Sunday, September 19, 2010


The other day I had an opportunity to interact with a family friend who came visiting from outstation. I met her after a long time and this young mumina, who I knew to be well educated, had in the intervening years seemed to have acquired a lot of knowledge and appeared well read on subject of metaphysics, faith healing, physic and pranic healing, yoga, Reiki etc:

She has been attending many such sessions and talked at length with full conviction of its importance, and gave some insights and recommended some books to me, for which I am indebted to her.

However, I found that many of the truths and concepts are divulged regularly in vaaz and sabaks, and in this glorious Burhani Daur for a true seeker of knowledge, the opportunities are there more so, than in the previous zaman of Doat Kiram sahebs. This is common knowledge.

Another relative of mine who had come down from Singapore had attended the 2 day Pranic Healing session at Taj Bengal, conducted by Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern Pranic Healing and Kriyashakti. ( After shelling out a pricey sum for a two day session, on interaction with him, I found that he was very upbeat, at having learnt from the great master him self, the art of applying 'prana' or vital life force in every aspect of life.

All this developments set me reflecting on what is that attracts these educated youngsters to know more about metaphysics and spiritual awakening, reading books, attending sessions, but when asked - do they attend sabaks, where according to me, we get to know the same things, they are lukewarm, giving standard excuses.

I have been reflecting on this a lot lately. However, it is somewhat personally satisfying to note, that my writing over the years, have found acceptance with a niche group, albeit very small group of educated and aware segment of mumineen, and I can say this now on the basis of the feedback being received from them.

I have been trying to synthesize the deeni knowledge acquired, with truths established through scientific discoveries and published material available on the Net. Here I would like to make it clear, that the Deeni knowledge is taken only from published sources and material (not from the haqiqat sabaks I am blessed to attend)

For those who are really interested to know the depth and beauty of our Deeni knowledge,if you send me a mail request on my mail I/D - I will be glad to forward you my Taffakur Talks , a very personal initiative as part of the 100th Milad Celebration of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

I hope on getting that, you will be able to fully understand my contention. I have been writing on similar things, but others have succeeded because they have made a business model of the ancient truths and wisdom.

Now coming back to the book referred by may young family friend - THE SECRET - Rhonda Byrne. She was a bit taken back, when I told her I had not heard of the book. So immediately after she left, I googled and got to have a peek inside the book.

I will for ever remain indebted to my family friend, for before the Forward by the author there is a page containing the following :

- The Emerald Tablet - Circa 3000 BC
The law began in the beginning of the time. It has always been and will always be.

This is the very thing we have been learning in 'sabaks' but it was news to me that it has been inscribed on a Tablet 5000 years ago.

In her Forward Rhonda Byrne goes on to say that she has been grateful to her daughter for gifting her a century old book, at a time when she was facing her life's worst crisis, and this book provided THE SECRET and a burning desire to share the secret, consumed her. This led to the making of 120 hour documentary film THE SECRET.

In her book 24 Amazing Teachers are featured, who by their work and writings, have shared their SECRET. Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) is regarded as the leader of New Thought Movement. Bob Bocher became famous for his 'Law of Attraction'

All the 24 amazing Teachers featured in the book, have written books, and most all of them have their web pages.

My personal quest, will be to find out what they have, which I do not know. In this way I will try to understand the problem that is vexing me.

So let me start with the famous quote dated 5000 years ago.

As my writings concerns mumineen, specially youngsters groping for answers, without divulging anything from the 'sabaks' but relying on published material, vaaz mubaraks, deeni publications and the Net, let me proceed to prove conclusively, that for a true seeker of I'lm, the answers are in our Deen.

Everyone of you have heard of Syedna Hamid al- Din al -Kirmani (RA) I have written about his work, in one of my earlier blog. Now he is the one, who has clearly made the world understand the true meaning of Tawheed in the context of 'AS ABOVE, SO BELOW'

Now this is what Henry Corbin has to say in his Book - 'History of Islamic Philosophy'

'Syedna Hamid-al- Din Kirmani (RA) (d.408H/1017 A.D.) has fully delineated the esoteric hierarchy. There is a celestial hierarchy (the hudoods above) and there is a terrestrial hierarchy (the hudoods below) which symbolizes with each other.'

This than is the precise meaning, if there was ever one of the ancient wisdom. It is part of our Deen. It is there if you care to find.

In his Book ' Thoughts are things' Prentice Mulford goes on to state : ' There belongs to every human being a higher self, and a lower self, a self or mind of spirit, which has been growing for ages, and a self of the body, which is thing of yesterday.'

Now, if one cares to do tilawat of Nashihat of Syedi Sadik ali Saheb, one will find his repeated emphasizes on caring for the everlasting soul. ' Dunyani ni tu raghbat thi .....' simply superb. (I have translated a few stanzas, which can be found on my home page:

Dr. Alex Loyd talks of 'healing codes' about cellular memories, about release of negative emotions. Nothing new except that they have succeeded in making a business model of ancient wisdom.

I hope to look up on the Net on all the wisdom propounded by the rest of the 24 Amazing Teachers referred in the Book - The Secret, and try to find out, what they know, that I have not known by attending sabaks, and by my true seeking.

