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EXCERPTS from the Reflection - 8th Muharram 1432 H

Today I instruct the members of Jamaat and all categories of mumineen, to take care of your brothers and sisters.

01. Provide shelter for those, who do not have their own houses and are living under inadequate shelters.

02. Provide housing for those who cannot marry due to lack of it.

03. Help those who are not even able to provide milk for their children, those who cannot secure a square meal, or those who do not have necessary utensils, those who are unable to afford nutritious food.

04. Provide medical aid for those who cannot afford treatment of their illness.

05. Many who cannot afford the education of their children put them into service, thereby burdening them with the responsibility of earning livelihood for thier family.


Now this is most important irshada't :

Aid them with respect and dignity and in such a secrecy that your left hand is unaware of what you give with your right hand, and never recount your favors.

If you do so, you will make the mumin happy, but more than that - I WILL BE EXTREMELY PLEASED ! What else does a mumin desire, than the pleasure of his beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

I offer you a prescription - whenever you seek the fulfillment of your desires, if you wish to own a house, then built a house for a mumin. If you fulfill your brothers desire, Allah will fulfill your desires.

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Eckhart Tolle : As long as the egoistic mind is running your life, you cannot truly be at ease; you cannot be at peace or fulfilled except for brief intervals when you obtain what you wanted, when a craving has just been fulfilled. Since ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things.

The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, social status, recognition etc: None of this is YOU. Do your find this frightening ?

You will know it at the latest, when you feel death approaching. Death is the stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die"- and find that there is no death.

Interesting ! Has Eckhart read or come to understand the nasihat of Syedi Sadik ali saheb, and if you care to read his nashihat, it is a treasure trove of many such Spiritual truths in most endearing and easy to understand language. Just 2 examples in the context of the above.

Syedi Sadik ali saheb states so eloquently :

'gar maut ne samjo to', kunji (the key) chhe nazati ni
tehqiq yeh ma'din chhe ruhani haya'ti ni'

;">'marvana agaari tu' eh bhai mari jaje
logo kahe jivto chhe, ehvu tu kari jage'

I am sure Echart Tolle has not come across the nashihat of Syedi Sadik ali saheb, but has been blessed with the Spiritual Truths. In his best selling book THE POWER OF NOW he is merely showing us how to go more deeply and to understand the truth contained in our DEEN.

If one is taking 'haqiqat' sabaks they will find it more interesting and enriching to read his book.

## The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is.

OUR DEEN our all encompassing 'shariat' teaches us to accept and stop resisting in myriad of ways, so that we may overcome the primordial trait that resulted in our falling from grace, in the fist place.

## Resentment, hatred, self pity, guilt, anger, depression, jealousy, even the slightest irritation are all forms of pain.

OUR DEEN for this very reason to make us free of pain, teaches us kana'at - santosh and tawaakul - bharoso on Allah and our Moula (TUS).

## Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. TRUE POWER IS WITHIN AND IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW.

OUR DEEN : What other better living example than that of Imam Husain (SA) mocking at Shimr, laughing right on his face, as the layeen sits with 'butha khanzar' on his chest. Seemingly all powerful, but in truth utterly weak and vanquished.

It is this power within that made Imam Husain mock Shimr. Aqa Moula (TUS)referring from the most eloquent 'shadat'bayan of Syedi Abdulkader Hakimuddin Moula (RA) says

Aqa Moula (TUS) farmavey chhe ke Imam Husain Shimr na samne ‘hasa’ ane farmu ke tu uth mara sina upar thi – mane sajdo deva de' shimr ne uthvooj paroo – this is the true power within – The Power of Now – a’ waqt ma sajdo devano chhe – taru khanzar nahi chale – just give it a thought Imam Husain is all alone – shimr sina par khanzar layee ne savar chhe – magar haqiqat ma Imam Husain jane cheh ke a’ banu ummaya ni weakness chhe, which is disguised as strength.

So each year we mumineen assemble together on the 'nida' of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) to mourn and remember the 'shadat' of Imam Husain (SA) and in so doing we reaffirm the POWER OF NOW - the knowledge that Forms are born to die, we are aware of the eternal underneath the forms. We know and affirm that 'nothing real can ever be threatened'.

Muharram 1432 H is just a few weeks away, and every one is eagerly awaiting to hear the nida of Dai e Husain to experience once again, the reaffirmation of the POWER OF NOW.

Eckhard Tolle goes on to state that, when this is your state of Being, how can you not succeed ? You have succeeded already. We mumineen know for sure, for our Moula has on several occasions, emphatically conveyed that we need not worry.

No doubt self help books, those written by truly awakened masters and spiritual savants, are precious, but in the end, the effectiveness of the teaching is relative to the reader, who reads such books, and applies his understanding.

There are various methods of acquiring knowledge, one such is known as Socratic Method, the other is Philosophical method, but all these are very painstaking and laborious processes of acquiring awakening, and everyone is not competent to graps and understand.

The sure shot method with little effort and maximum positive result is what the mystics call the attachment with purified and perfect individual. OUR MOULA.

'If there is a desire for union in your head, O Hafiz
You must become like clay in the craftsman's hand'

In truth OUR DEEN has made us mumineen that supple clay in the hands of the master craftsman - OUR MOULA.

THE POWER OF NOW has done wonders to my understanding the Spiritual Truths, but this much I want to convey to my young well read, educated friends that OUR DEEN is more deep, more refreshing, more rejuvenating. I have been trying to convey this message in my writings, how far I have succeeded I know not. I leave it upon my readers to make the judgment.

How I wish that in this 100th Milad Mubarak year, the great spiritual and literary works of our savants, awliya kiram sahebs, in this internet driven age, find a niche and become guiding posts for all those seekers of truth around the world.

Each day I see my posts, being assessed around the world, comprising of diverse cultural and ethnic population around the world, in countries like Morocco - Switzerland - China - Germany. The stats are a source of motivation and satisfaction.

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'no mind' in Namaz - a natural state of felt oneness with Allah

During a recent Skype chat with my niece, who is doing a course in Middle Eastern Study at SOAS - London ( the chat veered on my earlier blog where I had quoted Eckhart Tolle.

I always admire and have high respect for our highly motivated and educated youngsters, who have been studying at various Colleges and Universities around the world, who are well read, have opportunity to come in contact and assimilate with different cultures,and thought processes.

So when my niece strongly recommended that I should buy the book, I did her bidding and when the bookseller refused to give the normal 10% discount, stating that the Book is in constant demand, I became sure that it is worth possessing.


THE POWER OF NOW - Eckhart Tolle over 2 million copies sold carrying rave reviews from important personalities and thinkers and now available in thirty languages. Gujrati edition titled ' Shakti vartaman ni'

For all those who feel that there are 'nobody' in this vast set up of the Universe, Eckhart conveys a very potent and powerful message in the very beginning of the Book. His quote : YOU ARE HERE TO ENABLE THE DIVINE PURPOSE OF THE UNIVERSE TO UNFOLD. THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE. I felt myself a few inches taller as I read it, I am no push over but an important cog in the great churning. Hope you also on reading this must be feeling the same. After reading this quote of his, who will not feel important, and he backs up his contention with hard facts.

The hard fact : that a single human cell measuring 1/1000 of an inch across contain instructions within its DNA that would fill 1000 books of 600 pages each. Simply mind blowing !! I am made up of a trillion of cells.

Let me share some spiritual truths, which I have had the good fortune to learn in 'sabaks' but in his book Ekhard has forcefully and with telling effect put 'upfront' in the most simplest to understand way. Eckhart is said to have experienced spiritual realization, one night after his twenty-ninth birthday. I know many youngsters may already have read the Book.

What is my point in writing about the Book - it is precisely that to convey that OUR DEEN if followed in true spirit is more enriching and sublime. Here I am taking help of Eckhart, I am deeply indebted to him, for by the end of my post, the readers will be fully understand what i want to convey.

In the introduction Eckhart states to the followers of ancient religions, that there is no need to go elsewhere for the truth, his mission is to show you how to go more deeply into what you already have.

Some random thoughts gleaned from the Book.

' The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some super human accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.'

