockingly said that the retreat would not stop till they got to the Red Sea. Kaladah bin Al-Junaid said – “ Surely the magic has grown inactive today”

Nabi (SA) dismounted from his camel and bowing down beseeched Allah’s help - ‘Allahummah anzil nasraqa’ (O Allah ! send down Your Help! )

The tide of the battle turned immediately, the fleeing Muslims began to regroup and mounted a counter attack. Nabi (SA) picked up a handful of earth and hurled it at the enemy saying “May your faces be shameful”

Within hours the enemy was defeated. The booty was six thousand captives, twenty four thousand camels, over forty thousand sheep and four thousand ounces of silver. Nabi (SA) immediately proceeded for the Ta’if Campaign, giving orders that the booty be confined at Al-Ji’ranah and ordained Masu’ud bin Amr Al- Ghifari to be in charge of it.


Was it not for the Dua of Nabi (SA) and his holding steadfast in the middle of utter route and retreat of the Muslim army, the outcome of the Battle of Hunain, would have been different.

Twelve thousand well equipped army was saved from sure defeat by the faith and strength of one man – Nabi (SA) who stood steadfast, knowing that Allah’s Aid will only bring victory.

Before entering the valley of Awtas, the Muslim army was boisterous of an easy victory, but the demeanor of Nabi (SA) was reflective, for he and he alone knew, what lay ahead.

With affluence and material gains, we as a community, begin to become very omplacent, like the Muslim Army entering the valley of Awtas, and there come about a disconnect with the reality.

Aqa Moula (TUS) by the ta’eed of Imam uz Zaman (SA) knows what lies ahead, and it is for this very reason, he has this Sehrullah once again exhorted to ‘reach out’ to our fellow marginalized mumineen. In so doing he is saving the community from being immersed in materialism, personal aggrandizement etc:

He and he alone my Moula (TUS) knows that if ‘roohaniyat’ is lost, only outward grandeur is there, the community as a whole may suffer from the barbs of shaitan hiding in the nooks and crannies, like the enemy of Malik bin “Awf.

In times of crisis, the munafekeens who only offer ‘lip service’ are the first ones to show their true colors, as reflected in the acts of Abu Sufyan and Kaladah.

The enormous booty was not gained by the twelve thousand strong Muslim army in a sense, but by one man, who had unwavering faith in Allah, and he stood steadfast in the middle of all round retreat in the battlefield.

Likewise, Aqa Moula (TUS) in spite of his severe ill health this Sehrullah is holding steadfast in rallying around his mumineen, by exhorting them to perform good deeds. His physical disability is more than compensated by his glowing and ever growing Spirituality. May he for eons live in our hearts and minds, rallying us around, so that we may gain the ultimate booty – Jannat, which is only because of his presence in the NOW. Ameen.

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mohammed rangoonwala said...

Al Quran says in Surah Tawbah ayat 25th: On the day of Hunayn when ye (muslims) exulted on their numbers of strength and it did not avail you anything but naught and the earth howsoever vast was straightened for you. Thereafter you turned back from your flight.Thereafter Allah aided His Nabi (by sending forces of angels)and his believers and punished those who were disbelieversand that is the reward for them (disbelievers)." Truly there are lessons in it as spelt out by you. Let's pray things fall in line as you have wished. But alas history says lessons are imparted and not learnt.