Thursday, December 11, 2014

ARBA'EEN - The Spiritual Journey



This year once again my family received the sharaf of undertaking the most spiritually uplifting and soul enriching Arba'been journey from the most holy precincts of Najaf to Karbala. Each passing year the fervor and the number of pilgrims is for ever increasing.

In the year 62 AH ashab e Nabi (SA) Moulana Jabir in company of Attaya bin Saeed undertook the journey, which this year has witnessed a multitude of more than 20 million and more. ( Five times that of this year's Haj pilgrims ) Just thinking about it so overwhelming, and words fail to describe the feelings and outpouring of love, for those who undertake it.

My family was in company of 29 mumineen from Kuwait. At 7 am Sunday 6th Dec: 2014 we started from Najf Rubaat, in all 179 mumineen, a large many from India. We were escorted through the town carrying Husaini A'lam and Banners to the Highway by faiz  khidmatgujars, who took leave, when we reached the highway.

It was a moving sight when we reached Pole No : 1 on the highway and like a stream merging into an overflowing river, we in company of thousands chanting YA HUSAIN !YA HUSAIN ! started our momentos journey towards Karbala.  

The Electricity Poles on the roads towards Karbala are the best markers. There are in all 1452 poles. The Karbala Rubaat is near Pole No: 1449. The haram of Abbas e Alambardar (SA) is near Pole 1452. Thus it gives an idea of the distance, and a means to understand the distance covered, and more important the 'marker' for assembly point of the group. We in our group decide before hand, on which number Pole should we assemble, so that those who walk ahead, wait at that particular Pole, for others who have fallen back.

After the downfall of Saddam Hussain, in the Year 2003 the Arba'een which was banned for past 30 years was broadcast live. The Western Media in recent years has been reporting it as the World's largest and most dangerous gathering.
However, in spite of terrorist threats and intimidation, there is no sense of fear in those who undertake the pilgrimage. Sayeed Maldi Modarresi in his article in Huffington Post has in great detail, covered the different aspects of Arba'eeen. He talks of people undertaking a 425 miles of arduous journey from Basra to Karbala, walking for two weeks.

Feelings of affection, of reaching out and helping the pilgrims, showering them with doa for their safe journey is what one witnesses, as one remembering and moaning the Husaini kafla undertakes the journey. Mawakeb organizers who come from all walks of life, some of them are farmers and labourers, spare no efforts to make the pilgrims comfortable. It has only to be experienced. Fifty million meals a day financed by general public !! They line up the roads and at times literally plead with you to take their falafil and  chicken sandwiches, boiled eggs and bread, and fruits. Sharbat and tea is served in plenty at short distances along the road. The little ones came running towards us, pleading to take their offerings.

The love and fervor of the people is so overwhelming that tears gush forth, doa from the heart comes on our lips,  and it also takes us back to the road traversed in bondage by Imam Ali Zain ul Abedeen Moula and the Husaini kafla. As we walk towards Karbala, surrounded by so much outpouring of love and affection, we think of the pain and tribulations suffered in 61 A.H.

Our group of 179 which started from Pole No: 1 started to divide into smaller groups as we covered distance, the youngsters and able bodied walked faster, they rested for smaller durations.

One mumin youngster aged around 22 years walked the entire distance bare foot, just imagine walking on the cold road. Another mumin bhai, who has been coming for the past 2-3 years, undertakes the pilgrimage, fasting for the entire duration.

These are just two examples of many mumineen, who willingly undertake hardship and deprivation, all on account of the immense love of Ahle Bait (S.A ) and love and affection for Aqa Moula (TUS) and for his sehato a'fiyat and umre darazi.

Our group of 16 mumineen rested on the first night at a Farm House of a local Arab, and the hospitality received was overwhelming. The Amil Saheb of Bahrain who was in the early seventies, and Bhen Saheba who had only last year undergone knee surgery were in our group, and seeing them walk and keeping pace with us, was so motivating and uplifting. Unaided they walked with us, seeing them undertake this arduous journey I made a niyat and offered doa, that if Allah with his Mercy makes me reach that age, I will surely undertake this pilgrimage.

The second night was spent being fussed over by the locals in a  big well stocked tent, the ladies massaged our tiring limbs and went out of their way, to see that we were comfortable.  Finally on Monday, 8th Dec: 2014 at around 10.30 in the morning five of us reached Karbala, the rest in company of Amil Saheb and Bhen saheba reached at around noon.

