Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In the previous post I had mentioned of Healing Codes and the Law of Attraction propounded by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Jonson. I looked up the Net for information and found some interesting facts, which I would like to share.

A mention is made of the experiment conducted by Dr. Massaru Emoto, where he has shown conclusively how the power of words and vibrations can effect the water used in his photos of ice crystal

I would recommend you to first see the video, before proceeding to read my article further.

According to Dr. Alex it is very important that before every meal we should take cognizance of what we think, feel and say, as it will directly affect our body.

OUR HEALING CODE : Our awaliyakiram sahebs have always given hidayat to say BISMILLAH before partaking of meal, and ALHAMDOLLILAH at the end of the meal, but the secret - to derive maximum benefit, one should say it with awareness and a thankful heart.

Before drinking water, one should recite the below ayat for maximum benefit for both body and soul.

Friends, if Dr. Massaru Emoto and Dr. Alex are called in to verify the power of the words and ayats uttered by a mumin, with full conviction and awareness, and mind you, this is the secret - conviction and awareness - the ice crystals photos, will surely reflect all positive and beneficial images.

On the other hand if there is mere parrot recital, without the heart and mind in it - as is observed many a times ( doa bhi padhi rahya chhe, message texting bhi tahi rahi chhe, vasana ni lajjat bhee aavi rahi chhe, matam ma haat bhee uthi rahya chhe, magar khya'l kayee beejij bajoo chhe) I can assure you friends, if this so, the ice crystals will surely show negative images.

This is my gut feeling, and hope some young friend can take up this challenge and prove me wrong by scientific evidence.

OUR HEALING CODE : In our belief system the other secret is this - who utters the word or doa. Eg: Aqa Moula (TUS) utters "Barakkallaho" and my uttering "Barakkallaho" are not the same. This has to be understood correctly.

We do not need any experiment by Dr. Massaru to prove the above point. Aqa Moula's utterance of mere "Barakkallaho" has manifested into abundance in wealth, health, happiness, it has completely changed lives of thousands, for the better of this world and Akherat. You personally must have come across or may have heard about such transformations.

So in our faith system, the blessed words, tasabih and ayats have very positive and enriching power, but at the same time, we believe that the power of this is manifested many more times, if Aqa Moula (TUS) or any other personage of piety utters it.

Even if an ordinary mumin like me does tilawat with awareness and conviction, the health and more important, the spiritual benefits will surely be there.

I share my personal example, I am afflicted with OA and the problem is severe according to medical records, but Alhamdollilah I am active none the less. The secret - doing tilawat of a particular set of recitation, with cupped hands, blowing into the hand, and slowly moving the hand to the afflicted body parts. Each day with full conviction of the health benefit after namaz.

But all this with full awareness, bringing the mind and heart into it, and being thankful, the last being the most important.

In so doing the problem has not vanished and it never will, but I am able to live a quality life all the same - and for that I am thankful to Allah.

In the next post I will be sharing with you more insight into OUR HEALING CODES.

So the Healing Codes my friends are very much there in our Deen - our Deen is a HEALING CODE but one has to make a conscious effort.


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mohammed rangoonwala said...

The iron piece loses its characteristical properties when it comes in to contact with magnet. This simply put is attraction .When you forget your self while in the act of your prayer you shall feel your attachment with your creator. Ali Mushkilkusha-e - do-aalam used to be so much engrossed in his act of Ibaadat that people around him used to pull out small pieces of arrows lying hidden in his feet.Why? because he never used to feel pain at that time. People were aware of this fact. This is what the law of attraction does in form of healing code.

Now about effect of cognizance of what we think and feel. Syedi Lookmanjee Habibullah who is madfoon in surat once blew his air (phoonk)from his mouth to a mumin. Incidentally he was ill with some sickness and had gone to do arz for Shifa. He got alright next day. People around him noticed this. They asked Syedi Saheb: Many others used to do same act on him. But when you did, he got well. How did you do it. Syedi Saheb replied very serenely: I uttered Bismillah with the feel and touch with which it is required to be uttered. Others uttered the same but the above properties were missing in their act. Result was there for you to see. Exactly the same way when Aqa Maula says: Khuda ghani Barakat apey. Result is there for everyone to see as the writer states. This is the power of words and vibrations which can affect the water on which Aqa maula blows 'shifaa':As the poet of yesteryears "ekhlas" says in his madeh of Dai z zamaan: "Tumhari Phoonk ke paani me jo ta'sir dekhi hai, Agar woh ab-e-joo me gar 'asar' howey to main jaanoo".

Now about those who indulge in parrot recital incorporating every other thing but Deen can only reciprocate corresp[onding to their act. Once a person called Ibn e kauwwa came to Ali and complained that contrary to what was told by him(Ali)he got pain in his stomach . (Ali in an earlier discourse had said that there shall be no pain in your stomach if you say 'Bismillah' and eat). Ali replied him that you must have missed it as many times as you had taken your handful of food.Surely a thankful heart is what is required. Does one need to challenge?

Mohammedi saifuddin Rangoonwala