Monday, January 19, 2009


Once in a while it does a world of good for the tired and exhuasted mind to deviate, from serious issues in life and enjoy humour. This one if no slapstic but real British humour, with a potent message, which vindicates the teachings of our beloved
Aqa Moula (TUS)

It will surely provide fresh mints to your tired mind, at the same time make you fully aware of the finaiancial mess, that the Investment Bankers, have led the world into. ENJOY AND MORE IMPORTANT LEARN !!!

Bird & Fortune - Financial Crisis - Silly Money

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


MUSIC is not an anathema ( I am talking from our community perspective here) if understood and enjoyed in the right spirit. I am sharing with you some of the information I have collected on the subject, which will also set you thinking. Read on friends ………

If you care to read history, you will come to know that the famous Arab philosophers, were the ones who expounded on Music.

BU ALI SINA (Avicenna) defines music as ‘ a mathematical science ‘ in which there is discussed the state of melody, in so far as it is harmony or it is discord, and the state of intervening period. His book was entitled “Introduction to the art of Music’
His pupil Ibn Zaila wrote a Book – ‘Suffeciency in Music’ and his contemporary, the great mathematician and physicist Ibn Al Haitham, complied two studies on Music.

KINDI’S extant works on musical theory are the earliest existing in Arabic.

THABIT IBN QURRA - the mathematician – RAZI the physician philosopher, contributed to writing of musical treaties.

FARABI - the great Islamic theorist’s book – ‘ Grand Book Of Music ‘ has been subject of modern study. He also wrote on the Style of Music and on the Classification of Rhythm.

BUZJANI - the famous Mathematician wrote a Compendium on the Science of Rhythm.

IKHWAN –US – SAFAH (Epistles) had an entire chapter on Music, which was widely known.


Is not reading all this music to your ears, my freinds !


Like a human who can rise to be angelic or fall down to the depths, to even shame Satan, Music also emotes powerful contradictory forces on human mind and character. It is for this very reason, that in our Deen, in order to safeguard us from the negative and harmful effects of Music, directives with regard to music are issued and strictly adhered to. It is not a ‘gag’ as some wrongly view it, it is a blessing in disguise.

The philosopher’s of yore wrote extensively on the therapeutic value of the music, and the effect of different forms of composition on a man’s mood. They were interested on the spiritual awakening of the mind and soul.

The music that is churned out now days , has the beat, the rhythm, sound, vibrations and the high and low pitch notes, it is foot tapping, hip swinging but not mind and soul awakening, and we as mumineen our more concerned with the therapeutic value and awakening of the mind and soul, rather than toning of our leg and hip muscle and bones !!! There are better exercises for achieving body flexiblity.

It is not that musical instruments are banned but we make judicial use of it. However, we have developed the art of what is known as cappella music to a state of perfection. (It is vocal music or singing without instrumental accompaniment)

For the last several years SAUTUL IMAN - a voice development project by Mahad Al Zahra is doing a commendable khidmat in the development of this genre of music. This year it was very interesting to see youngsters, downloading Marishyah from the Sautul Iman website for each particular day of Muhrram and sharing with each other and practicing recital.

In a few years time, we will have youngsters perfecting the art of cappella music, at the same time learning a lot to differentiate between music, that elevates the mind and soul and that which awakens baser passions and desires.

Besides Marsiyah with broadly comprises ‘salaam’ – ‘musaddas’ - ‘noha’ (matami/non-matami) each having a particular form of rendering unique to its self, there are different forms of rhythm and recital beats, used for rendering Hamd – O Sana (the lyrical quality of Quran is brought out to perfection in the recitation of ‘sana’ in fazr namaz if properly remdered) Qasida, Naa’t e Rasul (SA) Manqabat – e – Ali (SA) Nasihat etc:

In conclusion I have this to say. There is a lot to learn and much to appreciate in our Deen, provided you are willing to learn and understand.

In our Faith, the famous mathematicians, physicists and philosophers who expounded on music, but now days one tend to be avowed by …………. (draw your own conclusions)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Imam Husain (SA) Shukr was exceptional. He recited this dua on the day of A’ashura.

‘ O LORD ! I offer you my gratitude, permeating every pulsating vein in my body, for every morsel and droplet you have provided, by the number of follicles in my body’

Aqa Moula (TUS) interpreting the meaning of the supplication, expounded.

‘Though the blood was flowing from his veins, though he had not tasted a drop of water for three days, though wounds abounded his entire body, Imam Husain (SA) expressed his gratitude to Allah.’


