Tuesday, April 28, 2009


With the ni’yat of shifa e kulli and umre darazi - ta – kiyamat of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) mumineen of Kolkata (Calcutta) along with the family of Janab Amil Saheb Yunusbhai Saheb Zainuddin (DS) numbering 337 including children aged 1-2 years also, undertook a memorable train journey on 22nd April ’09.

The special train comprising of 7 - 3 tier ordinary coaches attached with a pantry car, left Howrah Station at midnight Wednesday, and each coach displayed the specially prepared name charts of mumimeen.

After traveling in the sweltering heat of central India crossing the States of Bihar, Jharkahand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, we finally reached Burhanpur at around 10.15 am Friday.

We traveled in the hottest spell in Met History, as reported in News Papers. Our city has been simmering since April 18th with mercury crossing 40 degrees, on all days and discomfort index of 64 degrees. The train journey took us through the sweeping hot dry spell of North and Central India.

On the day we left, there was a news report that 5 persons died on account of heat wave in and around Nagpur.

Did all these unnerving reports deter us from traveling in non air conditioned train ?
The figures speak for themselves. It was decided that the train journey will be feasible, if 300 persons opted to travel, and here we were 337 bracing the heat and the long journey, with chances of frequent en route delays ( eg: The travel time from Bhusaval to Burhanpur is under 1 hr and it took us more than 4 hrs on account of signal clearances )

On the lighter side of the train journey - the outside heat was pumped right inside our coach S1 as a heated debate between the ladies and gents ensued on the motion 'bazaar ni theli mardo ne nahi pan bayro ne sobhe !!’ In spite of our having a very articulate and knowledgeable Bhai Mudar on our side, the ladies vociferously defeated the motion, as I sulked at the thought, of having to continue to carry the bazaar thela till eternity !!

Another debate on the motion that - ‘ Islamic ladies of yore were more progressive and confident of themselves, as they allowed their husbands to have more than one wife, as per the shariat laws’ also was defeated.

In exasperation I managed to salvage some gents pride by repeating loudly the kalema’at nooraniyah of Aqa Moula (TUS) ‘ bayro ma vakas hoi cheh ! But to no avail, we had to accept defeat, much to my own relief, as I know how difficult it is to manage one in these depressing times!!!

Here I would like to make a special mention of Mulla Shabbirbhai Deesawala, whose kidney problem requires twice weekly dialysis. He was on the train with us and was in charge of setting up the special menu and cooking supervision. He has been serving the community for decades, and the unbound love and affection of our Moula (TUS) and faith borne out of conviction, that nothing untoward will happen, made him undertake the journey.

Special arrangement were made for his dialysis at Saifee Hospital when we were in Mumbai for a day. He returned with us, and believe me, he was looking more robust and energetic, when he alighted out of the train, carrying a box of Alphanso, as compared to myself, looking all tired and haggard !!

I salute you Sir !!! You are an example and an inspiration.

At Burhanpur we were served breakfast immediately on arrival, and allotted comfortable rooms. Calcutta mumineen hosted the Darees, there after we went for ziyarat, followed by Zohar/Asr namaz, mata’m majlis, salavat zaman and finally afternoon siesta.

At 5.30 in the evening we again assembled in roza mubaraka sehan, and majlis, salaam, marsiya and madeh recitation culminated in purjosh Mata’m, followed by ziyarat and Magrib/Isha namaz.

After partaking salavat jaman we headed to the Station and were on our way to Mumbai in the special train, known as ‘ Bharat Darshan’

It was all excitement and anticipation as we reached Mumbai, as usual, late by 4 hrs than scheduled. The waiting buses took us directly to Rozat Tahera, where we performed ziyarat and purjosh Mata’m, and the waiting buses, took us to Saifee Mahal.

In Taheri Masjid under the sadarat of Shz: Huzaifabhai Saheb (DM) Darees recitation was performed. We mumineen were fortunate to have the Darees on 1st of Jama –dil - Awwal, and Shz: Idris Bhai Saheb (DM) Shz: Qusaybhai Saheb (DM) and Mehlam Bhai Saheb (DM) also attended, a singular honor, for mumineen of Calcutta.

After Darees we assembled below the gurfa mubaraka all exited and in anticipation, when Shz: Huzaifabhai Saheb (DM) did arz in Hazarat Aliyah Imamiyah on our behalf, and we were blessed with the Doa Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

With heavy hearts of parting and with doa on each and every ones lips that “Moula aapna deedar ni Eid shitabi thai’ we boarded our respective buses. Lunch packets were served

After ziyarat at Naryalwadi and Sakina bhen Saheba, and tour of the terrorist attacked Taj Hotel,we arrived once again at Rozat Tahera for ziyarat and Magrib /Isha namaz.