We mumineen are blessed to have a MOULA whose very presence, energizes and enlightens many to feel the oneness with Being. Each year during 'asr' on Ashura, this feeling of oneness becomes profound and intense. I am sure many of my readers may have experienced this sublime feeling.

According to Eckhart, compulsive thinking, this incessant mental noise prevents you from finding the realm of inner stillness, that is inseparable from the Being. This is because the voice (your thoughts) belong to your conditioned mind , which is the result of all your past history as well as the collective cultural mind set you inherited.

He suggests that you start 'watching the thinker' so that the higher level of consciousness becomes activated. A very novel concept propounded by him is that when you learn to control your thoughts - the incessant chatter, when it subsides, you experience a discontinuity in the mental stream - a gap of 'no mind'

At first, the gaps will be short, a few seconds perhaps, but gradually they will become longer. When these gaps occur, you feel a certain stillness and peace inside you. This then is the beginning of your natural state of felt oneness with the Being, which is usually obscured by the mind. With practice, the sense of stillness and peace will deepen. In fact, there is no end to its depth. You will also feel a subtle emanation of joy arising from deep within: the joy of Being.

As you go deeply into this realm of 'no mind' you realize the state of pure consciousness. In that state, you feel your own presence with such intensity and such joy of thinking, all emotions, your physical body, as well as the whole external world becomes really insignificant, in comparison to it.

Now this over two million copies Best Selling Author advices some practical steps in everyday life to achieve this 'no mind' gap. Here are a few of the simple routine steps :

## Every time you walk up and down the stairs in your house or place of work, pay close attention to every step, every movement, even your breathing. Be totally present.

## Or when you wash your hands, pay attention to all the sense perceptions associated with the activity: the sound and feel of water, the movement of your hand, the scent of the soap and so on.

## Or when you get into the car, after you close the door, pause for a few seconds and observe the flow of your breath.

Now to all my readers I put forward a very simple and basic question.

Offering Namaz on 'waqt' with discontinuity in the mental stream, by being totally present, shutting out the incessant chatter of the thoughts, is a much better practice to become enlightened, to achieve the natural state of oneness with the Being ?

Is it not my friends ? It surely is, but we have not given it the thought - 'ghar ki murgi dal barabar !'

Thank you Eckhard Tolle for telling us that there is no need to go elsewhere for the truth. OUR DEEN makes us not only enlightened but also nurtures us for emancipation.
But first things first - switch off the mobiles. It amuses me to see many holding their hand sets immediately after 'salam', some go further, casting a fast glance between 'ruku' and 'sujood' at the blip on their hand set during 'sunnat / vasek namaz' !!

I fervently hope that those who have cared to read my blog will surely find truth in it. To my young friends living in college campuses and professionals, who surely may have read THE POWER OF NOW it will be a revelation.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


ABUNDANCE : Think abundance, feel abundance, BELIEVE abundance and surely it will manifest itself in your life. So says one of the pioneer of New Age Thinking- Robert Collier (1885-1950) in his famous Book - THE SECRET OF THE AGES.

His Secret : 3 steps to call upon your inner power - The Genie of your Mind
First and foremost : To realize that you have the power.
Next to know want you want and finally
To center your thoughts upon it with the singleness of purpose.

In order to achieve the best results he advices that we need to practice.

Now the question is what is ABUNDANCE ?
Is it material wealth ? All the creature comforts, or is it something very different. You must be knowing many who have all the material wealth, but are they really happy, are they living an enriching life ? Are they living a contended life ?

I quote another New Age Amazing Teacher Eckhart Tolle who writes in his famous Book : THE POWER OF NOW - ' those who have not found their true wealth, which is radiant joy of Being, and the deep unshakable peace that comes with it, are beggars, even if they have great material wealth.'

They are looking outside for scraps of pleasure and fulfillment, for validation, security or love, while they have a treasure within that not only includes all those things but infinitely greater than any thing, the world can offer.

As I read the above lines, which started to slowly sink in I found the answer to why Moulaya Raja saheb of Morbi, who made a living by a very humble profession of weaving cloth, threw the jewels back into the well, that came in his 'dol' (water bucket) not once but all the three times, when he intended to fetch water to perform 'wudhu'.

He threw back the jewels because he had the true wealth - the joy of Being. He could think abundance, feel abundance, and enjoy abundance, and he did not look outside for scraps of fulfillment and validation. This is the secret of abundance, that our DEEN has to offer to true seekers of bliss, prosperity and plenty.

Molaya Raja was fully focused on the Power of Now - he needed water for wudhu, as the magrib time was ending, and he knew fully well that the real wealth and abundance, came from 'ibadat' of Allah at the determined waqt. Water was what he needed and water was what he got.

And as to the true wealth and abundance, history bears witness, that the abundance experienced by Molaya Raja, manifested in due time in the form of nine 'ratans' (jewels) of exquisite and resplendent spirituality, humanity, piety and learning - we are familiar with their glorious history - Badre'en Doat kirams.

The first and foremost amongst them Syedna Ismail Badruddin Moula (RA) had immense material wealth, but his true seeking of abundance came from seeking I'lm - staying six months each year at Ahmadabad in the hazrat of Dai uz Zaman, and spending the remaining six months at Jamnagar looking after his business.

The true meaning of abundance was given by him, and as conveyed on several occasion to his mansoos Syedna Abdul Taiyyeb Zakiuddin Moula (RA)

AWESOME ABUNDANCE ! Not great material wealth as stated rightly by Ekhart Tolle, but the joy of being - the joy of serving DAI UL MUTLAQ - WHO IS TRUE ABUNDANCE. Abundance is in his 'gulami' as repeatedly stressed by Sayedi Sadikali Saheb.

I may or may not be possessing any material wealth, it is inconsequential, but I carry within me abundant love of my Moula (TUS) that in it self is ABUNDANCE. Each day is a joy for me , each day is a celebration, each day a thankful day. I feel happy, I feel blessed, and the gloss and glamor of material possessions, does not effect me.

Those who try to make a big show of their material wealth, those who are only self indulgent, self possessive, self centered - I really pity them, for they are seeking validation, they are feeling insecure, they are feeling incomplete.

As we celebrate the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) let us also throw back all that is transitory and seek that which is everlasting, and if our seeking is focused, the joy and bliss of Abundance in life will surely enrich us.

Friday, September 24, 2010


After reading my earlier post, I think many of you may have been convinced that - OUR DEEN IS A HEALING CODE.

Let me share with you further secrets. It is free, no registration, no downloads, just a little time and effort on your part.

Experiments done by the Institute of Heart Maths with 28 trained Researches have conclusively proved that :
1. when the researchers felt gratitude, love and appreciation DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound - the DNA became longer.

2. when the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration or stress, the DNA responded by 'tightening' up, It became shorter and switched off many of the DNA codes.
" ">

INTERESTING. This led me to my quest that what best evokes love, gratitude, appreciation,all the positive energies.

There are many innumerable doa mubaraks which help in evoking the feelings of gratitude, love, peace, joy and appreciation and help us in avoiding frustration, stress. Regular tilawat can help in transforming the harmful cellular memories - heart junk as termed by Dr. Alex into positive feelings of love, happiness, joy, peace.

Let me just share with you friends a part of two doa mubaraks of Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA). The secret Healing Code in our Deen is that spirituality deals with the practical and lived reality of a very personal relationship with man and his Creator - an intimate yearning of the soul for completion and perfection.

ALLAH becomes the focus of all our acts. We start with the premise that we are not perfect, we have to seek perfection.

(Doa Mubaraka : A part from - His supplication in Morning and Evening

10. We rise in the morning in Thy grasp
Thy kingdom and authority contain us
and Thy Will embrace us
We move about by Thy command
and turn this way and that through Thy governing

11. We own nothing of the affair
except what Thou hast decreed
and nothing of the good
except what Thou hast given

12. This is a fresh new day,
over us a ready witness.
If we do good
it will take leave from us with praise

How stress free one would feel, if he rightly believes that 'we own nothing of the affair, except what Allah has decreed'

The secret is to melt the 'I' and just feel peace and bliss in honestly flowing with the flow of things, as they unfold. Embrace good, embrace joy embrace laughter and learn to shun all that is negative.

