Monday, April 22, 2013

God's Own Country - My Travelouge - 2

As we left Kochi after breakfast and headed towards the cool climes of Munnar, why Kerala is called God's Own Country was evident in the breath taking landscape that slowly unfolded before us, as we started to climb the mountains.

On our journey towards Sterling Resort, it was a good decision to check out on one of the numerous Spice Farms that line the road. Spice Farms and Elephant safari are two of the many activities, and there are numerous both in Munnar and Thekaddy. Munnar although at an approx: height of 4500 sq: ft has turned into a bustling township, crowded and noisy, whereas Thekkady is quaint and tourist oriented, although at a lower height, but less polluted.

However, it is better to visit the Spice Gardens and do Elephant safari, while going upwards towards Munnar, as we did, because it is more fun, when you have to trek a slightly hilly terrain, when the Elephant tries to negotiate you down a slope, it is more fun and exiting.

Kerala is famous for its rejuvenating massages. Our Murtaza thought it fit, to have a head massage instead. :)) As for the massage, I went  in for one of recommended place at Thekaddy. There are 108 body points, which are 'woken up' so to say, by experts, who do a 4 year course.

Now it all depends on how much money you are willing to cough up. There are 1/2 hr to 2 hrs 30 minutes relaxing massages, which they claim, the effect lasts for 6 months. All body points are covered,   in all the different categories, but the body points receive the expert attention and time, depending upon the money you have spent !!

After massage there is a detox steam bath which opens all the skin pores. The fellow who gave me a massage, seeing my limp and age, thought that I will not  be comfortable, not knowing that I am a Bohra and a banya to boot with. I was perspiring all over, but was not willing to let go, because I had paid a goodly sum.

After about an hour you are to take a hot bath. I went to the resort and while having the stipulated hot bath, and thinking of 6 months of good glowing skin and robust health, it is what was claimed by the front desk guy. However,  on account of the oil and tiled flooring, slipped badly and fell head long on the floor.  Luckily no major damage resulted, and being fortunate to have the company of my son in law Dr. Aliasgar, who looked me up, and said all was fine.

So friends this much for now and the famous Kerala Massage.

(to be continued Insa Allah)

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