Monday, October 27, 2014


From Surat during the course of the historic 2nd Waaz Mubarak ( sermons during Mohraam) on Sunday October 26  2014, which was relayed to world wide adherents of 53rd Spiritual Head Sayedna  A'li Qdr Muffadhal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS)  dwelt on personal cleanliness, purity of thoughts and deeds, helping to keep your immediate surroundings clean, and as concerned citizens of whichever country we reside in, we should make a consistent and personal effort to help in cleaner environment.

From the rich annals of Dawat history he narrated the khidmat ( services) of Sayedi Khaaji Feer saheb of Udaipur, who came to acquire Ilm ( knowledge of Deen) in the presence of Dai uz Zaman at Jamnagar, some three centuries ago.

Sayedi Khanji was in his youth, and while attending Sabaks (teachings) in the Hazrat of Dai, he observed that on account of putrid smell coming from a nearby slaughter facility, the Dai was distressed by the putrid smell coming from the rotting guts and innards, that were just left there.

The young Sayedi Khanji saheb decided to take  corrective action in silence and without much ado.   So  each nightfall he would  go to the slaughter pit, collect all the rotting innards and left overs in a container, wash and clean the place, and carry the load on his shoulders, and dispose it off in a very responsible manner.

The putrid smell thus stopped wafting in  and distressing the Dai, while he was dispensing knowledge, so he asked the stalwart about it, and in a very demeaning and degrading tone, they said that a ' commoner ' from Udaipur named Khanji has being doing the cleaning.

Sayedna knew the real worth of Sayedi Khanji saheb, and he chided the stalwarts that this young dedicated youth will soon rise to the highest pinnacle of nobility and virtue. He will be venerated for his piety, knowledge and services.

Thus three centuries ago our Dai made it clear that no job is demeaning or low, it is your motivation, your drive behind a particular action or undertaking, that is the deciding factor. In this instance, it was the affection and love for the Dai, and a sense of duty, and awareness that motivated Sayedi Khanji saheb. For him it was never demeaning but an uplifting undertaking.

Thus if your motivation stems from the love of your country and your fellow citizens, SBA provides a platform for you to contribute and uplift your spirit and character.

Likewise to contribute towards a better and cleaner environment, in what ever capacity, even by becoming aware and restraining yourself from adding to the litter, or by becoming a good example to others by your silent actions, as concerned citizens, constitutes as a noble and uplifting action.