On reaching Karbala I interacted with a bhen who was in a group from South India, and I learnt that they had started with the intention of covering the journey at faster pace,  and shortest possible time, as a result of which, they got so very tired, took different route, as a result of which a few of them, had to take a cab to complete the journey. An eye - opener.

I feel it is a spiritual pilgrimage and should be done with due reverence and feeling. Have just returned to Kuwait but looking forward to the next Arba'een and in the meantime wishing and praying for the tashreef awri of Aqa Moula A'li Qdr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula (TUS). There is so much of excitement and anticipation amongst  Kuwait muminen, and preparations are in  earnest.

NOTE: Above 'write up' is based on the narration given by Bhen Farida Mulla Shabbirbhai Basrai. Kuwait 

Email : fbasrai100


Monday, December 8, 2014


LOVE,  an umbrella term which incorporates an abundance  of God-gifted relations within it,  a few by blood and others by destiny, in truth is the salt of life without which life would remain bland and tasteless. 

 Be it bilateral relations like friendship, courtship, engagement, marriage or multilateral ones like relation with your parents, siblings, extended family or family-in-law, all are priceless relationships bound together by the most beautiful emotion, love. 

These immeasurable and invaluable gifts of relations should be treasured, caressed and prevented from being harmed.These are the most cherished and soul enriching  boons from the Almighty, which rather than being discarded at the drop of a hat should be preserved for a lifetime. 

The beauty of love in any relation lies in the universal fact that it is palpable even to the unfortunate victims of deafness, dumbness and blindness.  They also feel its embalming and all embracing power.  Love is like the sun, the absence of which creates darkness and its presence has the power to light up the life of a blind person. It is a powerful weapon that helps us win and overcome any battle of life. The lyrics of the famous English band rightly goes, 'one love is all we need', indeed!

There are relationships, there are issues, and consequently and inevitably, of course , there are the two very poisonous pesticides, ego and false sense of self respect, which destroy the seeds of love, trust, and affection to an extent that our relations wither away and die. 

With the human fraternity constantly battling between relationship issues and the two deceivers-ego and false sense of self respect, it is widely observed that the former which takes years to build is destroyed, at times in a matter of minutes.

Many would argue as to how respect for ones own self would destroy bonds. Self respect is a good human trait, but the problem is with the false sense of self respect. True, you can't win others respect till you don't have regard and reverence for yourself but too much of it outweighs the respect for others. This is when even the best of bonds are ruined. Ego is a genie  that we create in  ourselves, that eventually leads to our own destruction. 

Rolling back to the stories my grandma told me, it becomes evident that ego and false sense of self respect have become a rampant relationship spoiler in only our times. My Granny would often narrate to me episodes of her animosity with grandpa, and rightly make me understand as to how In their days love for each other made no room for anything to destroy it. 

We all hold a certain degree of impulsiveness in us which makes us act on a whim, disabling us to foresee its menacing consequences. As a result, we make mistakes, indulge in monumental sulks, blurt out unintended bluntness, this hurting the sentiments of one another and encountering misunderstandings. This is when love begins to decay, trust diminishes, affection deflates, the treacherous ego begins its work and the relationship as a whole dies a death.

The question you may throw at yourself over here is, was your bond with your friend , partner , sibling or any other associate so weak that it could be destroyed so easily? 

Take a moment to recapture all the beautiful moments you shared with them, the happiness, the sadness. Were they so dim that they could be darkened completely? Did your priceless bond weigh so less in front of your issues? Ego and false sense  of self respect are nothing but only a part of your English vocabulary when your relation to you holds more significance.

Save your self and your loved ones from a bleeding heart by :

 Nipping  your ego in the bud before having to bury your relationship in the soil. 

Make your ego and self respect so porous that all your issues penetrate and dissolve into it. 

Come to  terms with the fact that we all are humans, bound to make mistakes and deserve one chance to correct ourselves.

 Forgive quickly and live with no regrets. After all, in your times of sorrow, not your ego or self respect but your near and dear ones will come and comfort you. Give it an intense thought!

