Friday, August 20, 2010

The isha'raats in my Moula's kalam and salaam

OCCASION : Bayan ul ikhtetam of Aqa Moula (TUS)at the concluding session of Imtehan-us-sanavi 1431H at Surat

PLACE : Evan e Jamea filled to the capacity.

DATE : 11TH Sherullah - video relay

Sharing my thoughts and feelings as I witnessed the video recording of Aqa Moula (TUS)slowly appearing in the 'gurfah mubaraka' of the Evan e Jamia and in the context of the riwayat of moulana Jabir (RA) getting the sharaf of ziyarat of Rasulallah (SA) traveling from Kufa to Medina, in the 'noor' emanating from the raised finger of Moulana Ali (SA)

MOULA as I witnessed the gentle sway of your hand all around
your all pervading and spiritually enriching gaze
the jostling multitude of mumineen below
the heart rendering cries MOULA ! MOULA ! MOULA !
your becoming the object of nostalgia and desire
the ever ascending motion of raised hands and reaching out
the cascade of emotions, the flowing tears, outpouring of love
the undying desire of mumineen to be engulfed in your noorani nazar
the forceful yet controlled pendulum swings of mumineen at the far ends of the Evan
the composed, controlled grounding of the first line of sada't kiram sahebs
all gazing up in contemplation and outpouring of love .............

the noor emanating from Moulana Ali's finger took Jabir to Medina
your appearance at the gurfah mubaraka and your salami Moula

took me back to the beginning of the time
took me back to my fall from grace
as I fell from the celestial pleroma
engulfed in darkness, murk and gloom
as I fell and repented
I must have also looked up longingly
at Moula A'shir gazing down at me with wishful eyes
myself hurtling down, jostling amongst the fallen souls
but all the same looking up longingly
at the reassuring and ever radiant gaze of my Moula
who with the wave of his hands in salami
with no words uttered but in 'clear writing'
for me to understand and feel
says: ' I am doing the tadbeer
just keep me for ever in your heart and your gaze
I will surely bring you to me !!

You can watch the movie video by clicking on the link below. Please copy paste the link on your browser and download the video.


mohammed rangoonwala said...

Aqa Maula (TUS)in practice showed how he has taken Syedna Taher Saifuddin's Nasihat to its logical height and climax. As he raised his hand softly in form of Ishara towards mumineen standing beneath the ghurfat longing surely for their salvation in it, the nasihat's stanza was coming to life: Tame ay Bhaiyo behno, qumoos taqwa naa bas pehno, tame jano ne bas nehno, khuda noo jeh khuda tehno, Samajhjo yeh isharat ne, ane leyjo bisharat ne. Tame ghaflat thaki jago, tame batil thaki bhago, tame naa sanbhlo rago, naa duniya par tame lago, Aa Duniya chhe fanaa nu ghar, ane uqbaa baqaa nu ghar. Mohammedi saifuddin rangoonwala, Calcutta.

mohammed rangoonwala said...

Few more stanza of nasihat in isharat:Hawa si dil ne tani ley,Dhani noo hookm manee ley, Haqeeqat haq ni jaani ley, tariqat haq noo jaani ley, Khuida ne tu pehchaani ley, khuda si tu amaani ley.. Tu ammaraa ne mari ley, Nasihat aa tu mari ley,hayaati nazde baari ley, ne rab noo faiz saari ley, khuda ne thai tu laaqi, abad lag tu rahe baqi. Mohammedi saifuddin rangoonwala, Calcutta.

Mansoor ali Hashmi said...

Jazaqllah Bhai,
Shehrulla Mubarak thai,



-Mansoor ali Hashmi