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All awakened spiritual persons and philosophers are in THE QUEST to seek the spiritual Truth. Their quest, if true in spirit and purpose, will make them stand on the threshold of awakening and enlightenment.

We mumineen are so blessed and fortunate to be in possession of that TRUTH –
OUR MOULA (TUS). He openly declares that ‘mumineen tame fikr na karo, Imam Husain na gum ma bas ek ansoo nikali do – maru kaam thai gayoo'

During the historic and most memorable, meavi milad vaaz mubarak, the Husaini tara, who we mumineen are so blessed to be witness to, said : ' mumineen mari tadbeer ma - tamne zamin thee a'smani bannava ma, mane yaari a'po,jeh chhe teh Moula chhe, Moula duniya ane akherat ma olkhee lese' So let us reach out to him rejoice and celebrate,

In this post let us try to understand some of the scientific discoveries, that are helping us to understand better the Spiritual Truths. The latest scientific research is moving away from materialism to spiritualism.

We are now in the Aquarian Age, and with each passing year the Religious Truths of Monotheism, will find credence and acceptability by new discoveries in Quantum Physics. The Universe forming out of the BIG BANG was at odds with the Religious Truths, but with the latest M Theory, although I am not a student of science, and my knowledge is very limited, I think and there is a gut feeling, each new scientific discovery is inching closer to the understanding of Tawhid.

The M Theory was propounded first by Edward Wittens, this Theory is based on tiny strings vibrating in 10 dimensional space time. Now for me personally this 10 dimensional space time is very exiting, when it gives scientific credence to the Theory of emanation (fadl) originally propounded by Plotinus (204 to 270 BC) in Enneads.

Central to Plotinus metaphysics, is the process of ceaseless emanation (fadl) and out flowing from the THE ONE. Plotinus gives metaphors, such as the radiation of heat from fire, fragrance from a flower, or light from the sun. Now the M Theory postulates, that tiny strings vibrate in 10 dimensional space time.


Most of the Scientist are in agreement that with the help of this M Theory, many paradoxes are being solved. Just one example – why the force of Gravity is so weak. Now the scientist are of opinion that as Gravity passes through several dimensions, it becomes weak.

Science has taken a long road from Einstein’s Theory of Gravity replaced by The String Theory to be followed by the Super String Theory in 1980 and with exiting and verifiable discoveries in Quantum Physics, and the latest M Theory, as stated above.

Now let me take up the BIG BANG theory, literary by it's horns, which is at odds with the Spiritual Truth. This theory in the past was a very soar point, a thorn in the flesh, in establishing a symmetry between Spirituality and Science.

The problem is that, we get attached to words, and start believing in them. Recent scientific discoveries are proving that there was no BANG – BANG in the BIG BANG. Now that very thing is somewhat of a solace to me.

My friends let me share with you the truth behind the misnomer BIG BANG (Book Ref: Code Name God – The Spiritual Odyssey of a Man of Science by Mani Bhaumik. Ph.D)

The idea of Cosmic Explosion, kicking off the expansion of the universe – this idea was first conceived by George Lemaitre – a Belgian priest, and the British astronomer Fred Hoyle, in jest, coined the term BIG BANG. Mark the words - 'in jest'

So the truth is that the term was coined in jest, we all latched on to it, as any thing theatrical, appeals to each and every one of us.

BIG BANG is more appealing that the Spiritual Truth – the fact that it was ‘huboot’ (darkness, murk and gloom) that descended because we in the ‘roohani A’lam’ did not listen to Moulana A'shir – Aqa Moula (TUS) farmave chhe ‘ La’la (roshni) chali gaiyee – woh A’lam to’ noor nu A’lam chhe – waha kem rehvaye – hayula wajood ma avaoo.'

The COBE data has confirmed that the universe is made up of 4.5 per cent ordinary matter, 25 per cent dark matter of an as yet unknown composition, and more important about 70 per cent of mysterious factor known as dark energy.

What I understand is that all the Scientific discoveries pertain to the understanding of this material reality. We were eased out of the Paleroma, darkness engulfed, material reality, which the scientists are trying to understand - hayula - total body came into existence, largely on account of the 'rehmat' of Moulana A'shir, who did the tadbeer. So there was no BANG - BANG. Now Quantum Science, is proving it too.

Scientists are now saying conclusively that 'noise' requires a medium to carry the sound waves. It was an 'explosion of space' (easing out from the Roohani A'lam is what I understand) and not an explosion.

