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Last Sehrullah I had written a blog on 'Out on the shopping spree' and those of you who have cared to read it, may have found out that I was not writing about Mall hopping and splurge on goodies, but on things more relevant, more spiritual.

I am sharing with you an article I had written earlier and is posted on my home page I think a most appropriate way to begin the countdown on Sehrullah.

The name of Syedi Sadikali Saheb is synonymous with nashihat, and here I am trying to bring into focus the beauty of it, and trying to propagate the nuance of his works. A humble attempt, so that the youngsters can be motivated to read and reflect on his works. In our majlis the nashihats of Syedi Sadikali Saheb are rendered frequently.

The compilation of nashihat has been published in the year 1399 H . Syedi Sadikali Saheb has in all written 53 nashihats, one the 54th is an incomplete work. His works have been written during the asre maimoon of three Doat e kirams (RA)

2 Nashihats during asre maimoon of Syedna Yusuf Nazmuddin saheb (R.A.)

42 nashihats during the asre maimoon of Syedna Abdo Ali Saifuddin saheb (R.A.)

9 nashihats during the asre maimoon of Syedna Mohammad Izziduin saheb(RA)

Syedi Sadikali Saheb has left behind for posterity, the ever radiating, soul sustaining, akhlaq enhancing, tafadi and ikhlas infused work. His kabre mubarak is in Begumwadi- Surat, and whenever I happen to be there, I make it a point to do ziyarat and recite aloud a few verses.

Each of Syedi Sadikali Saheb’s nashihat ends beautifully with verse infused with the valayat of the Dai -uz –Zaman. In this Burhai Daur each stanza of tafadi and outpouring of ikhlas refers to our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

I share with you all my reflections on a few of them. Hope my ‘write up’ will encourage you all to recite and reflect more frequently.

In the second last stanza of the very first nasihat ‘seekhaman man eh dildar dana - khule tari saadat na khazana’ beginning with ‘e Najmedeen sikandar na e saani ………….

He is seeking Moula’s ‘nazar’ – why is he seeking because he is doing ‘jafeshani’ – gulami ma kare che jafeshani - So your efforts should be there not merely your Moula’s ‘mehrbani’ – I should also deliver, there is something expected from me, I should play my part.

See the beauty of the words - ‘saram ehni che tamne roze-mehsar’ I have done ‘jafeshani’ I have done valayat with a thankful heart, and now for my human shortcomings and failures, every human has his baggage, no man is perfect. Moula I am confident that on the Day of Judgement on Roze Mehsar you will surely do my ‘shafa’at’ because you will not like me to wallow on that day in shame.

‘ane har daur ne har kor under’ Now we all know the meaning of daur – an era, but what is ‘kor’ – so if you do not read you do not know, if you do not seek you do not get, as simple as that. In order to acquire knowledge you have to go to the right source, and it is Aqa Moula’s karam and ehsanats that in each city he has deputized his Amil and given him raza to dispense knowledge to the true seeker. You have to attend ‘sabaks’ to know the meaning of the word ‘kor’ and take it from me, for I know what little I know that the meaning is baffling. Similarly the comparison of the exalted status of Moula to Aashir Mudabbir is purlutf haqeeqat.

So my humble request to my young friends to make ‘niyat’ to attend sabaks to get blessed with the radiance of Fatemi uloom and ‘a’daab’ so that in the words of Syedi Sadikali Saheb in his very first Nashihat I request the youngsters Sikhaman maan eh dildar dana Khule tari saadat na khazana.

In his second Nashihat Syedi Sadikali Saheb refers to Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin Moula (R.A.) as a garden of Jannat and in truth the sweet drink of hauze Kauser, his status is exalted as the sky and in mercy he is like an ocean.

He beseeches his Moula to unburden him from the miseries of sins by his shafa’at because of his exalted position in the eyes of his Lord.

The last stanza of the third Nashihat beautifully alludes to the personality of Syedna Abdoali Saifuddin Moula (TUS) . He states that who can narrate the fine traits of the beloved of Aai Ratan (Busaheba) who is in fact a ‘farishta’ of the Realm on High who has taken the bodily attire. He is like a pearl of the ‘tasabih’ alluding to the everlasting and continues ‘silsila’, and the body is merely an oyster holding that everlasting and radiating pearl.

His radiance is such, it outshines the radiance of the sun.. Syedi Sadikali Saheb alludes to himself and declares that in the khidmat of such a Moula is in fact our sovereignty. His gulami is our stead to cross over to jannat, overcome the obstacles of this existence

The last of the 4th Nashihat begins with the words – ‘eh kul doato na khan na nilam

The Dai e hazir is compared as the most precious stone, and our prayers are answered because of his presence. Syedi Sadikali Saheb alludes to the riwayat of Nabi (S.A.) on his last Haj pilgrimage when he faced East and called his Doat ‘aleyka Ikhwani’ my brothers.

Yusuf Nabi’s brother, is how he compares Syedna Abdoali Moula and goes on to say that he is the Brave (Rustam) of Ale Nabi and the Death knell for the wrong doers, the munafekeens.

At the same time Dai is a source of succor for the true believers who have fallen on hard times and very kind and merciful. Syedi Sadikali Saheb ends by saying that may his khidmat be accepted by one who is the sword – ‘saif ‘ of Ahlul bai’t.

The 5th Nashihat ends with the verse stating that you have taken the bodily attire to set an example and by your actions, you have overcome the baser bodily elements. Abdoali Moula (RA) was in his youth when he ascended the exalted position of Dai ul Mutlaq.

Here Syedi Sadikali Saheb alluding to his youth, says that the farishtas seeing his noble qualities, are saying that he has attained buzurgi. The general multitude seeing your excellent qualities, say that you are the ‘Khuda’ of this earth.

Comparing the torrents of blessings being showered by Dai to rain bearing clouds, he states that the clouds pale in comparison to his ‘faiz’ and goes a step further to proclaim that even the 7 seas pale in comparison.

Sadik Ali saheb proclaims his ‘ududiyat’ by stating that by offering sujood after sujood

We mumineen are fortunate to be in this glorious Burhani Daur and the words of Syedi Sadikali Saheb are ringing true in the personality of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) We offer sujood after sujood in Hazrat Aliyah Imamiyah.

Hope my reflections will motivate youngsters to reflect more and more on the treasure trove of knowledge contained in the nashihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato-a’fiyat-ta-kiymat. Ameen.

Abde Syedna (TUS)
Asgar Fakhrudin

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