After salvaat jaman we were back at the Station for our grueling return journey, which took more than 40 hrs. No regrets but Shukr ! Shukr ! Shukr ! all the way.

For making it a most memorable journey I am deeply indebted to :

Janab Amil Saheb Yunusbhai Saheb Zainuddin (DS) who conceived the idea, motivated and with his raza and doa mubarak, it was made possible. He traveled with his family, and set an example of leadership.

Sk: Saifuddin bhai Rangwala who arranged with the Indian Railways, for the train booking.

Burhani Volunteers who did a very commendable khidmat, right form the start, when the idea was first mooted. The dedicated band amongst them, spared no efforts, worked selflessly, registering names, motivating mumineen, ticket issue and all arrangements, pertaining to the journey.

It was simply because of their effort and zeal, that we mumineen for the first time in the history of Indian Railways, were served meals in the train in ‘ Thals’ ( 40 thals were carried in the train) meals cooked and served ‘our style’ which made a good impression on the Railway officials and staff accompanying us on the train.

Zakireen who were traveling and during the journey recited Marasiya, Madeh, Noha, etc: as arrangements were made in each coach for relay. Their recitations, evoked feelings of love and affection for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) as the train carried us, our feelings, our doa for shifa e kulli and umre darazi - ta - kiyamat of our Moula (TUS)

All Mumineen who were fortunae to travel by this special train.

My young friend and photographer, Bhai Abdulkader. who was with us , is presently filming wild life in Bandavagarh National Park. My next post will carry only photographs and video of the memorable train journey. Insa Allah.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The health concerns of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) during Ayya'mul Ta'budaat, stirred the passions of mumineen, world wide. The immense love and reverence found an expression, in mumineen, young and old alike, from all walks of life, undertaking long walks, from their towns and cities to distant maza'r mubaraks.

In countries like USA and even in parts of India, they walked from markaz to Masjid, in other cities from devri mubaak to Masjid.

The 98th Milad mubarak will be remembered in the annals of Fatemi History, for this unique outpouring of love and affection.

The walks undertaken, are all well documented. I need not go into details. DB Net, Malumaat, Planet Bohra, ZenInfosys etc: have covered them with photographs.

My blog is primarily for reflection - taffakur.

The question is - what have they achieved ?

By walking for a very noble and spiritual cause - shifa e kulli of Aqa Moula (TUS), they have in so doing, attached themselves - 'lahik thavu' with the pious actions of our Imams (SA), Doat and Awaliya kirams.

This to my mind, is a singular achievement, one to die for. Moula 'si lahik thavu, yeh sagla na amal thi amal karta thavu' - attachment, is a sure sign of emancipation, of real freedom.

I will just narrate a few of the 'walks' that come readily to mind.

Imam Hasan (SA) did 25 Haj on foot, walking through the desert from Medinah to Mecca, accompanied by a large retinue.

Each year we hear, how Ziad dinil Aswad came in the hazrat of Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) to do kadambosi, all tattered and bruised, and seeing him tears, swelled in the eyes of Imam (SA) and he uttered the famous kalema'at -
' haliddin o illal hoob'

Syedi Kazikhan bin Ali (Sidhpur) had walked all the way on foot from Rampura to Ahmedabad. He took the journey walking behind the bullock cart, that was carrying Dai ul Mutlaq !!

Miaji Tajsaheb (Umreth) each year on the day of Ghadir e Khum, use to walk it from Umreth to Ahmedabad in the hazrat of Dai ul Mutlaq, to give misaq !

Our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) had climbed the arduous mountain terrains on foot, in many of his ziyarat trips to Yemen

In recent memory the young Yemini girl who ran all the way, down the mountain, behind the car of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) panting and breathless. When ushered in the presence of Aqa Moula (TUS) just to say ' inni wallaho ohibboka ya Mavlaya' which went on to become the most iconic statement, through out the mumineen world.

I was fortunate to meet this Yemini girl,and heard her sonorous recital of Marsiya and Madeh in the durbar of Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin Saheb (RA)

Mubarakbadi to all those, who out of pure love and affection for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) under took long walks to mazar mubarak, spread far and wide.

