Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Fight against CANCER is proving to be loosing battle, full of pain and sufferings for the patients, and a great cause of worry, mental agony and draining of financial resources, for the haggard loved ones and hapless relatives.
In this post I am only talking about our Community.
Cancer related deaths are on the rise. In my city alone, within the past 2 – 3 months, 6 mumineen have died because of cancer related disease, ( information provided by Hizbe Husaini member) and a few are undergoing treatment. In other cities and towns also, if one cares to find out, many such instances, of death because of Cancer, may come to light.

With no financial cover to fund exorbitant medical bills, because the tenets of our Deen, do not allow any form of Insurance Cover, the family are at their wits end. It is a very painful and pathetic scenario.

The costs of the treatment are so high, that even arranging medical aid of say Rupees 1 lac, in a particular case, proves wholly inadequate.

CANCER gets detected, the family is in a shock, their whole world turns upside down. The family, which barely manages to maintain a decent standard of living, braces up to face the future with fortitude, always hoping , that a miracle will happen. All the time, wishing away the dreaded monster.

Three months ago, when initials treatment and chemo were being administered, I had talked with the person, and was amazed at his composure and fortitude, to face the monster, head on. Tears flowed when I was told- just keep praying, as they were willing to “bear their own cross’ and were confident , that they will overcome. I at that point of time, simply marveled at the courage, and the noble trait of ‘sabr’, which became evident.

Funds for the treatment had been arranged from friends and family, in large part as KH to be repaid.
But sadly CANCER is an unrelenting monster, it refuses to be cowed down, it strikes hard and fast, in many instances. The family is shattered, the close circle of friends and relatives, are all very helpless. With no back up support, the medical bills keep rising, one things leads to another in quick succession. It is like a vortex from, where there is no coming out, money borrowed goes down the drain, so to say. There is no complete cure in sight, after spending around 5-6 lacs and much more, in many known instances.
As I write this post, the patient is still in the hospital in a very critical condition.


What is needed is expert advice and guidance, to be put on public domain (eg: DB Net – Malumaat etc : ) so that at least, if need arises, mumineen can log in and seek information and guidance, which can be passed on to the patient and the relatives, so that a correct perspective can be formed by them.

Asgar says will not count, however, sound and rational it may seem. Dr. Asgar says and it will surely be taken into consideration. This is reality.

I know it is not a big deal. There is a lot of information on the Net, but it is for the experts in the field of medicine, to retrieve information and guidance, that can be understood by laymen like me.

I have managed to assimilate some information on the subject of Pain and palliative care of terminally ill cancer patients from the Net.

‘ The goal of palliative care are to control symptoms in patients with advanced disease and enhance their quality of life. Hospice, which involves providing care for terminally ill patients, is a step in the right direction. (Is it possible for our community to have a few of these specialty treatment centers – I had made a reference to this in my earlier post – ‘ Death is but a dropping of the flower, so that the fruit may swell.
Pain affects more than 70% of the cancer patients, but is often under treated. The world Health Organization’s step wise guide to pain control serves as an excellent basis for management. Around the clock dosing using adjuvant treatments, and using non invasive routes of administration provide good pain control for 80 % patients.
Ack: Article : Assessment and management of Pain in Palliative care Patients.
Source: Cancer control Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Centre.
Is it possible that the medical fraternity and mumineen who are pursuing medical studies, can work on the above subject, and put on public domain some resources along with their expert advice, so that patients and relatives can at least get an opportunity to get second opinion, and can discuss with their Oncologist and doctor.

In the earlier part of this very post, I had made a reference to a patient family, who had shown exemplary courage and fortitude to fight the monster head on. The patient was in a critical state, when I began writing this post, and now, when I am about to post it, I have just been informed that the patient, has lost the battle, leaving behind a shattered family and a lot of financial burden to be shouldered.

Such is the enormity and seriousness of the situation. As such, thru this post I appeal, that some positive thinking and work should be done in this respect, and what better time, than Sherullah, which is mukbil (nearing) in a few days.