Sharing another doa mubarak. Here the 'abd' seeks refuge and protection, from all the negative traits, believing with full conviction that it is ALLAH and HE alone, who can protect and safeguard us, but at the same time, upon tilawat we are becoming aware of all the negative traits.

For seeking refuse from immoral qualities and blameworthy acts his Doa Mubarak

O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from
the agitation of craving.
the violence of wrath,
the domination of envy,
the frailty of patience,
the lack of contentment,
surliness of character
urgency of passion,
the disposition of vehemence,
following caprice,
opposing guidance,
the sleep of heedlessness,
undertaking the toilsome,
preferring falsehood over truth,
persisting in sin

There are many such Supplications and Munaja't which brings one near to ALLAH. In one Tasbih on Allah's Glorification, in all 23 ayat's Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA) starts with 'Glory to Allah' for munificence and blessings. A literary masterpiece, which evokes sublime spirituality and feeling of love, abundance and nearness.

THE SECRET CODE is to understand TAWHID in totality. Let me share with you some insights acquired. The numerous Doa Mubarak, supplications and munaja'ts help us in affirming - and this is most important - affirmation with full conviction that

'There is no goodness, but in Allah.
There is no repentance, but by Allah Grace.
There is no gratitude but through Allah.
There is no knowledge but in Allah.

Now in relation to the negative attitude - the affirmations

'There is no evil but in me
There is no pride but in myslef
There is no impatience, but in my own ego
There is none ignorant, but me
There is no hate but in myself '

(Book Ref: The Psalms of Islam - Al- Sahifat Al- Kamilat Al- Sajjadiyya)

So the SECRET CODE of our Deen is the perception of our own self in relation to ALLAH. In the following narration, you will surely find the Secret Code.

Let us travel back to the BEGINNING. In the BEGINNING there were three central characters. NABI ADAM - the first created and Ma Haw'wa, and IBLIS - the one who had done Iba'dat for eons.

As we know all the three disobeyed ALLAH.
Nabi Adam (SA) and Ma Haw'wa were tricked by Iblis, into disobeying ALLAH.
I am not going into details, every one knows.
IBLIS also disobeyed. All the three disobeyed ALLAH.
But the Wrath of Allah for disobedience, was very severe for Iblis, but not so, for Nabi Adam (SA) and Ma Haw'wa, who were forgiven for their transgression

Have you ever reflected on why it was so. There may be a hundred thousand reasons, for we know not what Allah Knows.

But here is one of the SECRET CODE. Let me share it with you friends.

When Nabi Adam (SA) and Ma Haw'wa disobeyed ALLAH they repented "Our Lord we have wronged ourselves... ( Quran Ayah 7:23)

In contrast, IBLIS - who is the personification of ego, heedlessness, self centerdness and misguidance said "Now because Thou hast led me astray" (Quran
Ayah 7:16)

My journey to understand the SECRET CODES will continue. I need the support and encouragement from my readers. I will have to read more about the remaining Amazing Teachers and their secrets (Book The SECRET by Rhonda Byrne) I am indebted to Rhonda Byrne also.

But this much is certain my friends, you will agree with me that if we look 'inwards' into our Deen - the Secret Codes are very much there and most importantly, they are not SECRET. We have to change our perspective. Let us rediscover our own DEEN in the light of the recent scientific, spiritual and philosophical developments.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In the previous post I had mentioned of Healing Codes and the Law of Attraction propounded by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Jonson. I looked up the Net for information and found some interesting facts, which I would like to share.

A mention is made of the experiment conducted by Dr. Massaru Emoto, where he has shown conclusively how the power of words and vibrations can effect the water used in his photos of ice crystal

I would recommend you to first see the video, before proceeding to read my article further.

According to Dr. Alex it is very important that before every meal we should take cognizance of what we think, feel and say, as it will directly affect our body.

OUR HEALING CODE : Our awaliyakiram sahebs have always given hidayat to say BISMILLAH before partaking of meal, and ALHAMDOLLILAH at the end of the meal, but the secret - to derive maximum benefit, one should say it with awareness and a thankful heart.

Before drinking water, one should recite the below ayat for maximum benefit for both body and soul.

Friends, if Dr. Massaru Emoto and Dr. Alex are called in to verify the power of the words and ayats uttered by a mumin, with full conviction and awareness, and mind you, this is the secret - conviction and awareness - the ice crystals photos, will surely reflect all positive and beneficial images.

On the other hand if there is mere parrot recital, without the heart and mind in it - as is observed many a times ( doa bhi padhi rahya chhe, message texting bhi tahi rahi chhe, vasana ni lajjat bhee aavi rahi chhe, matam ma haat bhee uthi rahya chhe, magar khya'l kayee beejij bajoo chhe) I can assure you friends, if this so, the ice crystals will surely show negative images.

This is my gut feeling, and hope some young friend can take up this challenge and prove me wrong by scientific evidence.

OUR HEALING CODE : In our belief system the other secret is this - who utters the word or doa. Eg: Aqa Moula (TUS) utters "Barakkallaho" and my uttering "Barakkallaho" are not the same. This has to be understood correctly.

We do not need any experiment by Dr. Massaru to prove the above point. Aqa Moula's utterance of mere "Barakkallaho" has manifested into abundance in wealth, health, happiness, it has completely changed lives of thousands, for the better of this world and Akherat. You personally must have come across or may have heard about such transformations.

So in our faith system, the blessed words, tasabih and ayats have very positive and enriching power, but at the same time, we believe that the power of this is manifested many more times, if Aqa Moula (TUS) or any other personage of piety utters it.

Even if an ordinary mumin like me does tilawat with awareness and conviction, the health and more important, the spiritual benefits will surely be there.

I share my personal example, I am afflicted with OA and the problem is severe according to medical records, but Alhamdollilah I am active none the less. The secret - doing tilawat of a particular set of recitation, with cupped hands, blowing into the hand, and slowly moving the hand to the afflicted body parts. Each day with full conviction of the health benefit after namaz.

But all this with full awareness, bringing the mind and heart into it, and being thankful, the last being the most important.

In so doing the problem has not vanished and it never will, but I am able to live a quality life all the same - and for that I am thankful to Allah.

In the next post I will be sharing with you more insight into OUR HEALING CODES.

So the Healing Codes my friends are very much there in our Deen - our Deen is a HEALING CODE but one has to make a conscious effort.


Sunday, September 19, 2010


The other day I had an opportunity to interact with a family friend who came visiting from outstation. I met her after a long time and this young mumina, who I knew to be well educated, had in the intervening years seemed to have acquired a lot of knowledge and appeared well read on subject of metaphysics, faith healing, physic and pranic healing, yoga, Reiki etc:

She has been attending many such sessions and talked at length with full conviction of its importance, and gave some insights and recommended some books to me, for which I am indebted to her.

However, I found that many of the truths and concepts are divulged regularly in vaaz and sabaks, and in this glorious Burhani Daur for a true seeker of knowledge, the opportunities are there more so, than in the previous zaman of Doat Kiram sahebs. This is common knowledge.

Another relative of mine who had come down from Singapore had attended the 2 day Pranic Healing session at Taj Bengal, conducted by Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern Pranic Healing and Kriyashakti. ( After shelling out a pricey sum for a two day session, on interaction with him, I found that he was very upbeat, at having learnt from the great master him self, the art of applying 'prana' or vital life force in every aspect of life.

All this developments set me reflecting on what is that attracts these educated youngsters to know more about metaphysics and spiritual awakening, reading books, attending sessions, but when asked - do they attend sabaks, where according to me, we get to know the same things, they are lukewarm, giving standard excuses.

I have been reflecting on this a lot lately. However, it is somewhat personally satisfying to note, that my writing over the years, have found acceptance with a niche group, albeit very small group of educated and aware segment of mumineen, and I can say this now on the basis of the feedback being received from them.

I have been trying to synthesize the deeni knowledge acquired, with truths established through scientific discoveries and published material available on the Net. Here I would like to make it clear, that the Deeni knowledge is taken only from published sources and material (not from the haqiqat sabaks I am blessed to attend)

For those who are really interested to know the depth and beauty of our Deeni knowledge,if you send me a mail request on my mail I/D - I will be glad to forward you my Taffakur Talks , a very personal initiative as part of the 100th Milad Celebration of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

I hope on getting that, you will be able to fully understand my contention. I have been writing on similar things, but others have succeeded because they have made a business model of the ancient truths and wisdom.

