Thursday, August 13, 2009


Birla Industrial and Technological Museum had organized on 10-08-09 a competitive event involving school children for making models, posters and charts on the theme - 'ASTRONOMY'. MSB-Kolkata took up the challenge, and 5 students of class IX and X under the guidance of Science and Craft teachers, prepared a model and charts on the pride of India ' CHANDRAYAN 1 ' The hard work and knowledge on the subject, was highly appreciated and applauded by the judges and the audience.

MSB - Kolkata students also had an opportunity to interact with renowned Swiss astronaut Prof. Claude Nicollier ( credited with four NASA space flights) who gave a fascinating talk on his experiences in space. It was an excellent exposure for the students to know the world of space exploration and to dream as future astronauts.

Being associated with MSB - Kolkata for past several years I would like to share a very important concept. The uniqueness of this Educational Idaara is that, students besides being 'educated' as in any other good schools, acquire at the same time, wisdom in consonance with Deen. Now that is very different from acquiring of knowledge and information.

O.K. they made a model of CHANDRAYAN 1 and their efforts and knowledge on the subject was appreciated by a discerning audience, but what is more important ONE STEP UP is that besides acquiring knowledge of science, about exploration, about moon etc: they at the same time acquire the wisdom of what the 'moon' in actuality signifies - the spiritual knowledge.

They also understand the true import of the following lines related to Sun and Moon.

' suraj naa jim IMAM chhe DAI chhe chand jim
suraj ni roshni thi ye chamke chhe raat ma
ghaib thaya Imam to a'vi satar ni raat
p'an noor ehnu baqi chhe Dai nee zaat ma '

So friends - this for me is ONE STEP UP
one unique aspect of education with a definite purpose
I feel myself blessed to be a WITNESS to it.


xyzxyz said...

This is great to know that our MSB is taking part in Science Exhibitions. They should also look ahead to tie up with some university to give better education engineering & medical technologies.
in past and still very few mumineen/muminaat do higher degree in Engineering and Medical .This is a step taken from MSB kolkata for better education for future generation of Bohra !

MIND MINTS said...

Murtaza Bhai shukran for your comments and your suggestions are welcome. We should all come forward, specially educated youngsters like you should take a proactive interest.

In my own humble way, through my writings and Mind Mints blog I am trying to reach out to youngsters, who want to pursue technical educations, who have attained rankings in JEE and other competitive Entrance Examinations, but on account of lack of funds, are proving a stumblig block.

My efforts in motivating and generating funds in some cases, has resulted in 5 students of my city pursuing Technical Education. 3 are in the second year, 2 have just joined. I am indebted to young proffesionals, who understand the value of education, and are willing to 'reach out'.

I have a vision that when we the world wide Bohra Community will be celebrating the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) Insa Allah, there would be a pool of at least (the more the better) 100 students, who may have acquired, or are in the process of acquiring Engineering Degree.

We in our own small way, can surely make it happen. Motivating, mentoring and providing scholarships or arranging for one, will have some deserving and hard working student realize his/her dream.

mohammed rangoonwala said...

Dear Asgharbhai
It is not only one step up but it is up and steep also since it is associated with the Haqiqat philosophy of our radiating Dawat ul Haq. As is said and contained in your article: Suraj na jim Imam chhe Dai Chhe Chand Jim, Suraj ni roshni thi ye chamke chee raat ma, Ghaib thaya Imam to' aavi satar ni raat, Pan noor ehnu baqi chhe Dai ni zaat ma.Chandrayan a module in its practical shape shall take you to the Moon./ But Dawat ul Haq with its Ilm of his Master shall take you to the source from where the moon has been generated i.e.Allah subhanahu tabarak-o-Taa'la. Of course to go to the Moon with so much of strenuous efforts is a great achievement of the mankind technologically. But shall it not be a supreme feat spiritually to reach Aa'lam-e-Ruhaaniyat ?!! Wa man Araadal Akherata wa saa' laha saa'yaha fahova mumenun Olayeka kanaa saa'yahum Mashkoora meaning He who so desires the Akherat (the hereafter)and strives for it as it should be striven for and he is a believer (Mumin) those are the ones whose striving shall find favour with Allah. I wish and pray may allah make you succeed in this goal of yours with MSB spearheading it.
Mohammed Saifuddin rangoonwala