Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been writing posts on the subject of Fakhr - the central theme of 98th Milad Mubarak Ayyamul Ta'budaat. To have an Educational Idaara- herein below the excerpts from the recent bayan Mubarak delivered by Aqa Moula (TUS) on completing of 25 eventful years of this unique educational Idaara at Nairobi, will suffice as to the importance of this Institute, in the all round development of the child, in both Deen and Duniya.

Kalem'at Noooraniyah : ' Mumineen ni jama'at! Mamluk - e- A'le Muhammad na pyara pyara Farzando ! Al- Madaresis -Saifiyatil-Burhaniyah ilm o amal nu ek shadab darakth chhe, jehne Mamluk-e-A'le Muhammad yeh mara haath si ughayu chhe. 1405 H ma aa sehar Nairobi ma ehna asal ne sabit kidhu'

Thus to have such an Educational Idaara in our city is reason enough to feel Fakhr and moreover, to be actively associated with it, for past several years, to play a part in its nurturing and growth, for me personally is a cause to be proud of.

I feel proud to share with you just a few pics from the recent Annual Function of the Institute at Vidya Mandir. The teaching staff at MSB - Kolkata did a wonderful job, and worked hard to make the Programme a success, and more important, to bring to fore the talent and ability of MSB students.

I was at back stage during the programme and was part of all the hustle, bustle and exitement writ large on the faces of Teachers and the participating students alike. The 'Tehniyat' programme by the pre-primary children was well conceived and acted out, kudos to all pre-primary teachers, who really worked hard.

It brought tears to my eyes, when I saw young children, representing States of India and Middle East Countries, dressed in regional costumes, taking centre stage with poise and grace, and offering Milad Tehniyat in regional languages.

Senior School children acted out with aplomb and finesse plays in English, Hindi and Bengali.

I am reliving the moments in the following video and pics.

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