During this month we will be meeting each other on daily basis. So my request is to be focused on the subject, try to carry on the dialogue and I am confident, that good will surely emerge out of it.

I am not claiming that if you mail this post to 10 - 20 or 100 persons, you will be blessed with a rich fortune, and if you do not e mail it, some harm will befall you.

Nothing of that sort will happen, but yes, if you e mail it to those, whom you feel, can offer some solutions and answers to check this monster, you will be doing an A’maal ul bir ( good deed) which is incumbent on every mumineen during the month of Sherullah.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Olympic Games ended in a glittering closing ceremony at the Birds Nest Stadium at Beijing. Preparation will start in earnest shortly for the next Olympiad to be held at London in the year 2012.
In this Olympic games one of our own mumin bhai from Yemen had received a wild card entry to take part in Gymnastic, a singular honor for our community, the very first as far as I can recollect.
Come 2012 and the Olympic games are going to be held in London, a city which our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) has visited on numerous occasions, and has a very close bond with the city. London also has a vibrant mumineen population.

One young and very talented friend of mine is focusing his energies on sending a Taek- won -do champion mumieen to represent India in the Olympics. Is it wrong to dream ? If you have any reservation on this point, do express your opion in the comment link.

This Blog is all about dreaming big and striving to implement those dreams for the community good. The following beautiful lines, taken from a country song, express the mission behind the Mind Mints Blog.

you were young enough to dream
I was old enough to learn something new’

So this post concerns of a dream to be realized by a young and energetic sportsperson, who is fully focused and has also done his home work right.

Hopefully when our world wide community will be celebrating the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) there will be emerging on the Fatemi horizon a Taek- won -do champion, our very own, who will be focused on participating in the Olympics and Allah Willing win Gold and Glory for India and our community in particular.

I write this post as Sherullah is nearing the bend, within a few days we will all be engulfed in prayers and will be fasting and doing pious deeds, so my request is to remember this young man and say a prayer, so that his dream is realized.

His proposal is to start MSB Martial Arts Academy at Kolkata.

Bhai Taher Tambawala is Representive of Martial Arts Authority of West Bengal under the banner of Martial arts Authority of India (Department of Youth Sports & Martial Arts Affairs) the national body Sports & Martial Arts instructor of MSB Educational Institute –Kolkata for the last 10 years He also Vice President of the Martial Arts Authority of India.

Martial arts Authority of India is an official Governing body for all Martial Arts disciplines, traditional, contemporary, internal and all fighting events. Martial Arts Association- International (MAA-I) is representing 120 countries network and promoting multi martial arts. The oldest body of Martial Arts in the world.

Mission Statement:
Our primary mission is dedication to health, strength and longevity. We as a team strive for the following.
1. To listen and understand the want and need of our students members and families and to address those want and need specifically.
2. To continually educate and train over self and update our skill in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence.
3. To educate and train our students, members and families so that they are empowered to protect them and maintain optimal health.
To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom

Bhai Taher is trying to set up an Academy in Kolkata and the brief outline of his Proposal is as follows:

Projected Proposal

Preffered area where the Academy may be set up - South Kolkata
Space Needed – 1400 Sq Ft

Space Divided 2 Sections:

900 Sq Ft – Martial Arts Room (Around 40-50 Students + Changing Room Boys & Girls + Instructor room)
500 Sq Ft for Registration office, Toilet Boys & Girls, Waiting Room + Meeting Room & ECT.

Expense: 10 Lak +

Income Through: Life time Membership : 50,000
Annual Membership : 15,000
Package Work-out : 5000
Monthly : 400
Life Time Membership & Annual Membership Daily Fix time
Package Work-out Contains: Martial Arts Class, Yoga & Aerobic Classes (4 Days a week for 4 months)
Monthly Contains: 2 days per week only Martial Arts Classes

Work on the proposal has already started with the look out for a proper space at reasonable rent.