Coincidently 5th Muhrram happened to be the New Year 2009. What the economies of the world have witnessed in the last quarter of 2008 and what is forecasted for the coming year is a cause of great concern.

However, we mumineen under the benign and farsighted guidance of Aqa Moula (TUS) feel secure and confident, that come what may, with the Doa Mubarak of our Moula and from the barakat and blessings emanating from the buka and matam on Imam Husain (SA) during A’shara , we mumineen will surely tide over the obstacles, if any, and come out winners.

It is crunch time, when around the world people are reporting to work, even when sick, for the fear of loosing jobs, when businesses are going out of the way to please the customers and save plunging sales, we mumineen are attending vaaz, downing our shutters during peak business hours, and those in service have taken leave.
Isn’t is amazing ! It sure is !!

Why ? Because we have faith in our Moula and are not overtly perturbed by what the economic pundits predict. Here I am not saying that the Economists and experts of financial market are wrong, but on the contrary their predictions and reading on how the world economy will shape in the year 2009 is based on hard facts and figures, and their expertise and judgment is valued and respected.

Mumineen either in business or service are an integral part of the world economic system, and what effects others, will surely effect them also. They will not be immune, but what is important, is their reaction to the forces of market. It is observed that, in a challenging situation, it is the reaction of an individual that differentiates, between the winner and a looser.

Now coming to the point I want to make. Aqa Moula’s bayan mubarak on 5th Muhrram, the first day of 2009 is very significant in the sense that he has sent out a very important and far reaching message to his followers, which will safeguard them and help in positive thinking, to count their blessings in the midst of economic woes.


If you have been fortunate to hear the audio clip ( you will have notice the emphasis and the feelings surrounding the utterance of the words, with pregnant pauses containing a vortex of feelings and thoughts that may be arising in the mind and soul of Aqa Moula (TUS) when he addressed his ‘farzando’

‘Mumineen ni jamaat – Shukr karva thi faydo thai chhe
Shukr karva thi tamam umoor durast thai chhe


faqat jaban thi nahi, dil thi shukr karo
tamam a’za thi shukr karo

Mumineen ni Jammat - Shukr vazib che, farz chhe
ma’refat na sath hamd shukr kariye chhe
jehna haath par ne’mat mile che, shukr karvoo joiye
Ne’mat na appnaar to ma’bood che , ehnahaath par
miley chhe

Husain ne roi lejo
matam kari lejo
Shukr kari lejo

What I infer from this is that Aqa Moula (TUS) has sent out a very positive and strong message, to his followers around the world, to inculcate the noble virtue of shukr (gratitude) and to become aware of the innumerable Blessings of Allah.

If one is surrounded by plentitude, it is easy for him to offer hamd and shukr but in times of adversity to offer shukr (the doa mubarak of Imam Husain on the day of A’ashura is a sterling example, unparalleled, bringing tears as one recounts the tragic circumstances, when he supplicated before Allah recounting not the torments and treachery of the enemy, but the blessings of Allah) is a great lesson to be learnt. If I have inferred correctly, this is what Aqa Moula (TUS) requires his followers to do in the face of adversity.

Allah forbid but if under challenging circumstances, if one is faced with adversity on account of economic meltdown in business or at work place, or depriciation of assets, he will take up the challenges by fortitude and courage. For he will be counting his many blessings, the most important being that his Moula is there with him to guide him, to lead him on, his family is there to support him, his Iman is there to nourish him and sustain him.

If he inculcates the noble virtues of shukr and sabr, even if creature comforts are lost, if income takes a beating, he will not become depressed and sullen, for by doing shukr of the things he has, a whole new mindset and thought process, will be at his command to rejuvenate him.

My young friends, even if the economy plays truant, your ‘lifestyle’ may be compromised, but never your ‘livelihood’ Please understand the subtle difference between the two. Of late, I have been observing a phobia of the future, which is unwarranted.

Friends, inculcate the noble virtue of shukr in your daily life, and you will surely come out winners, come what may.

So this is the Message from Mombasa on New Year Day.

( Suggestion: You may copy paste the design gif and the doa mubarak of
Imam Husain (SA) and frame it, and keep it at your working desk, and each day of 2009 you will be reminded of the azeem shukr of your Moula Husain (SA) the New Year Message of your beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and face the challenges of 2009 with a very positive attitude )


Note: As I was unable to insert the gif with my article, I have posted it seperately.