Saturday, May 23, 2015


Renowned Experts in the fields of Mind and Body Sciences, share their expertise and experiences during the course of three weeks of the Summit, have managed to hear a few very interesting and motivational talks, and share a few nuggets I managed to gather. 

If you are feeling interested to know more about the subject covered or a particular Expert, you can log on to the link, or Google. 

The broad aims behind the Summit are as follows: 

Discover, Learn, Believe, Transform 
Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul
Treasure  All Of Your Experiences
True Happiness Resides Within 

Dr. Deepak Chopra talks about the place of God in our modern age.

Reality is different in different states of consciousness. 
Thought is also a veil.
Enlightment comes with unity of consciousness.
who am I ? According to my belief a repenting soul, who realised his folly immediately when he fell, and looked upon His Lord who assured that He will surely bring me back.
Who is asking the question ? An evolving and aware soul on his way faring journey towards his Lord.
As for the future of God - ultimate Reality or whatever you say. I have a gut feeling that He must surely have tuned in to the talk, andmay be having the last laugh, at us mortals, being worried about His future :))

Dr. Joe Dispenza - neouro scientist and best seeling author, discusses on how we can harness the body's innate intelligence, to improve our health and life.

Become CEO of our own body containing trillions of cells, which also has it's own well stocked pharmacy and the ability to heal. Our thoughts make us sick, so like wise it also can make us healthy. The need is to surrender and trust. 
When we disconnect, when we become ' nobody' a miracle happens, our consiousness takes the centre stage, and in uncertainity possibilities are born.
Consciousness brings about change in the matter, creating a new personality. New experience over rides and over writes.

Louise Hay in conversastion with Robert Holden shares stories of their personal journeys, and how to create Miracles in our own life.

Try to hear the inner ding.
Most people do not need so much therapy but what they need is more clarity.
Food is not only for our tastebuds, it gives us a high but is fleeting, whereas eating with awareness helps in infusing energy to our cells, which in turn makes us healthy in mind, body and spirit. 
It is all right to feel low at times, do not tarry long, but bounce back. 
Tyranny of positive thinking :)) Accept 'what is' but move along. 
Stop judging yourself, and you will see love and beauty. 
Affirmation : Life loves me. This will pass.

Dr. David Hawkins - renowned psychriastic, researcher and spiritual teacher, delivers an unparreled talk on the relationship between body and spirit.

We are only subject to what we hold in our mind. 
Body responds to what the mind believes.
Thoughts become a programme in our sub conscious mind. 
Energy field of the body is 100 whereas that of our mind is between 400 -500 so the power of the thought overpowers our body. The body will do what the mind believes. So in order to heal we have to address the mind. Unravel the programme in the mind. 
What mind believes, the body expresses.
There is an unconscious guilt, that brings about illness.
Forgivness, compassion, not being judgemental, acceptance brings about healing.

Dr. Larry Dossey in conversastion with Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about the Power of Prayers to change the World - and You.

Twenty years ago in US there were only 3 Medical Schools who were doing scientific studies on distant / pray healings. At present there are 90 Medical Schools who are undertaking different scientific studies. So there is a positive development. 
Scientific evidences are a plenty in non locality experiments that go to prove that sub atomic particles, at great distances react with each other. Like wise prayers and intentions can bring about healings, and scientific studies at Medical Schools are proving the same. 
You have to just set the stage for your awakening. Awaken to Oneness and loving compassion and see the miracles in your life unfold. 
Do not strive too hard, let your wayfaring towards your Lord be in joy and celebration. Do not direct the outcome - trust the Universe to do the best for you, and it will not let you down for sure. 
Sell your cleverness and just be in bewilderment - Rumi