Scientists Penzias and Wilson says, that we can listen to the energy of creation, and this energy is every where. If you look at the static on your T V channel, which should be not any receiving channel, you will see dots beginning to dance. which according to Mani Bhaumik - 'we are looking at the very ancient fingerprint, because a percentage of that static is a microwave remnant of the birth of the universe' (hayula)

I personally found the scientific predictions not going against my spiritual believes (Note: I am talking about my self only - my quest) once I did away with the notion of BIG BANG and tried to understand how 'hayula' came about - the tadbeer of Moulana A'shir. With this notion in mind, I found scientific discoveries validating some of my spiritual concepts.

With rapid advance in Quantum Physics and decades of laboratory experiments and observations made by powerful COBE satellite, the predictions agree with the observational data to an astounding degree of accuracy of one part per billion. I would be a fool not to take into consideration, or turn a blind eye to all this scientific established fact.

The Scientific fact : By one second after the BIG BANG ( I see it not as a BANG but as tadbeer of Moula A'shir on receiving 'fadl' emanation from all the roohani asmaan - the Intellects above him in Al'm ul Ibda, with this concept in mind always, the scientific facts become easy to understand) the temperature had fallen to ten billion degrees, and the universe was like a giant thermonuclear reactor gradually cooling by expansion. (hayula wujood ma ayu)

Prof: Alan Guth's GUT ( grand unified theory) pioneering work came from his study of the first blink of the awakened Universe, where the symmetry was intact and reality was far smaller than the head of a pin.

The universe's essential traits were established as early as one hundred millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second from its inception (Book page 158) I am not saying this - the observed data by Scientists, is stating this, which has helped me to understand, not wholly, but to a certain extent, the Spiritual Truth of Quran Ayah ' kun - fayakun' "BE" -and it is!

Now let us see how the recent scientific discoveries are making renowned scientists, into spiritual thinkers, affirming the Spiritual Truths, which have been there for centuries.

Eminent physicist Freeman Dyson also finds that " the universe in some sense must have known that we are coming"

John Wheeler, one of the most thoughtful scientist of our time, concludes from his extensive studies of Quantum physics that "It is incontrovertible that the observer (Moulana A'shir according to me) is a participator in genesis."

Mani Bhaumik states - The Observer ( Moula A'shir ne duniya na hawala chhe - so states Syedi Sadik ali Saheb) That's consciousness, and we are conscious agents, vehicles for manifestation of a potentiality that was there from the start. (roohani A'lam ma apan bhi hata -gunah na sabab gira)

Quantum physicists have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt, that the 'observer' and the 'observed' are fundamentally connected, their relationship is interactive and participatory. This than my young friends is the Spiritual Truth.

The most vivid experiment is called the entanglement or the non locality experiment, and how particle phycists, are now able to achieve quantum teleportation. In one of my earlier post, I had written in detail about this experiment.

Now let me share with my young friends, my reflections and observation made during the meavi milad mubarak vaaz, and it is based on my knowledge derived from quanum physic experiment, referred above. Click on the link, before reading on my observation to get a complete idea of my spiritual concept based on scientific facts.
A very humble Milad tribute to my Moula.


The world wide community of mumineen may have surely noticed, the outpouring of emotional feelings of our Moula, at the end of the vaaz, when he said how he wished, that he could be able to do ' mua'naqo' ( a noble Fatemi tradition of embrace, which in common parlance, we refer to as - gale lagavi devu)

How did our Moula achieve this impossible feat, he did achieve it, and I will show you how.

With the help of ' quantum teleportation' that is by telling us all to do matam e Husain, by superimposing on all of us, the roohaniyat of matam, and thus although great distance separated each of us, our Moula was able to realize his wish, of granting all of us the 'sharaf' of 'muanaqo'. You all may have observed, that while sada't kiram sahebs were doing 'mua'naqo', Aqa Moula (TUS) was doing matam himself, and extolling all of us to do 'matam' in a sense, he was giving us all the 'sharaf' of 'mua'naqo' on his 100th Milad. This is what. I have observed and reflected. The symmetry of Spirituality and Science.

Both elementary force particles and elementary matter particles are merely excitations of their corresponding underlying field, which makes the quantum fields, in a sense, the breeding ground of material creation. Scientists are now stating conclusively, that the quantum fields, is in a sense, the breeding ground of material creation. (The spiritual truth is that Moulana A'shir, is the giver of Forms) Excitations of the underlying fields results in formation of electrons, neutrinos, protons.

