Friday, July 11, 2008


While flipping over t2 supplement of Friday 11 July 2008 I came across the profile of Md: Shabban aged 65 years with a service record of 44 years with Calcutta Rowing Club.
He joined the Club as an office peon in 1964 and graduated to head bearer and now ------------- this will make it clear - head barman in 1972. He was greatly admired for his pork and beef steaks. His son also is a bartender with the Club.
Had Md: Shaban joined a regular business establishment, he would have risen from the lowly peon, to a clerk and thereafter senior clerk, and his son would have also got himself a good office job.

Both father and son would not have had to compromise their faith ------------- got the drift my dear youngsters. THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CALL CENTRE JOBS. Yes it is pays, but it is too slippery and once you get sucked in, and as it has no future and within a few years, the erratic timings, and no further career prospects, make you hunt for other jobs, it is too late.
You have by them acquired a culture and thinking at complete variance, with your Deen.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


An idea has germinated slowly but surely and I am pleased to share with you all, some tangible development as a result of a dedicated group of philantreprenurs, (DGP) who have understood that the community should reach out to those deserving students, who have achieved grades, but on account of financial constraints, are unable to pursue higher studies, unless and until they fall back upon Banks, who are ready to finance their studies.

A situation that the community abhors as it goes against the very tenets of our faith. I need not elaborate further on this, as this fact is widely understood by each and every one.

Last year 3 students approached me, and on the basis of the go ahead received from DGP I gave them an assurance, that they can start preparing for the WBJEE. Two students financed their tutorials (Rs: 15,000/- per term) and one student, whose father is no more, and the mother somehow manages to run the house hold, was given financial help for the tutorials.

Once assurance was given the 3 put their heart and soul to crack the WBJEE and all 3 got a ranking. The DGP came forward with financial assistance. Counseling was held in the first week of July ’08., and two have got admission in the following Engineering Colleges.


In both the above colleges the Management Quota rate of admission is around Rs: 6 lacs. So these two youngsters have managed to get admission on merit. The tuition fee for one semester if Rs: 30.750/- which has been advanced by the DGP and Insa Allah they will continue to pay the fees for one semester per year, for the second semester each year the Parents will manage.

One student has opted out as he had got a lower rank, and has promised to study hard and get a better ranking next year, so that he can get admission in the better college and in the preferential stream, so that the study and job prospects turn out to better.

The scenario if the DGP had not come forward. The 3 would have taken admission in all probability in a morning college doing the run of the mill B.Com course, joined a Call Center, for that extra income and pursued a life style not in sync with our Deen and culture, and a career, that has no future. Thus an opportunity to turn around in life, an opportunity to help their family, would have been lost.

Now this 2 students have before them a bright future. A little understanding goes a long way. I am confident, that after graduating and getting a plum job in all likelihood, they will repay the amount, so that other deserving student will benefit. They have assured me, that in gratitude, they will, when the time comes, will render financial help, like the one they have received.

I hope and pray that with this path breaking example, already put into practice, mumineen in other metro cities will come forward to assist youngsters in realizing their dream. The time is now, as students, once they will be assured that the finance will not be an obstacle, in the pursuit of higher studies, will prepare from now, taking up special coaching, so that in Joint Entrance Examinations, they will come up trumps.

Hope next year if planning and preparation are made from now in different cities, if done at Jama’t level, much better or by an individual or group we should at least have 100 youngsters, who have the talent and a dream, but lack finance, pursuing higher studies in different fields of education.

I would be obliged if mumineen who make this resolve, write to me and keep me updated on my blog or by mail.

I am also of a firm belief that those youngsters, whose parents have a flourishing business, should join in their family business, because they will be able to help their family become more prosperous.

In the case of those, who have no family business to fall back on, to get a good job, and there after if an opportunity presents itself, to start their own business in the field of their expertise, spells good for the community.

Hope this post will motivate others to reach out to those, who are in need of funds to pursue their education and dreams. EMPATHY is what is needed, and how to acquire this very noble trait ?

If we see in the aspiring youngster who approaches you for pursuing his studies, as your very own, as our beloved Aqa Moula's child, his ama'nat, EMPATHY will surge forth, a deep connection will be made, and spiritual bliss will radiate.

At times, I have seen many who have been blessed with material abundance, lead a very empty life, behind the materialist veneer, is an emptiness. So if Allah has blessed you with abundance, these youngsters who need not merely your funds, but your encouragement, guidance and your empathy, will surely provide soul sustenance. It is a win win situation. Try it out and feel blessed and enriched.

Please do share your experience if you have resolved to help a deserving and needy student. Try to have personal rapport,it will do you a world of good. I have experienced it, and I want you all to share the joy.

I am indebted to DGP and hope in other metros more and more will join the bandwagon, and a greater number of students will have a dream future.

Do post your comments and help in buidling a community opinion on the subject of providing long term K H or educational grant to deserving and needy students.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I am indebted to Bhen Fatema and Bhai Shabbir Kagalwala of Pune who had come forward to reach out and share their professional expertise and guide youngsters to better career options, than the one they get easily sucked into – Call Center jobs which has no future and more important, a job culture completely in variance with our culture and ethos.

In a recent mail they have informed that 3 youngsters have sought their professional advice and going thru the mails, I feel a good beginning has been made. Likewise, I would very much like to see other professionals in different fields, coming forward and reaching out thru their own Blogs or for starters, they can mail me and I will put their intention and social commitment to serve the community on my Blog.

I also feel that many our hesitant to express their views in writing, the reason are many. So any one with some socially relevant idea are free to contact me on my mobile 09831242486.

It is nice feeling to know that some positive developments are being seen within a short period of time.

In Kolkata with active assistance from a dedicated group of philantreprenurs, (DGP) financial grant for pursuing Engineering Education is being worked out for 3 deserving students, who have succeeded in getting WBJEE ranking but their parents are unable to finance the education. It is a path breaking initiative, and once things are finalized I will write in detail, so that in other metro cities, this novel path breaking concept can be taken up.

I am indebted to Janab Amil Saheb Yunus Bhai Saheb Zainuddin who is actively taking interest in this endeavor, and he is being informed of the development and to the emerging DGP who are not merely providing financial support, but themselves being professionals and have made their mark in their respective field of expertise and business by hard work and innovative ideas have come forward to bring about a positive change.

I am also in the process of consultation with one member of our local Hospital Board and he is also amicable with the idea of providing subsidies charges for the period of stay for needy mumineen, who merely need nursing care( terminally ill patients) So at the micro level things are being worked out, but once the ideas catches on at macro (Jamaat level) thousands will surely benefit. I keep praying and this blog is in GRTITUDE TO THOSE WHO HAVE COME FORWARD.