Now coming back to the book referred by may young family friend - THE SECRET - Rhonda Byrne. She was a bit taken back, when I told her I had not heard of the book. So immediately after she left, I googled and got to have a peek inside the book.

I will for ever remain indebted to my family friend, for before the Forward by the author there is a page containing the following :

- The Emerald Tablet - Circa 3000 BC
The law began in the beginning of the time. It has always been and will always be.

This is the very thing we have been learning in 'sabaks' but it was news to me that it has been inscribed on a Tablet 5000 years ago.

In her Forward Rhonda Byrne goes on to say that she has been grateful to her daughter for gifting her a century old book, at a time when she was facing her life's worst crisis, and this book provided THE SECRET and a burning desire to share the secret, consumed her. This led to the making of 120 hour documentary film THE SECRET.

In her book 24 Amazing Teachers are featured, who by their work and writings, have shared their SECRET. Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) is regarded as the leader of New Thought Movement. Bob Bocher became famous for his 'Law of Attraction'

All the 24 amazing Teachers featured in the book, have written books, and most all of them have their web pages.

My personal quest, will be to find out what they have, which I do not know. In this way I will try to understand the problem that is vexing me.

So let me start with the famous quote dated 5000 years ago.

As my writings concerns mumineen, specially youngsters groping for answers, without divulging anything from the 'sabaks' but relying on published material, vaaz mubaraks, deeni publications and the Net, let me proceed to prove conclusively, that for a true seeker of I'lm, the answers are in our Deen.

Everyone of you have heard of Syedna Hamid al- Din al -Kirmani (RA) I have written about his work, in one of my earlier blog. Now he is the one, who has clearly made the world understand the true meaning of Tawheed in the context of 'AS ABOVE, SO BELOW'

Now this is what Henry Corbin has to say in his Book - 'History of Islamic Philosophy'

'Syedna Hamid-al- Din Kirmani (RA) (d.408H/1017 A.D.) has fully delineated the esoteric hierarchy. There is a celestial hierarchy (the hudoods above) and there is a terrestrial hierarchy (the hudoods below) which symbolizes with each other.'

This than is the precise meaning, if there was ever one of the ancient wisdom. It is part of our Deen. It is there if you care to find.

In his Book ' Thoughts are things' Prentice Mulford goes on to state : ' There belongs to every human being a higher self, and a lower self, a self or mind of spirit, which has been growing for ages, and a self of the body, which is thing of yesterday.'

Now, if one cares to do tilawat of Nashihat of Syedi Sadik ali Saheb, one will find his repeated emphasizes on caring for the everlasting soul. ' Dunyani ni tu raghbat thi .....' simply superb. (I have translated a few stanzas, which can be found on my home page:

Dr. Alex Loyd talks of 'healing codes' about cellular memories, about release of negative emotions. Nothing new except that they have succeeded in making a business model of ancient wisdom.

I hope to look up on the Net on all the wisdom propounded by the rest of the 24 Amazing Teachers referred in the Book - The Secret, and try to find out, what they know, that I have not known by attending sabaks, and by my true seeking.

I hope my writing will motivate youngsters in removing some of the misconceptions.

An observation " Friends when you attend such lectures and healing sessions, do you carry mobiles with you, are you not all attention latching on to every word and when and when .............. I will leave it at that. All of you are so understanding and educated, I do will not have to spell out the details.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Isha'raats in my Moula's Munaja't Sharifa

In continuation of my earlier blog entitled ' Isha'raats in my Moula's kalaam and salaam' and primarily upon receiving the baraka'ts emanating from 'ahyah of Laylatul Qdr - the deedar sharaf (live video relay) and the spiritual blessings from the tilawat of Munjat Sharifa ' Adooka Adooka Zalzala'li' - 1431 H I am making a honest attempt to conceptualize and understand the 'isha'raat' and hidden haqaiq, alluded to in the Abya't Sharifa 17

With the beginning of Al- Multaqa in 1399 H and the historic restoration of JAMIA UL ANWAR the onset of the 15th Century Hijra has witnessed unprecedented rise in the 'community consciousness' and understanding of mumineen. It is unfolding in quantum leaps of creative emergence. Just look back a few decades and one will surely realize, what a transformation it has been.

In this BURHANI DAUR a glorious epoch in the resplendent Fatemi history, the brilliance of understanding the 'isha'raats' and comprehending the haqaiq - the hidden truths has permeated to all 'holons' of the community. There has been an exponential growth.

I have used the term 'holon' as it is most appropriate and if readers have read my earlier blog
the meaning and significance of what I want convey will be better understood.

It is for this reason I presume that Aqa Moula (TUS) of late has been conveying hidayats in isha'raats. The community consciousness has risen to such heights of transcendence, that Aqa Moula (TUS) has to make 'isha'raats' and every one understands, gets infused and motivated.

A layman like me with limited knowledge and grasping power, also receives the baraka't of making an attempt to understand the hidden haqaiq and isha'raats. It is only because of my Moula's karam and ehsaan.

Syedna Taher Saifuddin Moula (RA) in his most endearing and touching Nashihat - 'biradar tu..' goes on to convey ' samaj jo yeh isha'rat ne -
ne lejo bisharat ne '

This hidayat of Muqqadas Taher Saifuddin Moula (RA) has flowered in full bloom, resplendent in all hues- it is spring time of community consciousness. Awareness and understanding permeating all the strata of mumineen society.

In the context of the above, let me share with you my 'taffakur' of Abya't Sharifa 15 and 16. As the subject of this blog is - isha'raats' I will not take recourse to explain in detail, as I am confident, that by merely making pointed references, the readers will understand and more important, they will be adding to the understanding by their own reflections and tafaakur.

So if you all start sharing your thoughts, this may well turn out to be a evolving blog - spiritual transcendence.

I have incorporated my taffakur of Abya't Sahrifa 15 and 16 in the image below. I am indebted to my young friend Bhai Murtaza Attari for giving his time and expertise, and helping me translate my concepts into computer graphic design.

Now on tilawat of the Abya't Sharifa 15 and 16 again and again I began to reflect.
In Abya't sharifa 15 Aqa Moula (TUS) emotes on two 'sujoods' the one by Rasulallah (SA) soft mud (water and mud) and the other by his grandson Imam Husain (SA) on the dry burning sands.

In Abya't Sharifa 16 the zikr of sujood by Nabi (SA) on Laylatul Qdr in water and the sujood of Imam Husain (SA) in blood on Ashura.

In Abya't sharifa 17 Aqa Moula (TUS) alludes to the hidden haqaiq, that both the sujood of Nabi (SA) in muddy water and that of Imam Husain (SA) in blood soaked burning sand, will for ever protect mumineen till day of Qayamat from enemies of Deen, at the same time both the 'sujoods' will for ever quench the thirst of the true seekers of Ilm and all those who are seeking emancipation from this earthly bondage.

In this Abya't sharifas Aqa Moula (TUS) has made effective use of opposite words:
water - blood / cool mud - burning sand / night 'Layl' - afternoon 'asr'

If you study the image, what is the first thing that strikes you. The white circle represents an un impregnable fortress (hisne haseen) that keeps the mumineen protected from the region of tenbrosity - a region of darkness and gloom, a region of malefic ether causing disaster, harm and evil in human society. All evil thoughts and deeds, all that is negative and restraining to the ascent of human mind and soul, find refuge in this dark space of microscopic vibration.

The white space provides immunity and protection from the egocentric tendencies that tend to divide us and make us selfish and possessive. The sujood of Raulallah (SA) on Laylatul Qdr and the sujood of Imam Husain (SA) on the day of Ashura has manifested into a sheath (Armour) at the same time an all embracing, permeating, enfolding positive spiritual force, a field of subtle energy, offering protection and at the same time, energizing the mumineen 'nafs' to attain higher and subtler hierarchies.

On my reflecting on the sujood of Rasuallah (SA) in soft mud on the Night of Qdr.