AUTHOR : Umaima S. Saeed. Kolkata 

Monday, October 27, 2014


From Surat during the course of the historic 2nd Waaz Mubarak ( sermons during Mohraam) on Sunday October 26  2014, which was relayed to world wide adherents of 53rd Spiritual Head Sayedna  A'li Qdr Muffadhal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS)  dwelt on personal cleanliness, purity of thoughts and deeds, helping to keep your immediate surroundings clean, and as concerned citizens of whichever country we reside in, we should make a consistent and personal effort to help in cleaner environment.

From the rich annals of Dawat history he narrated the khidmat ( services) of Sayedi Khaaji Feer saheb of Udaipur, who came to acquire Ilm ( knowledge of Deen) in the presence of Dai uz Zaman at Jamnagar, some three centuries ago.

Sayedi Khanji was in his youth, and while attending Sabaks (teachings) in the Hazrat of Dai, he observed that on account of putrid smell coming from a nearby slaughter facility, the Dai was distressed by the putrid smell coming from the rotting guts and innards, that were just left there.

The young Sayedi Khanji saheb decided to take  corrective action in silence and without much ado.   So  each nightfall he would  go to the slaughter pit, collect all the rotting innards and left overs in a container, wash and clean the place, and carry the load on his shoulders, and dispose it off in a very responsible manner.

The putrid smell thus stopped wafting in  and distressing the Dai, while he was dispensing knowledge, so he asked the stalwart about it, and in a very demeaning and degrading tone, they said that a ' commoner ' from Udaipur named Khanji has being doing the cleaning.

Sayedna knew the real worth of Sayedi Khanji saheb, and he chided the stalwarts that this young dedicated youth will soon rise to the highest pinnacle of nobility and virtue. He will be venerated for his piety, knowledge and services.

Thus three centuries ago our Dai made it clear that no job is demeaning or low, it is your motivation, your drive behind a particular action or undertaking, that is the deciding factor. In this instance, it was the affection and love for the Dai, and a sense of duty, and awareness that motivated Sayedi Khanji saheb. For him it was never demeaning but an uplifting undertaking.

Thus if your motivation stems from the love of your country and your fellow citizens, SBA provides a platform for you to contribute and uplift your spirit and character.

Likewise to contribute towards a better and cleaner environment, in what ever capacity, even by becoming aware and restraining yourself from adding to the litter, or by becoming a good example to others by your silent actions, as concerned citizens, constitutes as a noble and uplifting action.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You'll See It When You Believe It


BOOK : You'll see it when You Believe It -  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  

That transformation comes with knowing deep within  you that each and every human being is far more than a physical body, and the essence of being human inculcates the ability to think and feel, to posses a higher consciousness and to know that there is a an intelligence, suffusing all forms in the Universe.   

The principles in this Book starts with the premise that you are a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul. That you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but rather a spiritual being having human experiences.

These principles are working independant of your opinion about them , very much like the principles of digestion and pulmonary circulations are working within your body right now, without your help. Whether you believe in these Universal Principles or not, they are going to work. But should you decide to tune into them, you may find yourself living at an entirely new level, and enjoying a higher kind of of awareness -  an awakening. 

Box of chocolate - the wrapper catches your attention, you are sold on the packaging. The truth is that the container cannot give the pleasure , satisfaction, and nourishment that the contents do. A lifetime of exclusively focussing exclusively on the package, will result in a spiritually undernourished and quite unhappy YOU. 

Your form must follow the rules of forms. It will change many times during your lifetime. The form has changed many times, and yet the real YOU has remained consistent. Once you understand this concept, you will be on your way to going through the Gate. 

Once you begin to ask who this person is that you have come to call your self, you are on your way. Once you begin to realize that you yourself are divine, just the fact that you have a mind and Universal Intelligence that backs up your form, you are already zooming ahead. The rest will happen automatically. 

What is nocturnal emission or a wet dream, but the ejaculation of the protoplasm of life  !! No physical contact - merely thoughts creating life. 

 A documentary made demonstrating that different life forms are living within a rain drop. With a very powerful microscope, scientists have been able to document, that there were hundreds of life forms in each rain drop ! 
They were of different colors, shapes and origins, each with a unique physical characteristics, and were far away from each other. Yet they all composed the totality called 'raindrop' 

Nick Herbert's  - Quantum Reality
F. Capra's        - The Tao of Physics 
Lewis Thomas's - The Lives of Cells 
Zukav's              - The Dancing Wushu Masters

are a few of the books in the growing literature, describing connections between the Principles of Physics and Collective Consciousness.   