In the recently held 3rd Inter School Open Martial Arts Championship organized by MSB – Kolkata , 21 schools participated, and MSB – Kolkata with 46 medals were declared CHAMPIONS followed by The Heritage School – 43 medals and Delhi Public School winning 29 medals.

So here we have a potential, which needs encouragement and your prayers. Suggestions are welcome. Mumineen who want to be part of this Project may email to Bhai Taher at – and he will keep you updated on the development. Keep the momentum going, some thing positive will surely emerge, for the greater good of the community.

Be part of the dream and do pray during Sherullah for the realization of the dream.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


English meanings of Arabic words, which we frequently hear in va’az and sabaks and may also hear in Sehrullah. The niyat behind posting the blog is to start reflecting.

Inseparable - mulazim separable - mufariq the existential - Wujudiyah

antecedent - muqaddam consequence - ta’li

conclusive - muntiz inconclusive – ‘aqim A thing - ‘shai

Syllogism - qiyas induction - istiqra analogy - tamthil

Premises - muqqadima conclusion - natija modalities - jihat

Contingency - mumkin primary questions - masa’il

Prime matter - hayula Giver of Forms - Wahib al Suwar

Reality - haqiqa - essence - mahiyya existence - wujud

Binding - Wajib necessary - matter – madda

Eternal - qadin created - muhdath original existence - ibda

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


BOOK :” The seven keys to color healing - Diagnosis and treatment using color.” By RONALD HUNT.

To regard it, for one moment , as anything less would be like a woman who recalled only that electricity was something that heated her press iron. Whereas we know that it is a cosmic energy that man has learned to harness to give artificial light, heat and cold, and innumerable application is made to serve mankind.


1. PHYSICAL BODY : the etheric or sensual body.
2. ASTRAL BODY : made of finer etheric substances, emotional or desire body.
3. Interpenetrating this is the lower mental body or concrete mind.
4. Transcending this again is the Higher mental body.
5. Spiritual body.
6. Intuitional body
7. Causal body.

7 bodies within one body and the radiation from them all composing the AURA or magnetic atmosphere. Herein is depicted in waves of light and color, the physical, emotional, lower and higher mental and spiritual addendum of consciousness - the talents, the deficiencies, the vibrant health or the weakness of disease.

A seer can make a diagnosis at a distance of many thousands of miles provided there is a vibration link with the individual. They can see the entire aura of soul’s consciousness. Seers of perfect selflessness and purity of motive, are privileged upon occasion to see the soul bared of the causal body.

RED: great energizer. Red controls the Root Chakra or coccyges center, at the base of the spine, which governs the vitality of the physical body, particularly the creative and restorative process.

ORANGE: relieves repression, freeing action upon bodily and mental function, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom - it is also termed as ‘wisdom ray’. Orange controls the second chakra or Splenic centre (Pancreas) assisting in the assimilative, distributive and circulatory process.

YELLOW: The rays carry positive magnetic currents and are non-stringent having an alkalizing effect which strengthens nerves. Yellow rays are awakening, inspiring, and vitally stimulating to the higher mentality - the reasoning faculties. Yellow stimulated the third chakra or Solar Plexus - the great brain of the nervous system, controlling the digestive processes in the brain and stomach.

GREEN : It is the color of nature, the color of balanced strength, the color of progress in mind and body. It stands for harmony. Green stimulates the cardiac chakra or the Heart Centre.

BLUE : The blue ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world. Blue controls the Laryngeal Chakra or the throat center, often referred to as the power center - the greatest creative center in man’s body.

INDIGO : This color is a great purifier of the physical bloodstream, and also a tremendous mental freeing and purifying agent, controlling the psychic currents of our finer bodies. Indigo combines the deep blue of devotion and clear logical thought, with faintest trait of the stabilizing red tone. Indigo is related to the frontal chakra behind the brow, anciently termed as the third eye, controlling the pineal gland.

VIOLET : The violet rays possess the most intense electro chemical power.
It is the ideal purifier, the purifier of ideals. Violet has a great inspirational effect. Violet provides nourishment for all those cells in our upper brain that expands the horizon of our Divine understanding. Leonardo da Vinci maintained that our power of meditation increases ten fold under the rays of violet light falling softly through stained glass windows.