Mud and water reminds of 'ibda' - creation. Surah Al-A'raf (Ayah 12 ending) ' and him (Adam) you created from clay'

So the sojood of Rasulallah (SA) on Laylatul Qdr signifies to me the creation of the protective sheath - the first evolving - and the sheath goes on to become an un impregnable fortress ( hisne haseen) with the sujood of Imam Husain (SA) on the burning sands of Karbala.

It is for this very reason that Aqa Moula (TUS) emphatically and in all miqaats tells mumineen to remember Moula Husain (SA) - ' abkika moulayal Husain - afdika molayal Husain - moulaya moulaya Husain'

'Mumineen Imam Husain upar tame ek an'soon nikalso to' maroo kam thayi gayoo'

Which in effect means that now there is no fear of malefic forces, a mumin comes under the protective sheath.

My reflections on sujood of Rasulallah (SA) in water and sujood of Imam Husain (SA) in blood.

Life begins in water and blood is the life giver.

So the protective sheath began on the night of the Qdr and when Imam Husain (SA) was martyred in blood drenched sujood on the day of Ashura, the protective sheath became impregnable till the day of Qayamat.

In the explanatory note in Abya't Sharifa 17 Aqa Moula (TUS) says that Awaliya Kiram sahebs have ensued that only mumineen have been blessed to receive the ma'refat (know the significance and import) of both Laylatul Qdr and Ashura.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The isha'raats in my Moula's kalam and salaam

OCCASION : Bayan ul ikhtetam of Aqa Moula (TUS)at the concluding session of Imtehan-us-sanavi 1431H at Surat

PLACE : Evan e Jamea filled to the capacity.

DATE : 11TH Sherullah - video relay

Sharing my thoughts and feelings as I witnessed the video recording of Aqa Moula (TUS)slowly appearing in the 'gurfah mubaraka' of the Evan e Jamia and in the context of the riwayat of moulana Jabir (RA) getting the sharaf of ziyarat of Rasulallah (SA) traveling from Kufa to Medina, in the 'noor' emanating from the raised finger of Moulana Ali (SA)

MOULA as I witnessed the gentle sway of your hand all around
your all pervading and spiritually enriching gaze
the jostling multitude of mumineen below
the heart rendering cries MOULA ! MOULA ! MOULA !
your becoming the object of nostalgia and desire
the ever ascending motion of raised hands and reaching out
the cascade of emotions, the flowing tears, outpouring of love
the undying desire of mumineen to be engulfed in your noorani nazar
the forceful yet controlled pendulum swings of mumineen at the far ends of the Evan
the composed, controlled grounding of the first line of sada't kiram sahebs
all gazing up in contemplation and outpouring of love .............

the noor emanating from Moulana Ali's finger took Jabir to Medina
your appearance at the gurfah mubaraka and your salami Moula

took me back to the beginning of the time
took me back to my fall from grace
as I fell from the celestial pleroma
engulfed in darkness, murk and gloom
as I fell and repented
I must have also looked up longingly
at Moula A'shir gazing down at me with wishful eyes
myself hurtling down, jostling amongst the fallen souls
but all the same looking up longingly
at the reassuring and ever radiant gaze of my Moula
who with the wave of his hands in salami
with no words uttered but in 'clear writing'
for me to understand and feel
says: ' I am doing the tadbeer
just keep me for ever in your heart and your gaze
I will surely bring you to me !!

You can watch the movie video by clicking on the link below. Please copy paste the link on your browser and download the video.

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MUHARRAM epitomizes the azeem saha'dat of Imam Husain (SA) on the burning sands at Karbala. An iba'dat for the emancipation of humanity at large.

Moulana Ali (SA) saha'dat in masjid e Kufa on 19th Sehrullah while offering fazr namaz attained manifest victory, over all the evil forces, that were deterrent, for the emancipation of human souls.

Sehrullah is the month of supplication, month of roza, namaz, paying of zakat and reaching out to those in need.

One most spiritually elevating characteristic of Sehrullah is the Bihori namaz. During Sehrullah rightly so, Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA) and his supplications help us in connecting with Allah. How close a mumin feels, how spiritually radiant one becomes, when the world sleeps, a mumin keeps his night vigil and recites 'Molaya Molaya...'

Imam Ali ibn al Husayn (SA) is known as Zayn al- Abidin (the ornament of the pious) and his AL -SHAFAT AL KAMILAT AL SAJADIYYA contains spiritually radiant and uplifting supplications, that helps in bringing one near and personal with his Creator. They are not, however, merely supplications, they embody comforting answers to many questions with which, man of our time are confronted. They are a balm and solace to the troubled mind and soul.

Perhaps the most eloquent testimony to his exalted position is the famous ode composed in his praise by FARAZDAQ an eminent poet of his time. In it, FARAZDAQ refers to the occasion, when the Caliph Hisham b. Abd al Malik was overshadowed, and felt slighted by the respect which the people showed towards the great grandson of Nabi (SA)

It was hajj season, when both of them were trying to reach through the crowds around Ka'ba to touch the Black Stone. The people respectfully gave way to Imam Ali Zayn al - Abidin (SA) while the Caliph struggled desperately.

This deeply offended the Caliph, and in a sarcastic tone, he inquired, who the person had been, to whom the people had shown such preference. Farazdaq who was present at the scene, thereupon immediately composed an ode and recited it, addressing himself to Hisham. Herein below are a few lines from the ode.

'It is someone whose footsteps are known by every place
And it is he who is known to the bayt (Ka'ba) in Mecca
the most frequented sanctuary;
It is he who is the son of the best of all men of Allah (Nabi - SA)
and it is he who is the most pious and devout,
the purest and most unstained
the chastest and the most righteous,
a symbol (for Islam)
This is Ali ( Husayn) whose parent is the Prophet
This is the son of Fatima (SA) if you do not know, who he is;
Whosoever recognizes his Allah knows also
the primacy and superiority of this man,
because the religion has reached the nations
through his House.

Book Reference: AL SAHIFAT AL KAMILAT AL SAJJADIYYA (The Paalms of Islam) Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (SA)

Translated by William C. Chittik.

So this Sehrullah let us immerse ourselves in Iba'dat more so, as we mumineen are doing 'ohbat' for the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

Friday, July 30, 2010


MOWLANA AZ - ZAHIR (S.A.) 17TH IMAM - 7th Fatimid Caliph (411 A.H. to 427 A.H.)

Mowlana Abu Maad Ali az - zahir (SA) was born in Cairo on 3rd Ramadan 395 A.H. When Imam al-Hakim (SA) died in 411 A.H. Imam az- Zahir (SA) was 17 years of age.

Sitt-ul- Mulk, the aunt of Imam az-Zahir (SA) looked after the affairs of the State, and on her death in 411 A.H., the Imam (SA) took the reign of the Government.

The year 416 A.H. saw the beginning of a terrible famine in Egypt, which lasted for 3 years. Looting and rioting prevailed, the Imam (SA) appealed for funds and sharing of wealth to the rich, but their response was very poor.

A truce was concluded with Constantine VIII of the Byzantine in 418 A.H. Syria was bought under the Fatimid rule once more.

Imam az-Zahir (SA) is known for his liberal and just rule. He patronized art. He opened an armament factory, where 3000 employees worked.

In 427 A.H., on 15th Shabaan at the age of 32 years he died. leaving the Caliphate and Imamate to his son Imam Mustansir Billah (SA) who was seven years of age.

MOWLANA AL- MUSTANSIR BILLAH (SA) - 18th IMAM - 8th Fatimid Caliph (427 A.H. to 487 A.H.)

Mowlana Al- Mustansir Billah (SA) was born on 16th Ramadan 420 A.H. Eight months later the 'nass' was conferred on him by Imam az- Zahir (SA)

The Vazir Jarjarai took an oath of allegiance on behalf of Imam al- Mustansir Billah (SA) at the time of the death of Imam az- Zahir (SA)

After the death of Vazir Jarjarai, Abu Saad - a Jewish merchant became very powerful on account of his proximity with the royal household. Vazir Jarjarai had served under three Imams (SA) and during his Vazirate, Egypt saw peace and prosperity.

Syedna Al–Mu’ayyad fi’l–Din al–Shirazi (RA) was a witness of Abu Saad's interferences and court intrigues. The confusion and court intrigues ended after the appointment of Vazir YAZURI, whose administration lasted for 8 years, a period of prosperity, efficiency and reforms.