It is  a simple procedure to calculate the number of seeds in an apple. But who among us can ever say how many apples are in a seed ?

Transcending the scarcity consciousness. The first step towards discarding a scarcity mentality involves, giving thanks for everything that you are and everything you have. Truly appreciate the miracle that you are. The facgt that you are alive. 

A life of Abundance does not mean a life of accumulating, but instead developing a spiritual sense of awe at the 'limitlessness' of it all. 

Make an effort to be thankful for what you have and who you are, each day. The less we need to have kore, the more we seem to get. The Universe seems to provide abundantly, when we are in a state of gratefulness. 

Detachment is the only vehicle available to to take from 'striving' to ' arriving' Detachment in human relationship, does not mean absence of caring. It means caring so much, that you suspend your own value judgements about others and relate to them from a position of love and understanding, rather than attempting to control or judge them. The person who is detached, in this sense is pone who will avoid all unnecessary sufferings, that most people experience in their relationship.    


Sunday, October 5, 2014


In the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan the lowly broom stick in all shapes and sizes has found a pride of place and has become the toast of the country. Since 2nd October thousands upon thousand of pictures and videos has been uploaded and doing rounds in cyber space, wherein the wielding broom sticks stand out.

Individuals and Organizations have made efforts to come out and be seen, but the task ahead is not easy and the lowly broom sticks are up and against a formidable foe, which requires a sustained herculean effort and focus all year round.

The lowly broom sticks which we have proudly wielded is pitted against the following reality :

In our cities and towns nearly one third of the garbage is not collected at all - it is just left to rot away and streets and alleys. So in a year,  more than 14 million tons of garbage is left to rot in urban Indian streets.

The 70 % that is collected is taken and dumped either in landfills or just any open spaces available outside the main habitation. Only about 18 % of collected garbage is treated for recycle or made fuel.

The other dimension of sanitation for which our wielding broom sticks is no match is sewage or waste water disposal.

More than 26 billion litres is getting dumped into our streams and rivers daily. In the four metros out of 16 billions litres of sewage generated per day only 8 billions get treated.

The above are the hard facts and our wielding broom sticks are no match. Now that photos and videos have been shared, we have to turn our attention and focus on the real issues.

It is not that Swachh Bharat is merely a dream, it is viable and achievable and many countries with the help of modern low cost waste management technologies have made a noticeable change in the living conditions of their citizens and the environment of their country.

We have become selfish and self centred - and this is a real issue. People spend lakhs on their homes and offices, but have scant regard, when it comes to taking care of their immediate neighborhood.

Now that the wielding  broom sticks have been captured in pictures and videos, and confined in a corner and will soon be forgotten, I am sharing with readers some insights received from science of epigenetics.

I fervently hope that after reading it, you will be motivated to make the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a sustained and life long effort, as we all are the ones who will be benefited.

QUOTE:  'While the media made big hoopla over the discovery of the BRCA 1 & 2 breast cancer genes, they failed to emphasize that 95 % of breast cancers are not due to inherited genes. The malignancies in a significant number of cancer patients are derived from environmentally induced epigenetic alterations and not defective genes.  ( Book Ref: The Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce Lipton)

Now on reading this, it will surely make you run in the corner, pick up the broom stick and wield it all year round. ( Not in the literal sense, but it will motivate you to spend your time, your resource, more important your expertise, in helping to keep the environment clean ) Environment is an all encompassing term. It is indeed in the best interest of each and every one of us. This is just but one example.

Now let me share with readers another insight, as to why SBA will make you into a better person, a complete full filled person.

The following excerpts are taken from a recent article - ' Two kinds of Happiness ( One is Bad for You) by Deepak Chopra MD.

Read on : ' Happiness results in two types of well being. One is ' eudaimonic well being'  ( eudaimon in Greek means happiness) this happiness derived well being is a direct result of life lived with a purpose and meaning, and shows positive results in our immune cells.

Which,  in the context of my 'write up' simply put - wielding the broom stick all year round, will make your cells - there are approx: 37 trillion cells in your body more healthy  !! So SBA  is in our personal interest. 

Read on : ' On the other hand 'hedonic well being' is the result of happiness, which is dependant on consumerism, and burst of pleasure arising out from acquiring.