Cosmology points to a likely scenario : A single field emerged (tadbeer of Moulana A'shir, as I understand) at the origin of the universe, already containing within it self, the blueprint of the physical universe, just as a human genome contains the plan for an entire human.

Such and other dramatic scientific discoveries, have made the Materialistic Theory that had held sway for more than four centuries, completely redundant. The Intellectual Spirit of Islam, the preserved compilations of our Doat e Kiram, huddod fozala kiram sahebs, the studies and translations by the European Scholars, in the later part of the 19th and during 20th Century, has played a vital role.

Way back in 1930 - Astrophysicst Sir James Jeans wrote - ' The universe begins to look more like a great thought, than like a great machine'

Let me conclude this series of THE QUEST,the sixth written during Milad e meavi and coincidentally, my 100th Post on Mind Mints blog, with the Nashihat of Syedi Sadik ali Saheb

“ Tawhid ehne khaiye
Jeh chhe Khuda na muka
gar chhe Khuda nathi yeh
pan jan jeh Khuda chhe’

' AS ABOVE, SO BELOW ' The Spiritual truths remain unchanged for centuries.

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Continuing from the previous post, all was not lost. In our Deen we are more concerned with knowledge that ‘illuminates’ Mere accumulation of knowledge for the sake of acquiring an aura of a very learned person, is not encouraged. Acquiring of knowledge should have a definite purpose, and that purpose in our Deen is the quest to understand Tawheed of Allah.

Like speech,knowledge which is a mile long but only a centimeter deep is of little value. So it can be surmised, that the I’lm of Ale Mohammad – the true I’lm required for the emancipation of souls, and to make us mumineen into ‘farishta shifa’t’ (angelic human being) did survive the onslaught of the Crusades and the ravages of the Mongols.

When the Mongol hoards were destroying every known vestige of humanity, culture and knowledge, so assiduously nurtured by Islam since the beginning of 8th Century, through the lands of Central Asia, our revered Doat e Kirams fully occupied themselves in the intellectual pursuit and enquiry of Tawheed, in the relative safety and seclusion of Yemini Mountains and valleys. This is what term, as a blessing in disguise.

Let me share with my young educated friends, some facts from history. AKHBAR IS ANWA’R – provided you are willing to reflect, and not to rot, as we use to do in school days.

When Chengiz Khan was marauding Central Asia, during that time or thereabout, Syedna Hatim Mohyuddin (RA) was engrossed in writing of 16 Dawat kutubs, and his Mazoon Syedna Mohammad Taher (RA) – known as ‘Bawisa na Saheb ‘ had written 7 kutubs.

The death of Syedna Hatim Mohyuddin Moula (RA) in 596 AH coincided with the total destruction of Bagdad, as referred to in my earlier post in 1218 AD.

Syedna Ali Bin Molaya Mohammad Walid (RA) assumed the august office of Dai ul Mutlaq in 605 AH (1227 AD) I will request my readers to log on to the shared link. Please do read and reflect, reflect,and reflect – it has been compiled by me as a WAKE UP CALL.

Doa of Nabi Muhammad (SA) - the loom of 18 lusicious grapes - intervening 5 centuries - 18 Doat Kiram in the progeny - 'nasl' of Walid who died a polytheist- the first Dai Syedna Ali Bin Molaya Walid in all writing 18 kutubs !!!


This then, my young friends is the beauty of OUR DEEN ! This is the symmetry, the confluence that the Spiritual Masters and in this 21st century the awakened scientists. are trying to unravel.

Let me share with you just one example of what I have referred earlier as ‘illuminative’ Knowledge.

‘Information is not matter, although it is imprinted on matter, it comes from elsewhere, from an intelligence'

O K fine, my young friends will quip – now prove it.

This is a Spiritual Truth but we need a philosopher and a Scientist like Stephen C Meyer of Cambridge University. To prove this point, he used to demonstrate to his class by holding two computer disks.

One full of software and other data

The other – a blank. Now, the mass of both is same, but one is blank and the other contains a lots and lots of information. Outwardly both are same but the difference , and a big one that too, is in the contents.

