Wednesday, September 17, 2014



The victim virus - the suffering addiction. 

The role of playing a victim is an addiction very harmful, as it leads to physical, mental and emotional misery.

The chronic complaining state creates inner contractions, that prevent essential energies from flowing as they should, and drain our vital forces. 

According to the Law of Attraction and its principles, when we act act the victim, we are bound to attract to us persons and situations, that will make us suffer. So stop complaining and start accepting and honoring WHAT IS and see your life change for the better. 

Studies have proved that when you are calm, quiet and at peace with your self, the frontal lobes of your brain are activated, this is the area of the brain, where creativity and the ability to make innovative decisions are lodged. 

When you are stressed out, the blood stream abandons the frontal area of the brain, and concentrates in the back part of the brain, where past survival lessons, flight and fight responses learnt long time ago are aroused. These are termed as negative emotional charge, detrimental to your total well being. 

When we go through any inner tension, we usually make unconscious decisions based on such ideas as "I am not good enough"  or " I won't be able to do it". These decisions are tinted with negative perception of ourselves and, if we believe in it, it leaves its imprint on our energy field and conducts our life. 

In his book 'The Biology of Beliefs' Dr. Bruce Lipton shows us scientifically, how environmental stimulates 'triggers' intracellular proteins, and it is these proteins that enact the DNA. In this way the cancer gene lies dormant until the environment stimulates it. He points that to fully support cellular health we can no longer ignore the role of consciousness and that includes our own thinking. 

So it can be surmised that our thinking affects are cellular health to a great degree. Dr. Lipton explains that cellular health, growth, and reproduction respond favorably to thoughts of love and harmony, whereas the so called negative thoughts create the opposite in us. 

So in order to have a healthy thriving cellular body, we should start by having  positive thoughts, learning to pursue a life of calm and contentment, and accepting WHAT IS. 

Book Ref:  Memory in the Cells - Luis Angel Dias.