Now here comes the bouncer :  Hedonic well being ( hedon in Greek means pleasure) fared worse than unhappy people in the genetic expression of their immune cells, showing tendency towards inflammation and less ability to fight viruses.

Both type of happiness have the same high level of positive emotion, but one is good for you, and the other is not. It is upto us to decide. We can fool ourselves that we are happy, but our genes know better.

Inflammation of cells has been connected with a wide range of disorders from heart disease to cancer and now is leading suspect of chronic illness in general.

The Spiritual path has for ages described two paths of well being - the path of wisdom and the path of pleasure.

So I conclude by saying SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN has provided us an option  to choose a holistic well being path  for our selves, our family and the citizens of India. JAI HIND !!


Thursday, October 2, 2014



with a commentary by 
Dr. Y.Najmuddin Saheb - Ameerul Jamea 

The book consists of 177 verses ( two volumes) It deals with AQL  in man , which broadly defined bears refrence to the intellectual capacity in man. 

Fatemi Philosophy is the result of a distinct thought process, and is not as is erroneously assumed, to be treated as an offspring of Greek and Persian Philosophy.

Fatemi thinkers have a characteristic approach, different from others, and in this way have made a significant contribution in this field of knowledge. 

Imam Ahmad al Mastur (S.A.) in his famous book 'Ikhwan el Safa' conceives philosophy as a three tired pyramid. The three tiers are as follows:

1. Love of Sciences 
2. The comprehension of the facts of Creation to the best of human ability.
3. Practise by words and deeds of the knowledge so gained. 

AQL  is a 'substance' having lofty status. It is not a form or a phase that comes over a thing. In human being AQL is a spiritual entity as distinguished from the physical and represents the quintessence of the soul of man. It is not a mere attribute. Its existence is not by accident, but it is the Creation of Allah.

'AQL  in man is in need of light
which radiates from higher luminous stage'

Man being endowed with AQL, his problem is not survival alone, but also more important, his emancipation was to be provided for, through the intervention of light from the Higher Source. 

AQL  in man inherently bears the capacity of ascending to the highest degree of perfection, through the process of discipline, conditioning, and absorbing the 'radiant grace' emanating from the Higher Source. 

' Al AQL  in man is like an elixir
Which would turn his copper into gold'

In man - the baser metal is that tainted and degenerated part of the original Creation, now existing in the form of a potentiality 

The same has to be first cleansed and purified through the faithful observation of the Kitab and shariat. 

The knowledge and the light of the 'radiant Grace' absorbed by AQL  constitutes the elixir. The process of spiritual alchemy is finally successfully completed by the Alchemist, who has described himself as the  ' City of Knowledge' of which Ali is the Gateway. 

'AQL  is beset by numerous perils
Like haughtiness, tyranny and domination' 

Pride by itself is not an undesirable or unworthy attitude. It is good or bad depending on how AQL is stimulated by it. Man should ever be on guard to see that these calamities are avoided. 

'If you ponder with AQL  over atomic energy
You will know the omnipotence of the Provider of such energy.'

Consider the smallest unit of Creation, so that the power of the largest in it may be comprehended.

The spirit of search and enquiry of men of science and the glory of their achievements in liberating the atom - endeavor to realize the power of the Creator. 

Just as an atom - the ultimate particle capable of independent existence is capable of releasing energy of a force and power, even so the soul of man - a speck of Allah's Creation, after discipline, purification, and the absorption of the 'radiant Grace' acquires so fantastic power, as to propel it self to the pinnacle  of evolution, the highest perfection.       

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



The victim virus - the suffering addiction. 

The role of playing a victim is an addiction very harmful, as it leads to physical, mental and emotional misery.

The chronic complaining state creates inner contractions, that prevent essential energies from flowing as they should, and drain our vital forces. 

According to the Law of Attraction and its principles, when we act act the victim, we are bound to attract to us persons and situations, that will make us suffer. So stop complaining and start accepting and honoring WHAT IS and see your life change for the better. 

Studies have proved that when you are calm, quiet and at peace with your self, the frontal lobes of your brain are activated, this is the area of the brain, where creativity and the ability to make innovative decisions are lodged. 

When you are stressed out, the blood stream abandons the frontal area of the brain, and concentrates in the back part of the brain, where past survival lessons, flight and fight responses learnt long time ago are aroused. These are termed as negative emotional charge, detrimental to your total well being. 