On account of the Crusades and the ravages of Mongols, many valuable Arabic Books were destroyed for ever. Just one example : Kitab Al Insaf by Bu ali Sina (The Book of Impartial Judgment) which investigates 28000 questions – The manuscripts of Insaf disappeared at the sack of Isfahan.

This is one small example of the extent of Intellectual Activity of the Muslims – Persians and Arabs in particular during the glorious epoch. However , many thousands survived and like our Doat Kiram sahebs of Yemen and later in India, Doat Kirams and hudood fozala kiram shaebs, some devoted their entire life, in the study of I’lm of Ale Muhammad (SA)

Just two glowing examples. Syedi Ameen bin Jalal, whose quest for acquiring I’lm was so focused, that we mumineen know that even the ‘water’ in the his lamp, turned into oil, so that the radiance of Fatemi Uloom, be preserved for posterity. Another name, just one from hundreds of savants , is that of Syedi Abdulkader Hakimuddin Moula (RA)

However, very unfortunately after the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, as detailed in my 3rd Post, during 19th and 20th Century, when English Education held sway over the minds of elite class, a definite wedge began to develop between Spirituality and Science. Islam was grossly misrepresented. Original enquiry and intellectual pursuits became confined to selected few, who were seekers of truth, but they were hedged with skeptism and materialism all around, and retreated in their secured shell. The time, it seems, had not come.

However, on the other hand, there were very enterprising souls, who managed to read the original surviving Arabic and Persian Texts, a few noted were German Scholars. Translations in different languages, slowly but surely started to appear.

I salute their enterprising works, which were avidly read and reflected upon, by the growing un-biased intellectual community of Western Philosophers, Educationists and most importantly Scientists, actively pursuing to understand the mystery of Universe.

On the occasion of the 100th Milad Mubarak, I will make an honorable mention of few of the pioneering authors and their works, which helped in revitalizing of the Islamic Theology and Philosophy.

Rudolph Strothmann ( 1877-1960)

Louis Massignon ( 1883-1962)

A Guide to Islamic Literature (1933) compiled by W. Ivanow. A Russian Scholar of repute.

History of Islamic Philosophy – Henry Corbin

Ismaili Thought in the Age of al – Hakim (SA) 1999 Publication by Paul E Walker.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr. A widely read modern renowned Ismaili Scholar
A few of his Books :

Tradition of Islam in the Modern world.
Ideals and Realities of Islam.
Science and Civilization in Islam - Harvard University Press 1968

Ismaili Literature – a bibliography of Sources and Studies - Farhad Daftry.

The Library of the Institute of Islamic Studies in London contains valuable original documents and Manuscripts, which are providing rich reference material.

From mumineen point of view of interest, it has the oldest illuminated copy of Rasail – 44 /1040 AH of Ikhwan us Shafa. It also has a manuscript of Syedna Ali bin Hanzala (RA) 6th Dai – a number of copyist – the last is one Gulam Husyn Mulla Fidahusian Biyawari – 1931 AD

My young friends, the niyat behind bombarding you will all the above Names and Book References, is to just make you understand, more importantly to make you aware, how True knowledge of Tawheed, for the understanding and expounding of which, our Duat Kiram and huddod fozala kirams, worked relentlessly and in seclusion, has finally found a niche, amongst the seekers of not accumulative but ‘illuminative’ knowledge in all streams of intellectual pursuit.

My young educated friends, who have been avid readers of modern day Philosophers and Thinkers like - Louise Hay, Haisch Bernard, Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrne, Echart Tolle etc: I humbly seek an answer from you.

Have you read or heard of the Book by Dr. Najmuddin Saheb – Ameerul Jamea ?

‘A Philosphical Discourse by His Holiness Dr. Syedna Taher Saiffudin ‘ Published by Al –Jamea-tus- Saifiyah.

In his commentary Dr. Najmuddin Saheb an erudite scholar of Fatemi Philosophy, citing reference to Ikhwan –us- shafa , states that ‘ Philosophy is a three tired pyramid, the three tiers comprising of:

Love of Sciences

The comprehension of the facts of Creation to the best of human ability

Practice by words and deeds of the knowledge so gained.

The most renowned exponent of deeds reflecting words - 'ibadatayn' was Syedna Hamid al Din Al Kirmani (RA)


Friends, I have just made a few references, and Insa Allah in my 6th Post I will try to reflect on the convergence of Spirituality and Sciences, resulting from pioneering researches and reflections done by modern day Philosopher Scientists and Thinkers.

