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The tafadi and love for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)is so deeply ingrained in each of our hearts, and in this internet age, each day mumineen around the world, get to know all the news thru various dawoodi bohra portals who post akhbar photos and news.

Just a decade back, this was not possible. As Aqa Moula (TUS)is blessing our city, the City of Joy has become the 'apple of mumineen eyes' around the world. The news is traveling so fast now days. Just one example.

From my My nephew in Sunnyvale - California over skype chat I was informed, and his information was accurate as to what transpired at the time of card distribution for 'mehmano' yesterday.

MONDAY IS FOR OUR MEHMANO. It would be well if the Al Burhani masjid complex is kept out of bounds for Kolkata mumineen. Let it be their day tomorrow.

Mumineen must have seen the photos of the tafreeh programme at Ganga Kutir - Raichak. Many mumineen are coming down to Kolkata for Chelum vaaz. This is being Sunday, let me share with my readers, some of the culinary delights, and other interesting tit bits, that will help you to connect with The City of Joy, where currently our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) resides. The intention behind this post is to share with mumineen the best of Bengal.

Bengal is known for its sweet dishes, and most of you are familiar with mouth watering Rosogollas , melt in the mouth sondesh etc: As it is winter, one special winter delicacy is ' khejoor gur' date palm jaggery.

The taste is unique, and sondesh and other delicacies made out it are definitely worth enjoying.

The below link will help you prepare your own dishes after returning home, carrying with you good quantity of 'khejoor gur' also known as 'norel gur' The towns of Shantiniketan and Chandonagore are famous for this delicacy, and it is available in many city markets, specially Burrabazar, which is very near to our Bohra business district.

If mumineen visitors have a day to spare, the visit to Shantiniketan - 'abode of peace' home to Vishwa Bharati University founded by Rabindranath Tagore in 1924 is worth a visit. The Nobel Laureate Prof: Amratya Sen also has a home. The train ride is comfortable and short, and the beauty of Bengal, the lush green fields, with running water bodies, known as 'pukur' are a balm to the eyes.

As the train reaches Burdwan, the famous Bauls of Bengal regale you with their haunting melodies. Their music is from the Heart.

Bauls croon from their hearts and pour out their feelings and emotions in their songs. But they never bother to write down their songs. Theirs is essentially an oral tradition, and it is said of Lalan Fakir (1774 -1890), the greatest of all Bauls, that he continued to compose and sing songs for decades without ever stopping to correct them or put them on paper. It was only after his death that people thought of collecting and compiling his rich repertoire.

Baul Themes
The theme that Bauls deal with in their lyrics is mostly philosophical in the form of allegories on the state of disconnect between the earthly soul and the spiritual world. Often they philosophize on love and the many-splendoured bonds of the heart, subtly revealing the mystery of life, the laws of nature, the decree of destiny and the ultimate union with the divine.

Here is a translation by Afzar Husain of one of the famous lyrics of Lalon Fakir. Lalon Fakir was born in an obscure Bengal village in 1774. He is regarded as one of greatest mystic singers the Indian subcontinent has produced.

A Strange Bird

Look, how a strange bird flits in and out of the cage!
O brother, I wish I could bind it with my mindís fetters.
Have you seen a house of eight rooms with nine doors
Closed and open, with windows in between, mirrored?
O mind, you are a bird encaged! And of green sticks
Is your cage made, but it will be broken one day.
Lalon says: Open the cage, look how the bird wings away!

How I wish and wish that during the Kiyaam sharif of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) the spirituality and the culinary delights find a niche in the upcoming events. The purpose of writing this post, will be realized if norel gur delicacies are set out for sada't kiram sahebs, and exponent of Baul music Purandas Baul or other exponents get a chance to perform at the grounds overlooking the haveli mubarak.

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MIND MINTS said...


TIME 6 AM Bhen Fatema S E Jamaat No:
30460200 - Sarekah UAE
By mobile : It was nice to receive the kadambosi cards, andwas pretty exited tht my little one will be doing her first kadambosi. Had prepared and planned to leave the house at 4 a.m.

As I was preparing to sleep I was woken up by my relative from Abu Dhabi at 12.45. She was going to the Masjid as she had received reports that already 100 muminant bheno had lined up.

Immediately our group made hurried preparation to leave, the only worry was finding cabs at this ungodly hour, in a city which is known to go to sleep at 11 p.m.

Luckily as we came on the road, we found not 1 but 2 cabs. I had planned to take bed sheets, so that we can spread it out on the road, but my relative, who had already reached informed, that ladies were taken in and made to sit in the mawaid.

This was good news. We reached and our group received card numbers from 280 to 285. Felt so relieved.

Had been served tea. toasts and drinking water is also served.Now we are sitting in the ladies tutak on the first floor, in groups of 200.

Hope the excellent arrangement remains and we get the sharaf.

7 am. Bhai Sahbbir L E Jamaat No:

I reached the Masjid complex at around 1.45 and we were made to stand in the lane adjoining the Haveli Mubarak. At 3.45 they allotted the numbers and made us sit in the basement. We were served Fruity, which was so welcome.

At 6.45 we were taken to the Masjid, and in blocks of 400 we are sitting in an orderly manner.

My relative Dr. Aliasgar from Abu Dhabi who reached the complex at 7.30 is sitting in the second block. Just to be a block ahead, I had reached 5 hrs ahead. !!

SMS thru mobile No: 9960640144 at 7.30 am
The one good thing is that the numbers allotted to our pass have held good. We were seated all though according to our numbers.

Basically underlines the statement. If the nizam is fare then mumineen will cooperate.



Mari aaje raat ahiya karvani niyat. Hazehi lailatil fi akhbaare, min karabatin min qadambosi fi mouze Kolkata val doa min sahal fi umure Allah O Akbar !!

Bhai Mohammad D E Jammat No: 20365573 - Burhani Volunteers

We had been instructed to sleep in the Masjid complex, and it was planned that we should be on duty at 4 am sharp. However, after midnight, we found ladies with young children having valid passes lining up. This zoshand tafadi for our Moula was an experience I will for ever remember.

The ladies were escorted in and sl: numbers allotted. Tea, toasts and water was served. It is 8 a.m. and 1540 ladies, and 900 + mumineen are sitting in the complex.

Mardo are sitting in the Masjid in barricaded blocks of 400. Hope and pray that we perform our khidmat, and kadambosi sharaf is received by all mehmano.

Asgar Fakhrudin : As per feed back received there are approx: 4000 mehmano and more will be coming today. Hope they all go back with good memories.


' Mehmano ghana aya chhe. Barakat na baris varsi rahya chhe ......

MOULA ! MOULA ! ni gunj thi mehmano Masjid ma potani tafadi ane mohabbat no izhar kari rahya chhe. Alhamdolillah.