WHITE: The white ray is not a ray in the color sense. It is a symposium of all seven rays. White has the attribute of lifting and dynamizing any single ray color and of transmitting that ray to the peak of its characteristic potentialities.

Thus white may be compared to electricity flowing into a colored bulk, which gains increasing dazzling luminosity as higher voltages are passed through it.

Similarly the cosmic white light flowing into the bulb of consciousness, colored with our particular ray outlook, raises and expands our auric light, extending our power of perception of inner and cosmic realities.

When at the zenith of Human consciousness, we perceive the reflection of the Divine cosmic Light, we experience the falling away of all that is dross, a transmutation of all our baser earthly elements of disease.

The white light from the higher planes is duly Divine Manna capable of vitalizing every living thing. It may be used to charge water by an effort of will power.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Feeling so blessed to have talented and creative friends around, and more important, the fact that their creativity and talent is serving the community.

An excellent publication once again from the stable of Trisys - Bhai Mudar is a one man wonder, and a power house. He conceives a project, does his home work thoroughly, implements it with finesse. He conceives, he authors, he prints, he publishes and he launches by calling over people at his own expense for a breakfast preceded by a majlis, where he showed to the gathering a very insight giving presentation of the literary supremacy of Muqqadas Moula Taher Saifuddin Saheb (AQ) The occasion was the 120th Birth Anniversary of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb (AQ)

The photographs are excellent. In his introduction Bhai Mudar writes – ‘ this then is a collection of interviews with the ostensible objective to perpetuate his memory, and the latent desire to just say ‘thank you’. If one could be a minstrel singing his praise to generations that never saw him and do little else, that itself would be a fulfilling existence. This booklet ten is the first step in that direction. ‘

For a soft copy of the Booklet do send your request to Bhai Mudar at
You will surely be enriched on receiving and reading from it, and do express your sentiments and appreciation by mailing him, after you receive and read the Booklet.

Bhai Noorudin Amarjee is a very talented artist and a dear friend of mine. The graphics on my home page ( are his contribution. His works on Calligraphy were presented before Aqa Moula (TUS) personally, and received Aqa Moula’s blessings and appreciation. A memorable life time experience for Bhai Noorudin.

The Madeh is composed by him, beautiful words which are rendered in a melodious and rich voice by Bhai Huzefa Ujjainwala, winner of the coveted first prize in the Madeh Competition ( for his complete profile log on to

Hope you will enjoy listening to the beautiful recital and share it with your friends and acquaintances on www. Do not hesitate to write a few words of appreciation to
Bhai Noorudin Amarjee at - and

Bhai Huzefah Ujjainwala at -

Creative people like them are encouraged to give out their very best on receiving due recognition and appreciation, they feel motivated, so a few words from you, will galvanize them to achieve more in their respective field of art, in this way the community will benefit more and more.

Feeling so blessed to have such friends around really. When we will be celebrating the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) the creativity of these dedicated mumineen will outshine Insa Allah.

Appreciation and encouragement is what is required by them to soar higher in their respective field of art and expertise