The court intrigues denied Sy. Al-Mu'ayyad with the deedar of Imam (SA) for 40 days. However, in 450 A.H. he was appointed as the Dai ul Dua't of the Dawah.

The period of 454 A.H. to 459 A.H.,was a period of chaos and famine, but of far reaching and significant consequence for the Fatemi Taiyyebi Dawah. Sy. Al- Mu'yyad (AQ) passed these four years in conference with Dai Lamak at Dar-ul- Ilm, and thus although the Nile had dried up, the Fatemi Uloom flowed in torrents towards Yemen.
Syedna Mu'yyad (AQ)remained in charge of the entire Dawah until his death in 470 A.H. He wrote most of his works, in the last year of his life.

Nasir Khusraw a contemporary of Sy: Al- Mu'yyad came to Cairo in 439 A.H. and there is a historical record by him of the grandeur of the Palace of Imam Mustansir Billah (SA)

Nasir ad Dawla, a former Governor of Syria was recalled on account of his inefficiency. He attacks Cairo, burning part of the City. Mowlana Badr al Jamali who was Governor of Akka, is called back to Cairo and he succeeds in restoring order and the administration.

Imam Mustansir Billah (SA) died on 18th Zul Hijja 487 A.H.

The following historical Akhbar are taken from the kitab:
Fazail Misrul Fatemiyah : 1418 A.H. Aaliqadr Shz: Qsaibhai Saheb Vazihuddin (DM)


Imam Musta'ali Billah (SA) was born in Muharram in 467 A.H. in Cairo. At the age of 21 years he ascended the throne of Imamate and became the 9th Fatimid Caliph.

Mowlana Badr al Jamali died in the year 488 A.H. and his son Sahansa Afzal became the Vazir.

The elder brothers of Imam Musta'ali (SA) Nizar and Abdullah after giving allegiance to the Imam, did not honor and revolted and fled to Alexandria. Nizar was defeated in the battle, brought to Cairo and was executed. ( The present day Khoza community are the followers of Nizar )

Imam Musta'ali Billah (SA) after conferring nass on Imam Mowlana Amir be Ahkamillah (SA) and circulating the nass farman in all bilad e imaniyah died in 495 A.H. at the age of 28 years.

MOWLANA MANSOOR UL A'MIR BE AHKAMILLAH (SA) -20TH IMAM - 10TH Fatimid Caliph (495 A.H. to 526 (A.H.)

Mowlana Imam al A'mir Ahkamillah (SA) was born in Kahira on 13th Muharram 490 A.H., and ascended the takth of Imamat and became the 10th Fatimid Caliph at the age of 5 years.

Under the command of Sahansa Afzal the Romans, who had captured Damascus were defeated, and Shansa Afzal returned in the hazrat of Imam (SA) victorious with war booty.

An usurper named Sanbas with his military force surrounded Kahira, but was defeated and killed.

Vazir Sahansa Afzal dies in 515 A.H. and Imam (SA) elevates Abul Mansoor al Mamun to the post of Vazir.

Imam Tayyib (SA) was born in Kahira on 4th Rabi ul Akhar 524 A.H. On day 14th of Imam Tayyibs birth Akika ceremony was done with pomp and grandeur.

The bushra of Imam Tayyib (SA) birth and the nass conferred on him were sent to Mowlatena Hurra al Maleka in Yemen.

With Shareef Mohammad bin Haidera, he also sent an old kerchief.

On Tuesday 3rd Zilkada 526 A.H. Imam al- Akhamillah (SA) as he led a procession of military and dignitaries of the court, was surrounded by treachery and attacked repeatedly by knife by several of the Nizari sympathizers.

Imam (SA) scummed to this heinous attack and after declaring once again Imam Tayyib (SA) as his successor, and appointing Abdul Majid ( son of his uncle ) as the Caretaker, he passed away on 4th Zilkad 526 A.H.

Thus ended the reign of the 10th Fatimid Caliph - a reign that lasted 32 years.

Mowlana Imam Tayyib (SA) went into seclusion traveling with his trusted followers to West Africa.

So this is a short account of the Glorious Fatimid Empire, which is still ruling over the hearts and minds of mumineen because of the living presence of Dai al Fatemi, our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) whose 100th Milad Mubarak we will be celebrating in true Fatemi Glory Insa Allah.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato a'fiayat ta kiymat. Ameen.

It is my most humble desire that on the 100th Milad Mubarak I may be able to upload my 100th post. My very own small personal ohbat. Your best wishes and prayers will greatly help in achieving my objective.

Sehrullah 1431 A.H. is 'mukbil'. Humbly arz to all readers of my Mind Mints blog to remember me in your doa.

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MOWLANA AL - AZIZ (S.A.) 15TH IMAM - 5th Fatimid Caliph (365 A.H. to 386 A.H.)

Mowlana Abu Mansoor Nizar al- Aziz bi- Allah was born on 14th Muharram 344 A.H. at Mehdiya.

The Zantara tribe of the Berbers formented trouble in North Africa. Bulkin managed to suppress the revolt, however, after his death his son Mansoor was not successful, and could not control fully.

Yakub bin Killis - the Chief Vazir died in 380 A.H.

Syedna Qadi al-Numan (RA) died in 363 A.H., and he was succeeded by his son Aly bin Numan. On his death in 374 A.H., he was succeeded by his brother Muhammad bin Numan, who died in the reign of Imam al- Hakim (SA) in 389 A.H.

Imam al - Aziz (SA) died at Bilbays, while on his way to meet the Byzantine forces in Syria. He died on 25th Ramadan 386 A.H., (Dawat records the death on 12th Ramadan and was buried in Al- Kahira.)

On his death bed he called his Treasurer Barjuwani, Qadi Muhammad bin Numan and Amir - Hasan bin Ammar and entrusted the guardianship on the next Imam Mowlana al_Hakim (SA) who was 11 years old.

(386 A.H. to 411 A.H.)

Mowlana Husain al- Hakim bi Amrillah (S.A.) was born on 23rd Rabi ul Awaal 375 A.H. in Cairo.

In 383 A.H. when he was 8 years old Imam al - Aziz (SA) declared him as his successor. In 386 A.H. at the age of 11 years, he became the 6th Fatimid Caliph.

Barjuwani who was in charge of Turkish Guards, was the Treasurer and the tutor of Imam al- Hakim (S.A.)

Ibn Ammar belonged to the Kutama Berber tribe and held control over Berber Guards. Both Barjuwani and Ibn Ammar were trying to depose each other, and in the struggle both were killed.

Imam al- Hakim (S.A.) boldly acknowledged responsibility, at the age of 15 and began to take direct interest in the affairs of the State. He appointed Husain son of Sy. Qaid Jawhar as the new Vazir, but was later deposed from his position at the time of Abu Rakwa's revolt.

Abu Rakwa ( Walid bin Hisham) was the Ummayad prince from Spain, who fomented trouble in North Africa with the help of the Zanata tribe, and he came close to Alexandria, on the bank of the Nile, but was defeated by the Imam's army led by Fadl bin Hasan bin Saleh.

Masjid al Anwar began by Imam al- Aziz (SA) was completed by Imam al- Hakim (S.A.) in 393 A.H. The famous academy of sciences called the Darul Ilm was built by Imam al- Hakim (S.A.) in 395 A.H. It became the biggest center of learning and research, in the whole Muslim world. The academy was later destroyed by Afzal Shabin Shah.

A huge canal was built at Alexandria. An Observatory at Qarafa, where the famous astronomer Ibn Yusuf prepared the astronomical tables.

The famous scientist and engineer Ibn Haytham was invited to Cairo personally by Imam Hakim (SA) When he approached the limits of Cairo, Imam Hakim (S.A.) personally came out to receive him.

He took up residence in Jamia al - Azhar, wrote many books and died in 430 A.H.

Abul Fadl Jafar, a blind scholar of grammar and lexicography, received the honorific 'alim al-ulama (scholar of the scholars)

Sayedna Hamid-ud- din al- Kirmani (RA) headed the Central Dawah

Syedna Kirmani came from Iraq after the revolt of Abu Rakwa to strengthen the Dawah under the guidance of Imam (SA) He worked under KHAGIN who was Dai duat.

