Saturday, April 4, 2015


The Conscious Mind  12 %

The Sub Conscious Mind 88 %

The Conscious Mind is your objective or thinking mind, it works in the present moment. It has no memory and can hold one thought at a time. It identifies information received through the six senses. It is continually observing and categorising what is going around you. It analyses, compares and decides. Yes/ No.  Binary thinking.

Your Subconscious Mind is like a huge memory bank. It's capacity is virtually

unlimited. It permanently stores whatever happens to you. It is most active during the first six years of our life. The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. It's job is to respond exactly the way you are programmed.

Subconscious Mind is subjective, it obeys the command received from the

conscious mind. Your subconscious mind has what us called a homeostatic
impulse. It automatically controls your body temperature, normal breathing, heart beats, nervous system.

Subconscious Mind refers to layers or levels of perceptions, located beneath

conscious awareness. It does not like to get ruffled, it likes to work and dwell in
its comfort zone.

As Subconscious Mind is your memory bank, it carries a lot of unwanted

baggage. New Age Thinkers are trying to understand and unravel the working of
the subconscious mind, which on account of negative impressions, memories
and thinking acquired over the years, inhibits and restricts development and
growth by holding back. The subconscious mind does not want to get ruffled.

The conscious mind can be made into a very effective tool, to remove all the past negative baggage carried in the huge memory bank of the subconscious mind.

We have to delete a lot of unwanted data.

We have to first become aware. Affirm that yes we are carrying a lot of

undesirable and unwanted perceptions, hurt, suppressed anger and feelings,
which are manifesting into our lives by way of illness, fear, self pity. There is much garbage that needs cleaning up.

Let me share with you, how I go about deleting and removing the unwanted and

inhibiting impressions, that pop up at life situations, apparently seeming to help me and protect me, but in fact restricting my growth and creativity.

As stated earlier normal breathing is controlled by our subconscious mind, but once we start doing deep control breathing, becoming aware with each breath, our conscious mind takes over.

There are many better and effective ways in bringing your Conscious Mind to act as a 'change agent', one can look up on the Net or read Books. I am just sharing my ways of going about it. 

 With the help of deep breathing I send repeated subtle message to my

subconscious that now I am in control. This is how I go about it. With each deep in breath with the diaphragm pulling down, creating more space,
for the air to fill, I say with full awareness. ' good prana (life energy ) is going in, I am getting healed in body, mind and spirit, Alhamdolillah ' this I say in mind, visualising as I hold my breath.

This is followed by slow out breath and I say and visualize '  Bad prana is coming out, I am healed - SubhanAllah '

I repeat it for 6 -10 times, and I am confident that in so doing my conscious mind is able to impress on my subconscious mind, that it has now to work in this specific area, and not to send out alarm signals, and only to retrieve positive data, whenever life  situation demands.

It sends out a clear message that now I choose calmly and objectively to see my old patterns, and I am willing to make changes.

 Just reflect - Which of these statements sounds like you.

' people are out there to get me'
' everyone is always helpful' 

Each of these belief will create different experiences. What we believe about

ourselves, and about life becomes true for us.

I am also in the habit of taking daily morning walks for a duration of approx twenty minutes, and have formed a habit of listening through my ear phones to a very melodious and spiritual rendering of the Ninety Nine Names of Allah 

( duration 3.5 mins) I have been doing it for years.

However, recently I heard an interesting talk by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton ( author of the Best Seller ' Biology of Belief' ) and came to understand that our subconscious runs like a continuous tape. All our past fears, hurts,admonitions,  

and all the negative and horrific scenes, that we witness daily on the News Channels and Print Media, the violence and mayhem shown in Movies, to which we come addicted, all these get downloaded in our subconscious. 

So very recently I have started to become aware of the Ninety Nine Names of Allah, as it plays out, and as I do 'tasbih' of the Names I also affirm with full conviction that with the Power of these Ninety Nine Names of Allah, all my accumulated hurt, fear and negativity that is being played out in my subconsciousness is getting deleted. 

At the end of each rendering I say out aloud - ' delete - delete - delete ' !! It is fun, every thing does not have to be serious and sombre. You may consider me to be foolish, but for me it is working  - and that is important. It is my life after all. 

In so doing I am bringing in my awareness in the ' present moment ' living in the Present as taught by Echart Tolle (Book - The Power of Now ) affirming with my conscious mind, and having faith and full conviction that the Power of Allah's Ninety Nine Names, is deleting all that is detrimental and undesirable in my subconscious. 

Nick Ortner's Tapping Solution  (Book - The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief) Pranic Healing Therapy, there are many other proven techniques, all teach us to let go our past, and live in the present moment with full awareness. 

I conclude by sharing one of the many positive affirmation of Louise Hay (Book - You can heal your life) 

In the infinity of life, where I am 

all is perfect, whole and complete
I believe in a power far greater than I am
that flows through me every moment of every day
I open myself to the wisdom within 
knowing that there is only One intelligence in this Universe
out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers
all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations
I trust this Power and Intelligence (now this is fundamental -putting your trust) 
knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me 
and that whatever I need comes to me ( tawakkul on Allah )
in the right time, space and sequence
all is well in the world. 

Hope that reading this 'write up' of mine  has come at the right time, you have given your busy life -  a space, a 'me time' to take charge of yourself and bring about healing of the Mind - Body and Soul. 

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