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After reading my earlier post, I think many of you may have been convinced that - OUR DEEN IS A HEALING CODE.

Let me share with you further secrets. It is free, no registration, no downloads, just a little time and effort on your part.

Experiments done by the Institute of Heart Maths with 28 trained Researches have conclusively proved that :
1. when the researchers felt gratitude, love and appreciation DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound - the DNA became longer.

2. when the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration or stress, the DNA responded by 'tightening' up, It became shorter and switched off many of the DNA codes.
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INTERESTING. This led me to my quest that what best evokes love, gratitude, appreciation,all the positive energies.

There are many innumerable doa mubaraks which help in evoking the feelings of gratitude, love, peace, joy and appreciation and help us in avoiding frustration, stress. Regular tilawat can help in transforming the harmful cellular memories - heart junk as termed by Dr. Alex into positive feelings of love, happiness, joy, peace.

Let me just share with you friends a part of two doa mubaraks of Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA). The secret Healing Code in our Deen is that spirituality deals with the practical and lived reality of a very personal relationship with man and his Creator - an intimate yearning of the soul for completion and perfection.

ALLAH becomes the focus of all our acts. We start with the premise that we are not perfect, we have to seek perfection.

(Doa Mubaraka : A part from - His supplication in Morning and Evening

10. We rise in the morning in Thy grasp
Thy kingdom and authority contain us
and Thy Will embrace us
We move about by Thy command
and turn this way and that through Thy governing

11. We own nothing of the affair
except what Thou hast decreed
and nothing of the good
except what Thou hast given

12. This is a fresh new day,
over us a ready witness.
If we do good
it will take leave from us with praise

How stress free one would feel, if he rightly believes that 'we own nothing of the affair, except what Allah has decreed'

The secret is to melt the 'I' and just feel peace and bliss in honestly flowing with the flow of things, as they unfold. Embrace good, embrace joy embrace laughter and learn to shun all that is negative.

Sharing another doa mubarak. Here the 'abd' seeks refuge and protection, from all the negative traits, believing with full conviction that it is ALLAH and HE alone, who can protect and safeguard us, but at the same time, upon tilawat we are becoming aware of all the negative traits.

For seeking refuse from immoral qualities and blameworthy acts his Doa Mubarak

O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from
the agitation of craving.
the violence of wrath,
the domination of envy,
the frailty of patience,
the lack of contentment,
surliness of character
urgency of passion,
the disposition of vehemence,
following caprice,
opposing guidance,
the sleep of heedlessness,
undertaking the toilsome,
preferring falsehood over truth,
persisting in sin

There are many such Supplications and Munaja't which brings one near to ALLAH. In one Tasbih on Allah's Glorification, in all 23 ayat's Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA) starts with 'Glory to Allah' for munificence and blessings. A literary masterpiece, which evokes sublime spirituality and feeling of love, abundance and nearness.

THE SECRET CODE is to understand TAWHID in totality. Let me share with you some insights acquired. The numerous Doa Mubarak, supplications and munaja'ts help us in affirming - and this is most important - affirmation with full conviction that

'There is no goodness, but in Allah.
There is no repentance, but by Allah Grace.
There is no gratitude but through Allah.
There is no knowledge but in Allah.

Now in relation to the negative attitude - the affirmations

'There is no evil but in me
There is no pride but in myslef
There is no impatience, but in my own ego
There is none ignorant, but me
There is no hate but in myself '

(Book Ref: The Psalms of Islam - Al- Sahifat Al- Kamilat Al- Sajjadiyya)

So the SECRET CODE of our Deen is the perception of our own self in relation to ALLAH. In the following narration, you will surely find the Secret Code.

Let us travel back to the BEGINNING. In the BEGINNING there were three central characters. NABI ADAM - the first created and Ma Haw'wa, and IBLIS - the one who had done Iba'dat for eons.

As we know all the three disobeyed ALLAH.
Nabi Adam (SA) and Ma Haw'wa were tricked by Iblis, into disobeying ALLAH.
I am not going into details, every one knows.
IBLIS also disobeyed. All the three disobeyed ALLAH.
But the Wrath of Allah for disobedience, was very severe for Iblis, but not so, for Nabi Adam (SA) and Ma Haw'wa, who were forgiven for their transgression

Have you ever reflected on why it was so. There may be a hundred thousand reasons, for we know not what Allah Knows.

But here is one of the SECRET CODE. Let me share it with you friends.

When Nabi Adam (SA) and Ma Haw'wa disobeyed ALLAH they repented "Our Lord we have wronged ourselves... ( Quran Ayah 7:23)

In contrast, IBLIS - who is the personification of ego, heedlessness, self centerdness and misguidance said "Now because Thou hast led me astray" (Quran
Ayah 7:16)

My journey to understand the SECRET CODES will continue. I need the support and encouragement from my readers. I will have to read more about the remaining Amazing Teachers and their secrets (Book The SECRET by Rhonda Byrne) I am indebted to Rhonda Byrne also.

But this much is certain my friends, you will agree with me that if we look 'inwards' into our Deen - the Secret Codes are very much there and most importantly, they are not SECRET. We have to change our perspective. Let us rediscover our own DEEN in the light of the recent scientific, spiritual and philosophical developments.

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