Monday, April 13, 2009



I HAVE FAKHR FOR AND I AM INDEBTED (ubudiyat)to: Janab Yunusbhai Saheb Zainuddin (DS) - Amil Saheb
Masjid Ta'meer Committee of Anjuman e Burhani
Kolkata mumimeen and mumenant, who have contributed generously
My young friends who have shown enthusiasm and zeal they have regualry unloaded truck loads of bricks.
The Masjid that is fast nearing completion is not just brick, mortar and steel - within its precints are reverbarations of dreams, aspirations, tilawat of Quran, marasiya, majalis, madeh and matam of YA HUSAIN and much more. I have been a regular witness, and feel so blessed Now only one wish remains - May Aqa Moula (TUS) grace our city soon.
I had been nurturing for long to have my first pod-cast It is possible on account of my friend Bhai Mohammad Rangoonwla and wild life photographer
Bhai Abdulkader ( akak88_123@yahoo.com) I feel indebted to them.

Shukran 98th MILAD MUBARAK TO READERS OF MY BLOG May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato a'fiyat-ta-kiyamat. Ameen.

A new Madrasa Project (MSB Educational Institute) besides the newly constructed Masjid is being taken up soon. Mumineen of the city, and all those who have spent their formative years, in school and colleges, also those who had started their business and than moved on, will readily come forward and contribute generously is my fevernt hope and wish, in the context of the recent bayan Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) at Nairobi, which leaves no doubt, about the very close and personal attachement of Aqa Moula (TUS) with this unique Edcuational Idaara. 'Mumineen ni jama'at! Mamluk - e- A'le Muhammad na pyara pyara Farzando ! Al- Madaresis - Saifiyatil - Burhaniyah ilm o amal nu ek shadab darakth chhe, jehne Mamluk - e A"le Muhammad yeh mara haath si ughayu chhe. 1405 H ma aa sehar Nairobi ma ehna asal ne sabit kidhu'

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been writing posts on the subject of Fakhr - the central theme of 98th Milad Mubarak Ayyamul Ta'budaat. To have an Educational Idaara- herein below the excerpts from the recent bayan Mubarak delivered by Aqa Moula (TUS) on completing of 25 eventful years of this unique educational Idaara at Nairobi, will suffice as to the importance of this Institute, in the all round development of the child, in both Deen and Duniya.

Kalem'at Noooraniyah : ' Mumineen ni jama'at! Mamluk - e- A'le Muhammad na pyara pyara Farzando ! Al- Madaresis -Saifiyatil-Burhaniyah ilm o amal nu ek shadab darakth chhe, jehne Mamluk-e-A'le Muhammad yeh mara haath si ughayu chhe. 1405 H ma aa sehar Nairobi ma ehna asal ne sabit kidhu'

Thus to have such an Educational Idaara in our city is reason enough to feel Fakhr and moreover, to be actively associated with it, for past several years, to play a part in its nurturing and growth, for me personally is a cause to be proud of.

I feel proud to share with you just a few pics from the recent Annual Function of the Institute at Vidya Mandir. The teaching staff at MSB - Kolkata did a wonderful job, and worked hard to make the Programme a success, and more important, to bring to fore the talent and ability of MSB students.

I was at back stage during the programme and was part of all the hustle, bustle and exitement writ large on the faces of Teachers and the participating students alike. The 'Tehniyat' programme by the pre-primary children was well conceived and acted out, kudos to all pre-primary teachers, who really worked hard.

It brought tears to my eyes, when I saw young children, representing States of India and Middle East Countries, dressed in regional costumes, taking centre stage with poise and grace, and offering Milad Tehniyat in regional languages.

Senior School children acted out with aplomb and finesse plays in English, Hindi and Bengali.

I am reliving the moments in the following video and pics.


Syedna Ali bin Mohammad bin Valid ( A.Q) He is the descendent of Walid bin Ukaba in the shade of the walls of whose orchard Muhammad (SA) had taken shelter from persecution at Taif. Walid sent his slave Ardas ( a Christian) with a loom of 18 grapes, which quenched the thirst of Nabi (SA) who felt refreshed and prayed for Walid.

The descendents of Walid bin Ukaba served Fatemi Imams with diligence and 18 Doat Mutlaqeen are from his nasl and Syedna Ali is the first amongst them.