I hope my writing will motivate youngsters in removing some of the misconceptions.

An observation " Friends when you attend such lectures and healing sessions, do you carry mobiles with you, are you not all attention latching on to every word and when and when .............. I will leave it at that. All of you are so understanding and educated, I do will not have to spell out the details.


mohammed rangoonwala said...

I really commend the intent as well as efforts of the writer to make young and educated to understand the heritage of Ilm-e-Ladunni so easily and casually bestowed on us in our discourses which take place from time to time in our Masajid, Madarees and mashahid.These three M's are real carriers of matters and meaning of life. Anybody & everybody, anything & everything in form of faith healing & pranic healing or in garbs of Dr.Alex lloyd or Rohnda Byrne the writer of "The secret" shall make you indebted to them rather than Allah - that one and only Secret but sacred entity who has said in his Book "Al-Quran": Wala ratbin wala yabesin illa fi kitabi m mubeen ( there is nothing dry and wet which is there but found in The Kitaab). I pray for those subscribers to Healings and secrets as Al Quran prays: Innallazi faradha alaikal Qurana laraddoka ela maa'd, Qul rabbi aalamo ma'n jaa'a bil huda wa ma'n howa fi dhalali m mubeen(Undoubtedly He who has made Quran binding on you will bring you back where you desire to return, Say you, my lord knows him well who has brought the guidance and him who is in open error). May better wisdom prevail for them who spend pricey sum for ancient(Is there such?) wisdom!!

Mohammedi Saifuddin Rangoonwala,Calcutta

MIND MINTS said...

My niyat in writing the blog, was to put into focus that if one truly aspires to learn, knowledge will surely seek him out.

We mumineen are of the middle path, we are assimilating all that is good in the world. A tour of the Jamia library is a case in point.

I am grateful to the mumina bhen who recommended me to read the wonderful book, giving deep insights. I am grateful to all the 24 Amazing Teachers, who have come forward to share their insight and wisdom.

Learning is a continuous process and every true seeker finds the knowledge he seeks.

With internet access, knowledge is easily accessible. I marvel at my young friends who have acquired deep insights by reading books, which contain universal truths. Pioneering work are being done in the field of science, based on metaphysical knowledge.

My only concern is that, it would be better if top priority is given to acquiring deeni knowledge.

From my personal experience I can vouchsafe that it would than act as a sieve, what is in consonance with the Deen will be retained, and the superfluous will be discarded.

I do not agree with the presumption of Bhai Mohammad Saifuddin. Dr. Alex - Rohnda Byrne and all others are sharing their knowledge, some have done pioneering works, and I respect them. Too much of presumptions on our part leads to compartmentalized mindset.

No one is saying that they are indebted to them, Bhai Mohammad has assumed it.

mohammed rangoonwala said...

I agree with the writer that nobody is indebted to anybody as far as sharing knowledge is concerned. I also mean it in what i have written.It only concerns to those who do not subscribe to the writer's idea of Deen to which as the writer says they are lukewarm giving standard excuses e.g. we donot find time to attend sabak etc. If they put this in to practice of 'knowing through the true sources' they shall be better placed to know that they get what they desire for.This is what I want to convey in support of the writer. Thus indebtedness is not meant to be conveyed in its literal sense. No compartmentalized thinking. Only equal footing.

Mophammedi saifuddin Rangoonwala Calcutta.

Anonymous said...

Ur post was fantastic....its relle true as u said dat already we hav answers in our deen bt science has found dem 2day..dis all xisted be4 many yrs agoo...nd we r relle lucky dat through sabaks nd all we can cum 2 kno abt dis mree... =)

Unknown said...

Dear Asgar bhai.....i hav already read the book THE SECRET a few years back....and i found it very very interesting....and I wished to learn more on this by using and applying the steps as mentioned in the book,I attracted another similar book called THE DIVINE MAGIC,by Doreen Virtue which is on similar lines with THE SECRET...i bit more in i would serioulsy like to recommend this book to U.....
also i m seeking some knowledge about Quantum Physics and its discoveries....m sure all that is already propagated by our DEEN in some form or the other

MIND MINTS said...

Dear Husain,
thanks for recommending the book THE DIVINE MAGIC. If there is a book preview in Google books, I will surely have a 'dekho.'

OUR DEEN does not propagate any theories, for as you may have observed, the theories get updated or discarded altogether.

OUR DEEN is concerned with HAQAIQ (the Universal Truths) and for this you will have to attend 'sabaks' and keep your patience, for a long long time

Yes recent scientific discoveries do help a lot in understanding the concepts.

MY MAXIM: I know but I know not - my Moula knows !

Herein below the wonders of ALLAH and the limitation of science. No doubt the scientists are doing TAWHEED in their own way.

The protein folding problem is a unique example of the limit of science. Protein is making up every living organism are all formed as a sequence of a large number of amino acids, strung out like beads on a necklace.

Once the beads are put in right sequence, the protein folds up rapidly into a highly specific three dimensional structure, that determines it function in the organization.

Is there a formula that will enable a chemist to build that structure ?

It has been estimated that even if a super computer is fed with the folding rules and asked to find the final structure involving only 100 amino acids, it will take 1 followed by 127 zeros years.