In the year 411 A.H. (27th Shawwal) Imam al-Hakim (S.A.) was surrounded by assassins on Mount Muquttam, where he used to visit frequently for meditation and observation of Stars. He was assassinated. One of the assassin was caught and brought before Imam al - Zahir (S.A.) along with the blood stained shirt of Imam (S.A.) in the year 415 A.H.

Many malicious stories of the character of Imam al-Hakim (S.A.) were spread by later Christian historians, which were reproduced by many Muslim writers, hostile to the Ismaili Dawah.

The reign of Imam Hakim (S.A.) was intensely personal, direct and broadly popular. He persistently tried to correct and ameliorate the social and economic life. In so doing the rich and elite class , often seemed to particularly suffer, from his wrath and disdain.


Tall, fair and strong with sparkling blue eyes and grave face. He had a towering personality, which imposed a stamp of a genius on every person he came across. He was a brave, generous. learned and just ruler. Imam Hakim (SA) reign was marked by revolts, scarcity of rains, famine and plague. However, he managed to maintain his authority through all these difficult times.

NOTE: I have dwelt in length on the reign of Imam Hakim (S.A.) and there is a purpose. Historians have tried to malign his character and reign for reasons, which now are coming to light.

I share a quote with readers from the Book : (SYEDNA) Hamid al - Din al -Kirmani - Ismaili Thought in the Age of (Imam) al- Hakim (SA) - Paul E Walker. (1999 publication)

'Until recently the Ismailis (we are known as Tayyebi a part of Ismailis) were studies and judged almost exclusively on the basis of the evidence collected and fabricated by their enemies, including the bulk of the medieval historiographers , who were hostile, towards the Shi'is in general and the Ismailis among them in particular.... As a result a 'black legend' was gradually developed and put into circulation, in the Muslim world to discredit the Ismailis and their interpretation of Islam )

The christian Crusaders and their occidental chorinclers, who remained completely ignorant of Islam and its internal divisions, determined their own myths of Ismailis, which came to be accepted in the West as true description of the Ismaili Teachings and practices.

Modern orientalist, too, have studied the Ismailis on the basis of hostile sources and fanciful occidental accounts of the medieval times.

Here I would like to remind mumineen of the azeem sacrifices made by our 'hudud kirams (Syedi Molai Raj saheb - just to name one of the hundreds) Syedi Qutbuddin Saheed (RA) - just to name one of the illustrious Doat Kiram for the 'hifazat' of the true Deen.

It is heartening to note, that in this epoch Burhani Daur, historians and academics are trying to 'right the wrong' perpetrated in the past centuries by vested and hostile section, particularly against the Fatimids.

To be continued .............

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Continuing from the earlier post where we came to know that Dai Abdullah - the Shii entered in victory to Raqqada and awaited the arrival of Imam Mahdi (SA) who was staying at Sijilmasa.

Finally Imam Mahdi (SA) established himself as the first Fatemi Caliph at Raqqada in 297 A.H., and the Glorious Fatimid Era took firm root in Northern Africa. I share with readers the Time Line, the principal personalities, and their services, some major events in the establishment of the Fatimid Empire.

This post is based on my reading from the Book :- HISTORY OF THE ISMAILI IMAMS - TARIKH E IMAMAT by Al Waez Hasan Husyn Nazarali.

MOWLANA ABDULLAH AL MAHDI (S.A.) - 11 TH IMAM ( 268 A.H. to 322 A.H.)

1st Fatimid Caliph

Mowlana Mahdi (SA) was born at Askar Mukarram on 12th Shawwal 260 A.H.

On the death of Imam Husain al Mastoor (SA) at Askar Mukarram in 268 A.H. he became Imam at the age of 8 years in Salamiya. He remained in Salamiya in the guise of a Hashimid merchant, and maintained a good relation with the local Governor.

In 297 A.H., as stated above he finally established himself in Raqqada as the 1st Fatimid Caliph. He bought the island of Sicily under his control and founded new towns of Mahdiya and Mohammadiyah.

The Dawah in India : The Dawah began during the reign of Imam Mahdi (SA) Dai Ibn Hawshab, sent his nephew Dai al Haytham from Yemen to Sind. From Sind it spread to Multan and other parts of North India and Gujrat.

Imam Mahdi (SA) died on 15th Rabi ul Awwal 322 A.H., at Mahdiya.

Dai al- Qadi al Numan (RA) was born in North Africa and joined the service of Imam Mahdi (S.A.) in 313 A.H.

Da'aim al Islam - the most exhaustive exposition of Fatimid Jurisprudence, took nearly 30 years to complete. It was completed in the reign of Imam al- Muizz (S.A.)

Syedna al- Qadi Numan (R.A.) died in Cairo on Friday 29th Jamadil Akhar 363 A.H./974

MOWLANA AL QAIM (S.A.) 12th Imam. 2nd Fatimid Caliph (322 A.H. to 334 A.H.)

Mowlana Abu al- Qasim Muhammad al- Qaim bi Amrallah was born in 275 A.H. at Salamiyah

In 303 A.H. the nass was proclaimed on him by Imam Mahdi (S.A.)

Imam Qaim (S.A.) died during Abu Yazid's siege on Mehdiya on 13th Shawwal 334 A.H. at the age of 59 years. The news of Imam's death was kept a secret until the revolt of Abu Yazid was over.

MOWLANA AL MANSOOR (S.A.) 13th Imam. 3rd Fatimid Caliph (334 A.H. to 341 A.H.)

Mowlana Abu Tahir Ismail al- Mansoor bi- Allah (S.A.) was born at Qairawan ( a military outpost and camp town) in 302 A.H.

His entire upbringing was in North Africa amid the atmosphere of battles and revolts, which helped to develop a military spirit and discipline.

He succeed to the Imamate at Mehdiya in 334 A.H., at the age of 32 years.

He successfully suppressed the revolt of Abu Yazid, who was defeated, taken prisoner, and died in prison in 336 A.H. Abu Yazid was a Kharjide and belonged to the rival Zantara Berber tribe who opposed the Kutama tribe, which supported the Imam.

After 7 years of rule Imam Mansoor (S.A.) died on 28th Shawwal 341 A.H. at the age of 39 years and was buried in Mehdiya.

MOWLANA AL - MUIZZ (S.A.) 14th Imam - 4th Fatimid Caliph ( 341 A.H. to 365 A.H.)

Imam Abu Tamim Maad bin Mansoor al Muizz (S.A.) was born in Mehdiya on 11th Ramadan 319 A.H.

He succeeded to the Imamate on 28th Shawwal 341 A.H. at the age of 22 years. He is said to have known 7 languages, among them Nubian, Latin, Spanish and Slavonic.

Syedna Qaid Jawhar left Mehdiya for the conquest of Egypt in 357 A.H. The first khutba in the name of Imam Muizz (S.A.) was read by Sy. Qaid Jawhar at Fustat on 18th Shaban 358 A.H.

An interesting fact at the time of construction of Cairo.

The building of the new town started at a time, which the astrologers thought was inauspicious, because it was governed by the planet al- Kahir (Mars) The city was thus named after the planet al- Kahira. (We mumineen know that Sy. Qaid Jawhar had taken Imam's raza and doa, so the astrological influence did not matter in the least)

Sy. Qaid Jawhar personally supervised the construction of Al- Azhar Masjid. In the time of Imam Al- Aziz (S.A.) he built a huge library and a University, which at present day, is the oldest existing University in the World.

Imam Muizz (S.A.) departure from North Africa to Egypt.

Imam (S.A.) started his journey towards Sardinia, he regulated the affairs of Sardinia and Sicily and then went to Tripoli, from here he proceeded to Barqa, on the borders of Egypt.

Imam (S.A.) entered the city on 7th Ramadan 362 A.H. Immediately Imam (S.A.) took over the reign of the government.

Sy. Qaid Jawhar became the Chief of the Army. Sy. Qaid Jawhar originally a Sicilian, was brought in the service of Imam Muizz (S.A.) as a young slave. By his suppression of revolts in North Africa, he attai9ned high office. He remained Commander in Chief, till his death in 381 A.H. during the reign of Imam Aziz (S.A.)