When we go through any inner tension, we usually make unconscious decisions based on such ideas as "I am not good enough"  or " I won't be able to do it". These decisions are tinted with negative perception of ourselves and, if we believe in it, it leaves its imprint on our energy field and conducts our life. 

In his book 'The Biology of Beliefs' Dr. Bruce Lipton shows us scientifically, how environmental stimulates 'triggers' intracellular proteins, and it is these proteins that enact the DNA. In this way the cancer gene lies dormant until the environment stimulates it. He points that to fully support cellular health we can no longer ignore the role of consciousness and that includes our own thinking. 

So it can be surmised that our thinking affects are cellular health to a great degree. Dr. Lipton explains that cellular health, growth, and reproduction respond favorably to thoughts of love and harmony, whereas the so called negative thoughts create the opposite in us. 

So in order to have a healthy thriving cellular body, we should start by having  positive thoughts, learning to pursue a life of calm and contentment, and accepting WHAT IS. 

Book Ref:  Memory in the Cells - Luis Angel Dias.  

Thursday, July 3, 2014


One thing leads to another. Registered my self  to attend Hay House World Summit 2014, and in the process, got connected with the Hay House Face Book Community and stumbled upon BIOCENTRISIM  - a concept proposed in 2007 by Dr. Robert Lanza - a Scientist working in the field of regenerative medicine and biology - and got hooked.

One thing is certain. If you are focused and your seeking is pure and unadulterated - exiting things will be revealed to you.

Biocentricity involves a shift in the interpretation of Scientific knowledge, that may lead to new, better and holistic understanding of the beginning of the Universe. Dr. Robert Lanza's theory has evoked a mixed response from the Peers of the Scientific Community.

But for a layman like me, I foresee in near future a quantum leap in the understanding of the Creation of the Universe, from the outdated and crude Darwinian Theory - a leap that lands Science in the all embracing arms of Spirituality, which has been there for ages.

What I have understood is that Science has mellowed from its heydays, and now, with recent discoveries and cutting edge researches, especially in the field of quantum physics, the leading scientific community is, in fact helping a great deal in our understanding of the Spiritual Truths, which have remained unchanged for centuries.

The Gnostics, whose influence was felt mostly in the first and second century AD, identified the FIRST CAUSE - the True God as residing in the Pleroma (The Fullness) beyond space, time and causation, while material reality, is the creation of emanated beings,  the Intelligences.

Gita says : ‘Brahman, without beginning, Supreme, beyond what is and beyond what is not’

Max Plank, the god father of quantum theory says: ‘ I regard consciousness as primary and matter as derivative of consciousness’

The belief in a divine power dominated world thought, until 400 years ago, when scientific discoveries, and philosophical skepticism, began to shake faith. The theories and writings of Rene Descartes – Karl Marx – Charles Darwin - Fredrick Nietzsche , seemed to sink humankind into a slough of despair. Humanity had seemed to have lost direction. But science also proved to be a false god, and the world view left many despondent.

Till the beginning of 20th Century Spirituality was being assailed from all sides. On April 8, 1966, Time Magazine – an oracle of American Opinion, asked in boldfaced red “Is God Dead ?

However, in the later part of the 20th Century, with rapid advance in super computing, powerful telescopes, world wide Internet, and cutting edge discoveries in all fields of science, the Spiritual Truths were now being rediscovered, so to say, with scientific knowledge.

Dr. Mani Bhowmik – the co-inventor of laser technology in his Book : ‘ Code Name God’ has this to say - ‘ Strangely enough the same scientific methods, that once compelled us to question the existence of God, is now, by way of advanced physics and cosmology, developing evidence that tend to support our old age belief in a transcendent power.

The quantum Universe is a reality, where same tiny particles may occupy, two places at one time, or react instantly to event light years away.

He goes on to state that : physics is close to proving that material reality (our Universe, we the entire humanity, everything included) emerges from a common source.

However, it is a living miracle that in past few decades – Science and its awakened, and enlightened Scientific community – their numbers are ever growing , by their scientific pursuits and discoveries are becoming champions of Spirituality.


Biocentricity is validating Spirituality, the wisdom propounded by sages and philosophers is gaining acceptance by Science. Biocentrism teaches that it is consciousness that creates the material world, and not the other way round. It implies that Intelligence existed prior to matter. He also claims that space and time are not objects or things, but rather tools of our human understanding. THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED FOR US. THE THEORY IMPLIES THAT DEATH OF CONSCIOUSNESS SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST.

