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MOWLANA AZ - ZAHIR (S.A.) 17TH IMAM - 7th Fatimid Caliph (411 A.H. to 427 A.H.)

Mowlana Abu Maad Ali az - zahir (SA) was born in Cairo on 3rd Ramadan 395 A.H. When Imam al-Hakim (SA) died in 411 A.H. Imam az- Zahir (SA) was 17 years of age.

Sitt-ul- Mulk, the aunt of Imam az-Zahir (SA) looked after the affairs of the State, and on her death in 411 A.H., the Imam (SA) took the reign of the Government.

The year 416 A.H. saw the beginning of a terrible famine in Egypt, which lasted for 3 years. Looting and rioting prevailed, the Imam (SA) appealed for funds and sharing of wealth to the rich, but their response was very poor.

A truce was concluded with Constantine VIII of the Byzantine in 418 A.H. Syria was bought under the Fatimid rule once more.

Imam az-Zahir (SA) is known for his liberal and just rule. He patronized art. He opened an armament factory, where 3000 employees worked.

In 427 A.H., on 15th Shabaan at the age of 32 years he died. leaving the Caliphate and Imamate to his son Imam Mustansir Billah (SA) who was seven years of age.

MOWLANA AL- MUSTANSIR BILLAH (SA) - 18th IMAM - 8th Fatimid Caliph (427 A.H. to 487 A.H.)

Mowlana Al- Mustansir Billah (SA) was born on 16th Ramadan 420 A.H. Eight months later the 'nass' was conferred on him by Imam az- Zahir (SA)

The Vazir Jarjarai took an oath of allegiance on behalf of Imam al- Mustansir Billah (SA) at the time of the death of Imam az- Zahir (SA)

After the death of Vazir Jarjarai, Abu Saad - a Jewish merchant became very powerful on account of his proximity with the royal household. Vazir Jarjarai had served under three Imams (SA) and during his Vazirate, Egypt saw peace and prosperity.

Syedna Al–Mu’ayyad fi’l–Din al–Shirazi (RA) was a witness of Abu Saad's interferences and court intrigues. The confusion and court intrigues ended after the appointment of Vazir YAZURI, whose administration lasted for 8 years, a period of prosperity, efficiency and reforms.

The court intrigues denied Sy. Al-Mu'ayyad with the deedar of Imam (SA) for 40 days. However, in 450 A.H. he was appointed as the Dai ul Dua't of the Dawah.

The period of 454 A.H. to 459 A.H.,was a period of chaos and famine, but of far reaching and significant consequence for the Fatemi Taiyyebi Dawah. Sy. Al- Mu'yyad (AQ) passed these four years in conference with Dai Lamak at Dar-ul- Ilm, and thus although the Nile had dried up, the Fatemi Uloom flowed in torrents towards Yemen.
Syedna Mu'yyad (AQ)remained in charge of the entire Dawah until his death in 470 A.H. He wrote most of his works, in the last year of his life.

Nasir Khusraw a contemporary of Sy: Al- Mu'yyad came to Cairo in 439 A.H. and there is a historical record by him of the grandeur of the Palace of Imam Mustansir Billah (SA)

Nasir ad Dawla, a former Governor of Syria was recalled on account of his inefficiency. He attacks Cairo, burning part of the City. Mowlana Badr al Jamali who was Governor of Akka, is called back to Cairo and he succeeds in restoring order and the administration.

Imam Mustansir Billah (SA) died on 18th Zul Hijja 487 A.H.

The following historical Akhbar are taken from the kitab:
Fazail Misrul Fatemiyah : 1418 A.H. Aaliqadr Shz: Qsaibhai Saheb Vazihuddin (DM)


Imam Musta'ali Billah (SA) was born in Muharram in 467 A.H. in Cairo. At the age of 21 years he ascended the throne of Imamate and became the 9th Fatimid Caliph.

Mowlana Badr al Jamali died in the year 488 A.H. and his son Sahansa Afzal became the Vazir.

The elder brothers of Imam Musta'ali (SA) Nizar and Abdullah after giving allegiance to the Imam, did not honor and revolted and fled to Alexandria. Nizar was defeated in the battle, brought to Cairo and was executed. ( The present day Khoza community are the followers of Nizar )

Imam Musta'ali Billah (SA) after conferring nass on Imam Mowlana Amir be Ahkamillah (SA) and circulating the nass farman in all bilad e imaniyah died in 495 A.H. at the age of 28 years.

MOWLANA MANSOOR UL A'MIR BE AHKAMILLAH (SA) -20TH IMAM - 10TH Fatimid Caliph (495 A.H. to 526 (A.H.)

Mowlana Imam al A'mir Ahkamillah (SA) was born in Kahira on 13th Muharram 490 A.H., and ascended the takth of Imamat and became the 10th Fatimid Caliph at the age of 5 years.

Under the command of Sahansa Afzal the Romans, who had captured Damascus were defeated, and Shansa Afzal returned in the hazrat of Imam (SA) victorious with war booty.

An usurper named Sanbas with his military force surrounded Kahira, but was defeated and killed.

Vazir Sahansa Afzal dies in 515 A.H. and Imam (SA) elevates Abul Mansoor al Mamun to the post of Vazir.

Imam Tayyib (SA) was born in Kahira on 4th Rabi ul Akhar 524 A.H. On day 14th of Imam Tayyibs birth Akika ceremony was done with pomp and grandeur.

The bushra of Imam Tayyib (SA) birth and the nass conferred on him were sent to Mowlatena Hurra al Maleka in Yemen.

With Shareef Mohammad bin Haidera, he also sent an old kerchief.

On Tuesday 3rd Zilkada 526 A.H. Imam al- Akhamillah (SA) as he led a procession of military and dignitaries of the court, was surrounded by treachery and attacked repeatedly by knife by several of the Nizari sympathizers.

Imam (SA) scummed to this heinous attack and after declaring once again Imam Tayyib (SA) as his successor, and appointing Abdul Majid ( son of his uncle ) as the Caretaker, he passed away on 4th Zilkad 526 A.H.

Thus ended the reign of the 10th Fatimid Caliph - a reign that lasted 32 years.

Mowlana Imam Tayyib (SA) went into seclusion traveling with his trusted followers to West Africa.

So this is a short account of the Glorious Fatimid Empire, which is still ruling over the hearts and minds of mumineen because of the living presence of Dai al Fatemi, our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) whose 100th Milad Mubarak we will be celebrating in true Fatemi Glory Insa Allah.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato a'fiayat ta kiymat. Ameen.

It is my most humble desire that on the 100th Milad Mubarak I may be able to upload my 100th post. My very own small personal ohbat. Your best wishes and prayers will greatly help in achieving my objective.

Sehrullah 1431 A.H. is 'mukbil'. Humbly arz to all readers of my Mind Mints blog to remember me in your doa.


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