Ken Webler is just one example of a Biochemical Scientist, trying to understand the Spiritual Truths, resulting in ' A Brief History of Everything '
My Blog Post :


From my personal perspective, how these modern day marvels of cutting edge Science has helped me, in gaining more insights in my understanding of the Spiritual Truths learnt by attending ‘sabaks’. A presentation of 'DNA Molecule' made by me, has to wait, as I feel, it's time has not come, although I have shared it with a few, who I know are taking Haqiqat sabaks, and fully comprehend.

Spirituality and Science are converging like never before. I hope to reflect and share on them, in my Sixth Post Insa Allah, which coincidentally will be my 100th Post on my “MindMints” Blog, started in the year 2008.

I had been blessed with ziyarat of Yemen Doat e Kiram (RA) and had shared my experience on the Blog.
For those who have not exhausted themselves by the reading of this blog, may well log on to the following link.

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100th MILAD - Fourth Post

Now in this 4th 100 Milad Mubarak post, let us take into account, some of the causes, which led to the advent of the ‘dark age’ when knowledge acquired through the Centuries was deemed lost, and more importantly, when it resurfaced, it was wrongly assumed to be, largely on account of the intellectual pursuit of Western Nations, as a result of Renaissance and Industrial Revolution.

It was not so, as clearly shown in my previous post. Please permit to quote an erudite scholar Syyed Ameer Ali from his book – ‘ The Spirit of Islam’

‘ Such was the glorious achievement of the Moslems in the field of intellect; and all was due to the teachings of one man ( Nabi Mohammad – S.A) ... Afflicted humanity awoke into new life. Whilst the barbarians of Europe, who have overturned an effete empire, were groping in the darkness of ignorance and brutality, the Moslems were building up a great civilization. During the centuries of moral and intellectual desolation in Europe, Islam led the vanguard of progress. Christianity had established itself on the throne of the Caesars, but it failed to regenerate the nations of the earth....From the schools of Salerno, of Bagdad, of Damascus, of Cordova, of Granada, of Malaga, the Moslems taught the world the gentle lessons of the philosophy and practical teachings of Science’

I also quote a Christian author of a blog aptly describing the result of the meeting of two diverse cultures: ‘ The Christians were brought face to face with a civilization superior to their own; their eyes were dazzled by the light of Arabian learning; and the mental ferment which succeeded in Europe led to the cultivation of science and literature, the foundation of universities, the study of the immortal classics of Greece and Rome, the growth of philosophy and skepticism, the Renaissance in Italy, and the Reformation in Germany. And these movements, in turn, led to the French Revolution, which sounded the death-knell of Feudalism, and to the Free thought of Voltaire, which pierced the heart of Superstition.

Just recently the world has witnessed the horrible tragedy resulting out of a combination of earthquake and Tsunami, that has devastated the most technologically advanced Nation of Japan. My profound and heartfelt sympathy are with the Japanese people, who are basically very stoic, and as in the past, they will surely overcome this tragedy, of which I am sure.

Likewise a most barbaric and damaging episode erupted – an earthquake on the fertile plains of Islamic Intellectual and morally uplifting landscape, in the last part of the 10th Century. The cause was the rallying call made, to save Christianity from the infidels (Muslims) - after a meeting called by Pope Urban II. As a result of which, the Crusades began in 1097 and continued for 3 centuries.

First Crusades 1097 –1099
Second Crusades 1147- 1149
Third Crusades 1187- 1192

The Crusades burst among the Muslim empire, at a most crucial moment in its history. I shudder to mention the barbaric acts, which occurred at Ma’arra al Numan, following the capitulation of Antioch. Peter the Hermit, Walter nicknamed ‘penniless’ – Godeschal - the German monk perpetrated inhuman atrocities.

Millions perished in battle, hunger or disease and the Crusaders disgraced the Cross, for the protection of which they had issued forth. It is very ironic, and how misguided were their clergy, as the Muslims also beleived in One Supreme Being- Allah. They fought the holy wars to rid the world of the infidels. This only shows how misguided they were, and the real causes were far too malicious and deep.

