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 During his more than 39 years of his professional life Dr. Aquil Busrai has won many awards and accolades.

My personal admiration for Dr. Aquil Busrai besides his sterling academic and professional achievements is more to do with his character - everything pales when I see him evolving through long years of my association with him, as a very sincere, hard working, down to earth human being, who has overcome challenges of life with fortitude, courage and foresight.

To many youngsters aspiring to achieve their dreams in spite of their limited means, he is a glowing example, and during my many interactions, with mumineen youngsters I always tell them Dr. Aquil Busrai's story.

 Dr. Aquil Busrai stands tall, he does not require my 'write up' on him, but I requested him, and he reluctantly agreed when I told him that my' niyat' the aspiring youngsters of our community find hope , and get motivation and can dream their dreams.

When I came to know that he has been conferred with another PH.D  my thoughts went back to those years when Late Bhen Bilkis Bengalee - a young divorcee, with fortitude, courage and lots of love managed to raise up her only child. She did every thing possible to see that her young Aquil never felt want.

This Blog of mine is in appreciation of a mother who raised her child and instilled in him all the noble virtues. 

Readers of this blog will love to listen to this beautiful rendering of Maa ki shan. My personal tribute to Late Bhen Bilkis Bengalee.

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During the course of his Proffessional Career, Dr Aquil Busrai has received hundreds of comments and appreciations. I share with readers, just two.

"Aquil is an institution by himself. He is an open book, rather an open video of learning. When anybody meets him, learning just happens "
Dr. Rakesh C - Corporate Mentor. A.R. Corporate Mentors LLP - United Kingdom.

"Aquil is a great team player and above all a nice human being; is an asset to any organization"
Venkatesh K  - Vice President  Hindustan Lever Ltd:

Aquil Busrai Consulting has focused on three thrust areas.
1) Executive coaching - not only at senior management but also at middle management level.
2) HR strategy
3) Leadership Development and Training

What is most noteworthy is that his Firm is committed to undertake consulting assignments with a difference.
15% of the net revenue of the firm will be contributed to NGO's involved with underprivileged children.10% of time will be offered for honorary training and consulting organizations involved with social cause.

Dr. Aquil Busrai has conducted many workshops for Dawat and educational Idaara. I have been fortunate to learn a lot from him.

It would be worthwhile to click on the below link and read the complete Profile of an Achiever and an inspiration. 

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