Friday, August 1, 2008


Abu Ali al Husain ibn ‘Abd Allah ibn Hasan ibn Ali ibn Sina – which became Europeanized into AVICENNA, was born in August 980 (safar 370 AH) in a village near Bukhara called Kharmaithan (The Land of the Sun) where his father was an administrator.
His father was from Balkh. It was an important commercial and political metropolis, and an intellectual and religious capital.
The name of his mother was Setarah ( a pure Persian word meaning star) and she came from the village of Afshanah.
“My father” says Avicenna “ was one of those who had responded to the invitation of the Fatimids, and was counted amongst the Isma’ilis. ‘ His teacher was Nateli, who was engaged by his father to teach young Avicenna philosophy, and the lessons started with EISAGOGE of Porphry, followed by EUCLID, ALMAGEST of Ptolemy. By the age of sixteen he has mastered many books.
An interesting episode in the life of Avicenna is narrated by his biographer and pupil Juzani that it was a book by Farabi brought from a street vendor, that helped him in understanding the Metaphysics of Aristotle, which he had previously read 40 times over to get an inkling of the subject.
Avicenna was greatly influenced by the works of Abu Nasr Al Farabi (d 339AH /950-951) who came to be regarded as the ‘second teacher’ (Aristotle being the first) He was a Turk born in Transoxiana. Farabi was greatly influenced by the Greek philosophers, Aristotle, Ammonius, Themistius, Porphyry.
KINDI was another ‘falasifa’ whose works were known to Avicenna. Kindi’s Therory of Soul is derived from PHADEO – a book deeply appreciated by Islamic thinkers. Kindi was inspired by the personality of Socrates.
The work which was known as Theology of Aristotle, was in fact parts of ENNEADS of Plotinus (Book IV-VI) This was translated by Ibn Naima and Kindi helped him in polishing up Arabic. Thus the philosophy of Plotinus greatly affected the thinking of Muslim philosophers, although it was wrongly ascribed to Aristotle.

KITAB al FIHRIST composed in 987 gives us valuable information about the extent to which Greek learning was rendered in Arabic. Source book for almost all our knowledge of the works, written and translated from Syriac, Greek, Persian and Indian. HUNAIN (d: 873) was a great translator of Greek and Syriac books. He also had a good command of the Persian language.
Contemporaries of Avicenna :
BERUNI (d: 1048) was a contemporary of Avicenna, had correspondence with him, and was closely associated with Avicenna’s associates and fellow philosophers. Beruni’s 27 works have survived. Of the two outstanding intellectual figures of the 10th Century and beginning of 11th Century, Beruni chose science and scholarship, and Avicenna, medicine and philosophy.
Both of them shared a total lack of racial prejudice, a broad humanity, a fearless devotion to truth, an insatiable intellectual curiosity, as well as physical restlessness, that kept them continuously on the move.
IBN –AL – KHAMMAR was a Christian, his father was a wine merchant and hence his name. He was the author of many medical works and became known as ‘ the second Hippocrates’ He lived to a good old age and became Muslim towards the end of his life.
Avicenna had a high opinion of him, and in one place says : ‘ may God grant us to meet him, either to benefit from him, or to benefit him’

ABU SAHL-AL-MASIHI (the Christian) was another physician – philosopher who was bought up and educated in Baghdad. Among his famous work was a compendium called “The Hundred” which became a manual for medicine used all over Persia. He became very intimate with Avicenna.

NASIR KHOSROW (d: 1061) was another famous contemporary, but much younger. He was born in Balkh. A gifted poet, his extensive travels took him to Egypt, where he was converted to the Ismaili heterodoxy
Avicenna wrote mostly in Arabic and it was more lucid than that of Kindi and Farabi. He wrote a number of books and Rasa’ils, herein below are some of his famous works.
At the age of 21 at Bukhara he wrote his first book - Majmu (Compedium)
2. Al Hasil wa al Mahsul ( the Import and the Substance ) 20 volumes
3. al Bisr wa al Ithm (Good works and Evil) a book on Ethics, which he presented to his neighbour, a jurist, and never made a copy of it.
4. al-Mukhtasar – al – Awsat ( The Middle Summary) dictated to Juzani and written at Gurgan.
5. al- Mabda wa al – Ma’ad (The Beginning and the Return) written at Gurgan.
6. al- Arsad al – Kulliyah (The General Observation ) dedicated to his benefactor.
7. The first part of his famous al Qanun (The Canon) his chief medical work was started in Gurgan, thereafter he left for Raiy.
8. Kitab al – Shifa (The Book of Healing)
9. Kitab al- Hidaya (The Book of Guidance)
10. Kitab al – Najat ( the Book of Deliverance) is an abridgment of Shifa
11. Kitab al – Insaf (The book of Equitable Judgment)
Book Refrence : AVICENNA - His Life and Works