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AKHBAR IS ANWA'R - The Battle of Uhud


After The Battle when the Quraishites had left, the Muslims went out to check the identity of the dead and wounded.

Zaid bin Thabit said: Allah’s Messenger (SA) sent me on the Day of Uhud to seek
Sa'd bin Ar-Rabi and said “When you see him, say : “Peace be upon you, from me and say to him Nabi (SA) says: “How do you feel ?”

Zaid said : “ I started checking the dead until I came across Sa’d when he was dying – with about seventy sword wounds, plus a spear and an arrow pierced in his body. So I said : “O Sa’d, Nabi Muhammad (SA) sends you his greetings and says: “Peace be upon you, tell me how do you feel ?”

Sa’d said : “And peace be upon Nabi Muhammad (SA) too. Tell him, I smell the scent of Paradise. And tell the Helpers (Ansa’rs), my people “You shall not be excused before Allah if Nabi Muhammad (SA) is hurt and your eyes are blinking “ So saying he died. (Zadul Ma’ad2/96)

The Muslims came across Al- Usairim – Amr bin Thabit, who had refused to embrace Islam, he was lying among the wounded on the verge of death.

The Muslims asked him: “ What made you come here ? Is it out of zeal to defend your people or is it because of submission to Islam?” He said : “It is (certainly) an inclination to Islam. I believe in Allah and His Messenger. I have fought along with Allah’s Messenger (SA) till I got what you see” and then he died immediately.

The incident was narrated to Nabi (SA) and hearing that Nabi (SA) said: “He is one of the inhabitants of Paradise, although he has not offered one single prayer” narrated Abu Hurairah (Zadul-Ma’ad 2/94)

Qazman, who was found among the wounded, fought heroically, and killed seven or eight idolaters. He was weakened by the wounds he sustained, they carried him to the locality of Bani Zufr. The Muslims gave him glad tidings of Paradise. But he said : “ I have fought out of the passion to my people. Had it not been for that I would have never fought” When his wounds worsened he committed suicide.

Nabi (SA) had already said whenever he was mentioned to him “He is an inhabitant of Fire” ( Zadul – Ma’ad 2/97)

Contrary to Qazman, there was a Jew of Bani Tha’labah among the dead. He said to his people. “O folk people of Jews! By Allah you have already known that it is necessary to support Muhammad” They said : ‘Today is Saturday’ they did not honor the pact made with Nabi (SA) for the general protection of Medinah.

Mukhaireeq, took his sword and the war equipment and said: “ If I were killed, my property should be put at Muhammad’s disposal” The next morning he kept on fighting till he was killed. Nabi (SA) said about him. “Mukhaireeq is the best Jew” (Ibn Hisham 2/88.89)


In the akhbaar of the dead and wounded of Uhud there is Anwa’r.

Qazaman , a tribal chief who fought along side the Muslims to honor the pact, and for the glory of his people and not for Islam, although he managed to kill seven or eight idolaters, died a miserable death and to burn in hell fire.

In all our actions – Niyat is what is paramount, a deed is being done, is it Lillah fillah or is it as a result of personal, family or group pride, to augment the ego, to be felt counted and recognized.

One should always be very wary and reflect as to why a particular act – a khidmat is being undertaken. Is it solely lillah fillah – for the khusi of Moula (TUS) or there is a hidden personal agenda, a personal gain, not necessary material gain, but power and prestige, or to be looked upon in the Society etc:

In the case of Al- Usairim, by his acceptance of Islam at the last moment, he corrected his retard and saved his soul and earned the blessings of Nabi (SA) The Anwa’r here is that without kalematus –shada’t there is no emancipation. Although his a’maal as Muslim were none, he found acceptance because of his submission to Islam and Nabi (SA)

We are not the one to judge our fellow brothers - mumineen. It is only Moula (TUS) who knows the inner niyat of each individual. There are many amongst us, who fall woefully short of performing a’maals, what are their compulsions, or limitations, we do not know the reasons, and in truth, we do not have the inclination to understand.

In such instances, we should not be the sitting judges and throw around our opinion, for we never know, when the time for act will come, the one who we are looking down upon, our own brother mumin, by a single act of pure love and ma’refat, will leave us all far behind in the race to the inner sanctorum of Paradise.

Mukhaireeq also died fighting the Makkans and willed his entire property to Nabi (SA) but for him Nabi (SA) said “ Mukhaireeq is a good Jew” So here also submission to Allah and kalematus sahadat with ikhlas is the prerequisite, for entering Jannah.

I have a hunch feeling that by his act he must surely have earned salvation for his progeny, now it is for the historians to study his lineage, and if a study is done, I am sure, in the progeny of Mukhaireeq may be stalwart Muslims. ( Historical reference - the act of compassion by Walid bin Ukaba at Taif)

The glowing martyrdom of Sa’d bin Ar- Rabi is full of Anwa’r. His a’la niyat, his courageous act in fighting the infidels – seventy plus wounds all over his body, and not a hint of suffering and pain, but pure joy and bliss and the scent of Paradise.

This than is the act for DEEN and DEEN alone, where spiritual bliss overcomes the pains and miseries of this world, those who fight in the Cause of Allah become immune of the miseries of this world.

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