A Muslim view fully borne out by the atrocities committed by the Crusaders

The object of the Crusades was inhuman. They were launched against Islam by those who were suffering from mental rigidity, prejudice, wrong conceptions, class ¬distinctions, intellectual stagnation, educational back¬wardness and medieval fossilization. These wars were started with a view to oppose a new religion and a world system which believed in human values and had replaced discrimination and inequality by justice and equality and put the firm belief in one God in the place of complex heathenism. The result was tremendous bloodshed, large scale destruction and many ignoble incidents which continued for over a century.

The brilliance of Islamic teaching and moral code, made an impression on many moderate and thinking Christians, many converted to Islam, as things settled down. Many Christians and Jews were holding important administrative posts, and were exerting influence in the Fatimid Courts. In the previous post, I have already dwelt on the brilliance and quest of Intellectual achievements, encouraged and fostered by our most reverred Fatemi Imams (SA)

However, unfortunately Islam was to suffer more devastation in the form of a Tsunami, that originated from the vast steppes of Mongolia, in the form of Chengiz or Jingis Khan. In the year 1218 AD the Mongol issued forth from the steppes , with a savage following of a million and moved upon Farghana.

Centers of knowledge and culture like Herat, Balkh, Bokhara, Samarkand were reduced to ashes. A general massacre was ordered in all these cities. This Mongol invasion put an end to the intellectual life of Central Asia.

More destruction and savagery was witnessed when 50 years later Halaku, the grandson of Chengiz Khan sacked Bagdad. For three days the streets ran with blood, and the water of the Tigris was dyed red for miles along its course. The horrors of rapine, slaughter and outraged humanity, lasted for six weeks.

The reckless assassination of thousands of scholars, poets, writers and the destruction of libraries and colleges wrought irreparable disaster upon the Muslim civilization, which had flourished for centuries with remarkable vitality.

What deepened the somber effects of the tragedy was the fact, with the extermination of men of learning, the spirit of enquiery and original research, so distinctly associated with Arabic learningas practically destroyed.

However, in the midst of all this horrors, there was a silver lining. More than a hundred years before the Mongols sacked Central Asia, Moulana Imam Taiyyeb (SA) had gone in seclusion, In the beginning of the 12th Century Moulana Lamak (RA) had come in the hazrat Imamiyah Mustansiryah to seek the raza. We mumineen are very familiar with the historical evidence that transpired.

Here I quote from one of my earlier post on the Glorious Fatimid Empire - Part 3.

'The period of 454 A.H. to 459 A.H.,was a period of chaos and famine, but of far reaching and significant consequence for the Fatemi Taiyyebi Dawah. Sy. Al- Mu'yyad (AQ) passed these four years in conference with Dai Lamak at Dar-ul- Ilm, and thus although the Nile had dried up, the Fatemi Uloom flowed in torrents towards Yemen.
Syedna Mu'yyad (AQ)remained in charge of the entire Dawah until his death in 470 A.H. He wrote most of his works, in the last year of his life.'

So long before the Mongols had destroyed everything in sight, the true learning (I’lm of A’le Mohammad, encompassing all branches of knowledge) found a very safe and secure haven, to be diligently pursued and revitalized, in the fortified forts (hisn haseen) of Yemen.

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100th MILAD - 3 rd Post

As stated in my 100th Milad Mubarak – 2nd Post, the Spiritual Truths have been there for centuries, and they need no validation from Scientific discoveries.

Now let us take into account, some of the causes, which led to the advent of the ‘dark age’ when all knowledge acquired through the Centuries, was deemed lost.

What is more important to me as a mumin, is that after the Industrial Revolution in Europe, Science came to be largely based on the premises of Materialism. Everything else was termed as illusion or imagination.

A definite wedge was created between Spirituality and Science. More worrying from our Community point of view, is that those who received English/ European Education developed a mindset, that made them believe that knowledge was the result of purely intellectual activity of the Western Developing Nations.

The quest to understand the infinite power, which we know as ALLAH has a very long history. If one is make a proper study of the history of intellectual activity to understand the SUPREME BEING , one will have to read the history of the quest by Babylonians – The Egyptians -The Greeks - The Arabs (Saracens) - The Gnostics - The Orientalists and finally The Europeans.

The known earliest Spiritual Truth found is in the Emerald Tablet Circa 3000 BC wherein is inscribed the following : ‘AS ABOVE , SO BELOW - AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT’ This truth has remained unchanged for Centuries , and we learn this same truth in the ‘sabaks’ even today, and although hundreds of Scientific Theories have been propounded, to be proved wrong by later Scientific discoveries, what is taught in our DEEN remains unchanged. So this is an important point to be remembered.