The tawazo and ubudiya’t of Syedna Ali for his Moula Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin (AQ) is a glowing example. Syedna Ali was entrusted with imparting sabaks to Syedna Ali bin Syedna Hatim Moula (AQ) and when he came to know that Syedna Hatim (AQ) had intentions to confer nas on him, he did arz to Syedna Hatim, saying ‘ Moula aapna farzand ilm ma ane tamam fazl ma tayyar thai chukka chhe, mara paas je hatu ye saglu aapi chuko chu, magar ek fazal ehma zyada ye chhe key eh aapna farzand chhe.’

On hearing this arz of ikhlas and ubudiy’at Moulana Hatim (AQ) said – “ Ali bin Mohammad malaaekat karta bhi wadhi gaya’. Such was the gulami, that resulted in ‘humami’ that not only Syedna Ali, but in his nasl another 17 Doat Mutlaqueen became the Spiritual Leaders, who guided the mumineens of many generations, on the path of salvation and emancipation.

Another star that shines bright in the heavens of ubudiya’t is Moulaya Adam – Vali ul Hind. He exemplified by personal example that, the real status is achieved by submitting to the Will of his Moula. The directive issued by Syedna Idris (AQ) from Yemen to pray behind the sakka (water carrier) was carried to the letter, in true spirit and without hesitation or doubt. His progeny and the za’ereens who flock to his Roza mubarak seeking their wishes, and finding fulfillment of their desires, is his ‘humami’

Syedi Najamkhan saheb son of Syedna Firkhan Shujauddin (AQ) is another glowing star adding radiance and showing direction to the seekers, in the path of spirituality.

When Syedna Ismail Badruddin (mohta bawaji saheb) (AQ) took away the rutba of Izn (mazoon) his ubudiya’t glowed in all radiance. When mischief mongers, seeing an opportunity, approached him to sway him to their camp, he repulsed them saying ‘ Izn (mazoon) no rutbo mara Moula ye aapo hato yeh pacho lai lidho, to’ yeh mara Moula no haq cheh, magar mara Moula nu ehsan cheh ke mane mumin baki rakhane ! Agar aap farmavi de ke tame mumin nahin, to mein kahan ja’v ?

The light radiating from this noble act has saved many from falling into the trap. During our life journey, living in a society, many difficult situations do arise, at times,but recounting and recollecting these noble acts, have saved many a souls from perdition.

While gazing up at the heaven of ubudiy’at another star light shines bright and beautiful – that of Moulaya Khanji fir Saheb (Udaipur). His cleaning of the foul smelling rubbish, from the place near where Dai gave ‘sabaks’ – when asked by Moula, as to the cleaning - the barb by one who said ‘ aa Udaipur thi avela chokra yeh kachro sa’f kari didho cheh’ to which Moula replied – ‘ aa khanji fir ni shaan ghani baland tha naar cheh !!’.

Friends, ubudiya’t really reflects in small acts. When others are thinking that it is not worth it, or it is below one’s status or dignity, you will surely come out a winner, if you think it right. You will only be able to do it, if you have unbound love for your Moula, this is for sure.

Syedna Abdo ali Saifuddin saheb’s nashihat ‘kikabhai jaldi parho’ to his son Syedna Mohammad Badruddin saheb (AQ) is a glowing star in the heaven of ubudiya’t.

mara bawaji Zaki
jai Ujjain zhuki
lidhi shaan malaki’

‘gagar ma sagar’ goes a saying in Gujrati, and how very true for the above simple yet profound words. The potentiality of becoming a ‘malak’ the ultimate goal of every mumin, is engrained in each individual, but by ubudiya’t, that potentiality can be transformed into actuality. This is the message conveyed beautifully in simple words.

The heaven of ‘ubudiy’at is full of such glowing stars, but my gaze, my knowledge is limited, I fervently hope and pray that some more learned then me, will share his knowledge and insight on the subject, for the benefit of my young friends, in near future.

However. who can ever miss the dazzle of the glowing galaxy of magnificent and resplendent stars – the Doat –us – satr, and the most resplendent, the most breath taking and brightest amongst them, – our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS).

Doat us satr , during the long illustrious history of more than 900 years, have taken pride in calling themselves, as ‘ Mamluk – e – A’le Muhammad’ without exception, although we know that Imam uz Zaman (SA) have vested in them all the powers, given them the position of ‘karamat’ for which, we hold them in awe and reverence.

This mamlukiyat itself, is a strong and compelling message to mumineen that haqiqatan fakhr is in the gualmi of Moula. As for the humami attained by this gulami – the illustrious life of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) is an example, which none so ever can deny.

I hope I have been able to prove the paradox.