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MUHARRAM epitomizes the azeem saha'dat of Imam Husain (SA) on the burning sands at Karbala. An iba'dat for the emancipation of humanity at large.

Moulana Ali (SA) saha'dat in masjid e Kufa on 19th Sehrullah while offering fazr namaz attained manifest victory, over all the evil forces, that were deterrent, for the emancipation of human souls.

Sehrullah is the month of supplication, month of roza, namaz, paying of zakat and reaching out to those in need.

One most spiritually elevating characteristic of Sehrullah is the Bihori namaz. During Sehrullah rightly so, Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA) and his supplications help us in connecting with Allah. How close a mumin feels, how spiritually radiant one becomes, when the world sleeps, a mumin keeps his night vigil and recites 'Molaya Molaya...'

Imam Ali ibn al Husayn (SA) is known as Zayn al- Abidin (the ornament of the pious) and his AL -SHAFAT AL KAMILAT AL SAJADIYYA contains spiritually radiant and uplifting supplications, that helps in bringing one near and personal with his Creator. They are not, however, merely supplications, they embody comforting answers to many questions with which, man of our time are confronted. They are a balm and solace to the troubled mind and soul.

Perhaps the most eloquent testimony to his exalted position is the famous ode composed in his praise by FARAZDAQ an eminent poet of his time. In it, FARAZDAQ refers to the occasion, when the Caliph Hisham b. Abd al Malik was overshadowed, and felt slighted by the respect which the people showed towards the great grandson of Nabi (SA)

It was hajj season, when both of them were trying to reach through the crowds around Ka'ba to touch the Black Stone. The people respectfully gave way to Imam Ali Zayn al - Abidin (SA) while the Caliph struggled desperately.

This deeply offended the Caliph, and in a sarcastic tone, he inquired, who the person had been, to whom the people had shown such preference. Farazdaq who was present at the scene, thereupon immediately composed an ode and recited it, addressing himself to Hisham. Herein below are a few lines from the ode.

'It is someone whose footsteps are known by every place
And it is he who is known to the bayt (Ka'ba) in Mecca
the most frequented sanctuary;
It is he who is the son of the best of all men of Allah (Nabi - SA)
and it is he who is the most pious and devout,
the purest and most unstained
the chastest and the most righteous,
a symbol (for Islam)
This is Ali ( Husayn) whose parent is the Prophet
This is the son of Fatima (SA) if you do not know, who he is;
Whosoever recognizes his Allah knows also
the primacy and superiority of this man,
because the religion has reached the nations
through his House.

Book Reference: AL SAHIFAT AL KAMILAT AL SAJJADIYYA (The Paalms of Islam) Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA)

Translated by William C. Chittik.

So this Sehrullah let us immerse ourselves in Iba'dat more so, as we mumineen are doing 'ohbat' for the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

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mohammed rangoonwala said...

One more stanza: if Hajar-e-Aswad comes to know of him(Ali Zain ul abedeen) it will tumble out of his shell to kiss him. Imam Ali zain ul Abedeen embodies Ibaadat in his name truly and gives his night in to it when others sleep through it. However when person of such a lofty stature gets prepared to exchange his such radiant and precious ibaadat for a "tear" shed by an ordinary mumin in memory of his mazloom father Imam Husain martyred in Kerbala we cannot only feel the seriousness of the tragedy that confronted Imam Husain and his small bend of 72 faithfuls but also visualise the heaven-the aath aath Jannat promised to us. Mohammed Saifuddin Rangoonwala from Calcutta .