There are over 200 physical parameters within the Universe, so exact, that it seems as more probable that, they are that way in order to allow for the existence of life and consciousness, rather than coming about at random.

Biocentrism claims that allowing the OBSERVER in the overall equation, opens new approaches to our understanding of the Universe - how very true and exiting from the point of Spirituality.

Dr. Deepak Chopra states: ' his theory of biocentrism is consistent with most ancient wisdom traditions of the world, which says Consciousness, conceives, governs and becomes a physical world. '

Biocentrism suggests, that life is not an accidental by product of physics, but rather is a key part of our understanding the Universe.

I am observing Ramadan, the month of fasting, prayers, spiritual reflection and doing good deeds. What an opportune moment for me to have come across during this Blessed Month on a path breaking Scientific Theory that tries to address and give some insight, into my fast held beliefs and truths.

I have just managed to skim the surface, and hope to dwell deep with more reading during this month.

Indebted to Hay House World Summit Community.


Monday, June 9, 2014


In the last week of May 2014 got myself Registered for free,  to hear some wonderful, well researched and experienced ' Talks' spread over a period of ten days. Regret, on account of constraints, have not been able to hear all the free talks.

However, share with my readers, a few important lessons learnt from the 'talks' that I managed to hear. It was indeed an exiting journey of understanding and awareness. The personal stories and experiences shared by wonderful and talented people, and the insights and wisdom made freely available - for this noble gesture I remain indebted to Hay House.

I am also sharing a brief bio of the speakers, so that those among you, who may be interested to know more about them and their works, can Google and find out.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D is an internationally known speaker in integrative medicine and the mind/body connection. She has a doctorate in cell biology from Harvard Medical School and is a licensed clinical psychologist. The New York Times best-selling author of numerous books, she is also a journalist and radio personality. Website:

Lessons learnt. Resilience is more than just bouncing back, it entails remarkable transformation of thinking and character.
You start considering obstacles and set backs in life as a gateway for extended sense of freedom.

When life tragedy strikes, you find yourself on the 'threshold' at one side is 'no longer' and on the other side 'is not yet'. Everyone who has faced with personal tragedy, will agree that, there is a period of uncertainty and confusion, following the tragedy, whatever it may be.

The best thing to do under the circumstances, is not to rush things up, but to tarry a longer and reflect and introspect. Have faith that you will come out more stronger and a much better than before.

Resilient people are 1) realistic, solidly grounded and they accept the situation and live in the Present. Unfounded optimism does not help, you have to be more realistic. 2) Have Faith 3) radically creative and mindful. 4) they enjoy the support of family and friends 5) have a good sense of humor.

Your happiness 'set point' and resilience faculty reside in your left pre-frontal cortex, and for the best results, you need to to make definite 'left shift'.

Here are the four ways to achieve that. 1) Meditation or focused activity, with whatever you are comfortable. 2) Regular exercise 3) Slogan - short reminders 4) Breathing exercises.

Mike Robbins is the author of three books, including the brand new title Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way, which will be published by Hay House (May 6, 2014).

Lessons learnt. Accept and love ourselves. As parents, what we teach is to our kids is not that important, but how we model ourselves, is what really matters.

Self esteem is good, but self compassion is more holistic. By being kind to ourselves, we become more humane. A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul. Trust yourself - be yourself.

Lynne McTaggart is one of the central voices in the new consciousness movement. She is the award-winning author of six books, including the worldwide bestsellers The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond, all now in 30 languages and considered bibles of the New Age. As editorial director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, she also publishes one of the world’s most highly praised health magazines and runs extremely popular health and spirituality teleconferences and workshops. Website:

Lessons learnt. Group Theory teaches us that I win and you all also win, if we are all working towards a common goal. Get away from issues and rally around core values. If you are true to yourself, and your intentions are for common good and you trust the Universe to do your bidding, it will surely deliver.

On the subject of Group Theory, where the entire neighborhood is benefited, encompassing all strata of Society, where the affluent share their resources for the betterment of the entire Community - our Faizul Mawaid Burhaniya  (FMB) is one of the best example.

The  same food lunch scheme delivered at home, of  community members around the world, where members of all economic background share same simple hygienic food each day. The rich contribute more. An example of neighborhood connectivity and common good.