The quest by all great thinkers in the past – just to name a few Socrates - Aristotle – Pluto – Plotinus (The founder of Neo-Platonism) The Gnostics of the 1st and 2nd Centuries, gathered momentum and acceleration, more scientific , more methodical and analytical, in the early 8th Century after Islam spread to far corners of the world.

Let me quote Syed Ameer Ali from his Book : Short History of Saracens.

‘From early 8th Century the Arabs exercised their intellect, physical sciences were diligently cultivated, and Chemistry botany, geology, natural history etc: occupied the attention and excersed the energies of the ablest men. Abu Musa Jafar of Kufa (the Geber of Christian writers) is the father of modern chemistry. The science of medicine and the art of surgery were developed to the highest degree.

Al – Kindi wrote two hundred works on various subjects – arithmetic, geometry , philosophy , meteorology, optics and medicine. Abu Maaashar (corrupted by the Europe of the Middle Ages into Albumazar) made the celestial phenomena his special study; and the Table of Abu Maaashar has remained the chief reference point of astronomical knowledge.

The early Fatimides, like their ancient prototypes the first Ptolemies , were grand supporters of learning science. They established colleges , public libraries and scientific institutes (Dar ul –hikmat) richly supplied with books and mathematical instruments, and a large professional staff.

Access to and the use of these literary treasures were free to all, and writing materials were afforded gratis. The Calips (Imams - SA) frequently held learned disputations, at which the professors of these academics appeared, divided according to their different faculties,… dressed in their Khalaa ( The gowns of the English universities, still retain the original form of the Arabic Khalaa) UN QUOTE

Feeling proud my young friends - the English Professors are still donning the Fatemi attire, and hopefully, by the end of the next post, you will also realize that the same Intellectual enquiry, religiously pursued by the Arabs , lost in the ‘dark age’ is slowly but surely reemerging and is being rediscovered, with scientific proofs, fuelled by rapid advance in technology covering, all the branches of intellectual pursuit. This is what I find most exciting. Personally I consider it as the 100 Milad Mubarak boon and blessing.

Nahj – Al – Balagha of Moulana Ali (SA)is surely, the fountain head of AL ILM. During the time of Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) there was a deep and far reaching intellectual pursuit, which included all branches of discipline. The prime aim and goal was to understand the Tawheed of Allah. There was no disparity between different sciences and theologies. Knowledge was homogenous , and the quest was to understand and assimilate all knowledge.

Rasail - Ikhwan Al – Shafa (the Epistles of the Brethren of Purity) not only contain interesting scientific and philosophical thoughts, but includes words of wisdom, for the emancipation of human soul. Syedna Al_ Qadi Al-Numan (RA) during his 66 years of khidmat of four Imams (SA) has written in all 44 Kutubs, the most widely read and prominent being Daim ul Islam.

Moulana al – Mu’ayyad fil din al Shirazi (RA) Moulana Hamid al – Din al Kirmani (RA) just to mention two of the many leading Ismaili thinkers and noteworthy scholars , whose intellectual pursuit, after a lapse of many centuries is finding favor with leading thinkers of this Century.

In the Book : “Introduction to the History of Science” the author George Sarton gives tribute to Muslim Scientists. Let me quote:
“It will suffice here to evoke a few glorious names without contemporary equivalents in the West – Jabir ibn Haiyan, al Kindi, al – Khwarizmi, al- Fagani, al – Razi, al – Farabi, Ibn Sina (Bu Ali Sina) ……. He refers to a few more. What he states at the end is, what concerns us the most – and I quote ‘ If anyone tells you that the Middle Ages were scientifically sterile, just quote these men to him, all of whom flourished within a short period of 750 to 1100 AD.

Robert Briffault in his Book : Making of Humanity writes : ‘ It was under the influence of the Arabs and Moorish revival of culture, and not in the 15th Century, that a real renaissance took place.’ He goes on to state ‘Science is the most momentous contribution of Arab Civilization to the modern world.’

The Arab scientists were calculating the size of the earth , from the measurement of a degree on the shores of the Red Sea – this at the time when Christian Europe was asserting the flatness of the Earth.

Insa Allah in the next post, we will examine the reasons, that led to the misguided thinking that Scientific knowledge was the sole preserve of the Western Nations , and basically on account of Renaissance, followed by Industrial Revolution, as taught to all of us in School.