Monday, December 8, 2014


LOVE,  an umbrella term which incorporates an abundance  of God-gifted relations within it,  a few by blood and others by destiny, in truth is the salt of life without which life would remain bland and tasteless. 

 Be it bilateral relations like friendship, courtship, engagement, marriage or multilateral ones like relation with your parents, siblings, extended family or family-in-law, all are priceless relationships bound together by the most beautiful emotion, love. 

These immeasurable and invaluable gifts of relations should be treasured, caressed and prevented from being harmed.These are the most cherished and soul enriching  boons from the Almighty, which rather than being discarded at the drop of a hat should be preserved for a lifetime. 

The beauty of love in any relation lies in the universal fact that it is palpable even to the unfortunate victims of deafness, dumbness and blindness.  They also feel its embalming and all embracing power.  Love is like the sun, the absence of which creates darkness and its presence has the power to light up the life of a blind person. It is a powerful weapon that helps us win and overcome any battle of life. The lyrics of the famous English band rightly goes, 'one love is all we need', indeed!

There are relationships, there are issues, and consequently and inevitably, of course , there are the two very poisonous pesticides, ego and false sense of self respect, which destroy the seeds of love, trust, and affection to an extent that our relations wither away and die. 

With the human fraternity constantly battling between relationship issues and the two deceivers-ego and false sense of self respect, it is widely observed that the former which takes years to build is destroyed, at times in a matter of minutes.

Many would argue as to how respect for ones own self would destroy bonds. Self respect is a good human trait, but the problem is with the false sense of self respect. True, you can't win others respect till you don't have regard and reverence for yourself but too much of it outweighs the respect for others. This is when even the best of bonds are ruined. Ego is a genie  that we create in  ourselves, that eventually leads to our own destruction. 

Rolling back to the stories my grandma told me, it becomes evident that ego and false sense of self respect have become a rampant relationship spoiler in only our times. My Granny would often narrate to me episodes of her animosity with grandpa, and rightly make me understand as to how In their days love for each other made no room for anything to destroy it. 

We all hold a certain degree of impulsiveness in us which makes us act on a whim, disabling us to foresee its menacing consequences. As a result, we make mistakes, indulge in monumental sulks, blurt out unintended bluntness, this hurting the sentiments of one another and encountering misunderstandings. This is when love begins to decay, trust diminishes, affection deflates, the treacherous ego begins its work and the relationship as a whole dies a death.

The question you may throw at yourself over here is, was your bond with your friend , partner , sibling or any other associate so weak that it could be destroyed so easily? 

Take a moment to recapture all the beautiful moments you shared with them, the happiness, the sadness. Were they so dim that they could be darkened completely? Did your priceless bond weigh so less in front of your issues? Ego and false sense  of self respect are nothing but only a part of your English vocabulary when your relation to you holds more significance.

Save your self and your loved ones from a bleeding heart by :

 Nipping  your ego in the bud before having to bury your relationship in the soil. 

Make your ego and self respect so porous that all your issues penetrate and dissolve into it. 

Come to  terms with the fact that we all are humans, bound to make mistakes and deserve one chance to correct ourselves.

 Forgive quickly and live with no regrets. After all, in your times of sorrow, not your ego or self respect but your near and dear ones will come and comfort you. Give it an intense thought!

AUTHOR : Umaima S. Saeed. Kolkata 


Dr.Fatema Palgharwala said...

its a good write up yet its incomplete and no true thought process is attached in this
not impressed with this one.
to MAKE THINGS EASY TO UNDERSTAND I will put something here
see how you feel about it !!

"There’s an old joke about the difference between the optimist and
The pessimist:
The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds, the pessimist fears the optimist is right. The saints are neither optimists, nor pessimists. They live neither in fear, nor in blind belief. They are realists. They tell us there won’t be peace in the world. Peace lies within. God is within us and nowhere outside, and God is Love. They say, have compassion, but remain unperturbed, accept events as they come, no matter what. All true Masters have emphasized this point.

“We know the answer and it is not easy at the best of times. We have to go to a higher level. Have courage … God’s greatness and love is far greater than anything we can see.”'

The Intellectual Traveller said...

This blog and the comment reminds me of something I read in a book; "When we will have learnt to harness the energies of Love, We will have reinvented Fire"