Gregg Braden is New York Times best-selling author and geologist, internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and indigenous knowledge to create real-world solutions for today.
Gregg has shared his discoveries with Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, mainstream universities, and audiences throughout the world. Website:

Lessons learnt. We are so blessed that in our age the 150 year old science which had a unbridled sway has mellowed and become deep with the infusion of Spiritual wisdom.

False assumptions of Science like separation has given way to new thinking of co- operation. On account of awakened Masters, the two great ways of knowing are now married, as a result of which the off springs of new thoughts, having over riding characteristics of wisdom rather than knowledge, is making this world a better place to live. Let us celebrate this marriage.

Gopika Kapoor is a writer and communications consultant. She is the author of the best-selling books Spiritual Parenting: Wisdom (and Wit) for Raising Your Child in a Stress-Free and Spiritual Environment. Gopika works with Ummeed Child Development Center, a non -government organization helping children with developmental disabilities.

Lessons learnt. Inculcate the attitude of gratitude, in so doing you are the one who will benefit. There are no problems in life but situations. Accept situations that are beyond your control with humility. A paradox but true - bliss in the tiredness. I have many personal experiences of this. Now that Sehrullah is nearing and we mumineen look forward to Layla tul Qdr - the night of Ibadat and vigil, it is in this night that the above paradox proves true. At 'shafa' time we all feel the heavenly bliss, although we have spend the entire night in prayers. Is it not true ? This is just one example.

Joseph Clough is a best-selling Hay House author and creator of over 100 hours of Free Hypnosis and Coaching MP3s that have been downloaded more than 3 million times and listened to more than 200,000 times a month. Website:

Lessons learnt. Believe that you are worthy, accept and acknowledge negativity, step back. Be gentle to your self. Life is a journey, it is not merely a wishful thinking. Acknowledge your body's signal of anxiety, self doubt and turn it around for your betterment.

Entrepreneur James Altucher has experienced some great successes in life—and some miserable failures. He’s started and sold businesses for huge profits, and he’s taken on ventures where he’s lost everything. But through it all, he’s learned a lot, and in this entertaining interview, he shares which personal practices have led to success

Lessons learnt. Times have changed. Self reliance and belief in your self, and pursuing your dreams are now the pivots on which you succeed in life and making a living and living a life. College education has become a passe. In US more than 50% of those who are unemployed have College Degrees, and are straddled with clearing their debts.

Money is required for a living, but to live a life, what is more required is 1) Physical Health 2) Mental Health 3) Emotional Health 4) Spiritual Health. One should always set back a little each day, and check these four boxes.

Do not let marketing messages ensnare you, choose for your self what is good for you. If you fail to do so, others will choose you and take you for a ride, and make you poorer in the process.

Honesty compounds your network, adding value to your business. Coming up with ideas on regular basis is a good mental exercise. They need not be great, but keep up the practice, as it will be good for your mental health.

Dr. Mitchell Yass, a licensed physical therapist and author of upcoming Hay House book The Encyclopedia of Pain, talks on  a way to treat pain without having to take drastic surgical measures. Having treated countless patients who’ve previously been told that only surgery can help them, Dr. Yass reveals that, based on his research and strength-training system, in many cases going under the knife is unnecessary. He explains that oftentimes “pain is an indication of a tissue in distress”; if pain is found to be muscular, it can actually be treated and cured by strengthening the affected muscles. Dr. Yass does not suggest that all pain is in our muscles; some, he says, is structural, and in these cases he does support surgery as a way to address the pain. However, he firmly believes that all muscular pain can be treated with strength training, massage, and other nonsurgical methods.

Lessons learnt. Entirely different approach to tackle pain, and exposing the shortcomings of MRI and scans. Pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The sure shot method is that you do not address the pain, but you treat the cause and resolve the distress tissue.

Muscular weakness does not show up in MRI and other diagnostics tests. Most back pain is muscular. Degeneration of spine is a natural ageing process. However, if causes are structural, surgery is the only answer, and in such cases, the faster it is done is better.
In case of lower back problem, a Universal problem, it is to be understood that muscles work in a group to perform the functions. Right hip muscle strain may be the cause of pain in the left lower back muscle.
When you are lifting weight, you are isolating the muscle, so if weight lifting exercise done correctly prove very beneficial.