Yakub bin Killis was appointed as the Vazir. Yakub bin Killis by birth was a Jew and was born in Baghdad in 318 A.H. (930) At a young age he came with his father to Egypt. He was very intelligent, hard working and honest, and rose to prominence in the court of Kafur.

In 356 A.H./ 967 he embraced Islam. He entered the services of Imam Muizz (S.A.) after the death of Kafur in 357 A.H. He was the most efficient administrator and Vazir of the Fatimids. Imam Aziz (S.A.) appointed him as Vazir al - Ajall (Chief Minister) in 367 A.H./ 977.

Name of some of the Administrative Departments in the reign of Imam Muizz (S.A.)

The Mahtasib ( anti - corruption Officer) under the office of Sy. Qadi al - Numan

The Court of Mazalim' ( special court set up against the officials of the administration) under the office of Sy. Qadi al- Numan.

Sahib al - Kharai ( Financial Administrator)

Sahib as Shutra (Police Head)

Qaid al Qawad (The Admiral of the Fatimid Fleet)

The Fatimid Naval bases were : MEHDIYA - SUSA - MANSOORIYA -SICILY - CRETE

The Central Dawah was headed by Syedna Jafar (RA) and Sy. Qadi al Numan (RA)

The libraries in Mansooriya and Cairo became famous for their rich treasure of books on almost any science. Learned people were given all the encouragement to use these libraries. Imam Muizz (SA) him self spent much time, in the libraries reading.

Imam Muizz (SA) died on 11th Rabi ul Akhar 365 A.H. at the age of 45 years.

The news of Imam's death was not announced for eight months. This was the usual practice adopted, so that the far flung areas of the Empire, could be bought fully under Administrative control.

To be continued .........................

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Fatemi Heritage Tour of North Afrikiya

Gold coin of the period of Imam Aziz (SA)

Gold coin of the period of Imam Mansoor (SA)

Gold coin of the period of Imam Muizz (SA)

Ack: Fatimid Coins at the David Museum in Copenhagen

My niyat behind writing this 'post' is that may some enterprising Travel Agency be motivated to organize a Heritage Tour of North African countries, through which Imam Mahdi (SA) traveled and founded Mahdiyah, heralding the golden epoch of 'zuhur' in Magrib, as prophesied by Nabi (SA)

Hope some travel agency organizes such a tour as part of the 100th Milad Celebration of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

AKHBAR IS ANW'AR - let me share with you the historical aspects preceding the 'zuhur' of Imam Mahdi (SA) taken from my reading of the Book entitled ' The Empire of the Mahdi - Rise of the Fatimids by Heinz Halm - translated from German into English by Michael Bonner.

Imam Mahdi's (SA) first area of missionary activities - apart from Dai Abdullah the Elder's more closed surrounding in Askar Mukaram ( Qbr mubarak of Imam Husain-al Mastoor -S.A.) was the mountain country of Daylum - south of the Caspian Sea.

After the death of Dai Abdullah the elder known in history as Khalf ( hallaj al qutn - cotton carder) the occupation he undertook as the cover of his missionary activities his son Dai Ahmmad carried on with the mission.

The community of Rayy became the most important and active cell of Ismaili Dawa in northern Iran.

At the same time or thereabout Ismaili missionary activities had been underway in the rural areas surrounding Kufa on the banks of the Euphrates.

Another important and lasting area of missionary activities originated in Yemen. The Dai who founded the Yemini Ismaili community hailed from Iraq. In history he is known as Ibn Hawshab ( Dai Abul Qasim al Hasan bin Farah bin Hawshab, known to later Fatimid Historiography as 'Mansoor al Yemen' ( the victorious of Yemen)

In his book - 'Sirat Ibn Hawshab' the Dai Abul Qasim narrates how he overcame the crisis of faith, which preoccupied him like many other (Twelver Shi'ites) followers of Musa Al Kazim.

The last generally recognized supreme head of the Shi'ites, (Twelver Shi'ites) their eleventh Imam died in 874 (260H) leaving no mail heirs. The belief that there was a hidden Twelfth Imam, had not taken hold, and aroused doubts in many Shi'ite minds.

In such a mental state according to Dai Abul Qasim, he was sitting on the banks of Euphrates ( furat) and was reciting from Surah al Khaif, he saw a spiritually radiant, magnificent old man approaching the river bank accompanied by another man. Ibn Hawshab was mesmerized and stopped reciting.

Than a young lad came sprinting towards him. Ibn Hawshab asked - ' who are you my son' He answered ' a descendant of al- Husayn (SA)' At the mention of al-Husyn the eyes of Ibn Hawshab overflowed with tears. He said ' You are dearer to me than my father, you are the son of the Resplendent One, who was stained with blood, who was prevented from drinking water'

The true meaning of the verse of Surah from al Khaif was explained to him by the spiritually radiant man sitting a little distance away, when Ibn Hawsab was summoned in his presence.

This is how Ibn Hawsab became Dai Abul Qasim.

The Ismaili mission in Yemen

Shortly thereafter in the beginning of June 881 (267H) Dai Abul Qasim and Dai Ali bin al-Fadl set out and near Kufa joined the pilgrim caravan. After Haj with the home bound Yeminite pilgrims, they reached the port city of Aden by way of San'a and al-Junad.

He disguised him self as the trader of cotton and started his mission, and the first converts were the clan of Banu Musa, who came from the village of Adan La'a in the Wadi of La'a. In the year 269H (883) he moved to Adan La'a, and from there, the dawa spread fast and openly and the permission to wage war was granted.

A fortress was built at Abr Mahram, two other fortresses were also won. Bayt Fa'iz visible from far and dominating the entire Miswar region and Bayt Rayb - a fortress on sheer precipice, which had no entrance than a single gate.

From this controlling position based on the three impregnable fortresses the Dai could easily rule and control the surrounding valley.

The Ismaili Mission in Iraq

Imam Mahdi (SA) was based in Salmaya. (Qbr mubarak of Imam Abdullah al Mastoor (SA) and Imam Ahmad al Mastoor (S.A.) are in Salmaya)

The over jealous activities of the sons of Zakaroye led to much bloodshed. They purported to spread Ismaili Dawah. Yahya bin Zakoraye (the man with she camel)laid a seize to Damascus from early December 902 to early 903.

Al Husain bin Zakoraye ( the man with a birthmark - the sahib al Sahma) was misguided and his activities led Imam Mahdi (SA) to leave Salmaya. The Imam hurriedly traveled to Hims, from there to Tripoli, spending a day there and from there to al Ramala and finally reaching Egypt, where he remained for a year.

The Ismaili Mission in North Afrikiya :

In February 893 (278 H) Dai Abu Abdullah referred to as - al Shi'i, set out on the Haj pilgrimage from Kufa and during Haj met and befriended Berbers of the Kutama from the region of Qustantia (Constantine in present day Algeria)

The Dai won of over the Berbers trust and esteem and reached Egypt in their company. There is a detail verbatim and interesting record still in existence of the conversation Dai Abu Abdullah had with the Kutama Berbers, from whom he found out all details of their community, their numerical strength, their political allegiance to the Amir of Qayrawan.

Without disclosing his purpose and his mission, he found out from the Kutama, that the Berber community enjoyed great independence, and their submission to the Aghlabid Amir was of token nature.

On reaching Egypt, as was secretly wished by Dai Abu Abdullah, the Shi'ite Kutama pressed upon the Dai to accompany them to their country and teach them.

The caravan went through Libyan Tripoli and the oases of the Chottel Djerid in Southern Tunisia, before arriving at Sujmar in present day Algeria. Here the Dai recruited two new novices.

In early June 893 Dai Abu Abdullah - the Shi'i entered the territory of the Kutama - the present day Lesser Kabylia. He chose to live in the small town of Ikjan, in the vicinity of the ancient Roman city of Mila, the dwelling place of Banu Saktan, to whom the Shi'ite pilgrims belonged. Along with the Dai, were three Ismaili followers of Yemen.

The Theocratic State of Tazut was organized by Dai Abu Abdullah. He divided the Kutama into seven parts, and raised an army out of each seventh. He sent a Dai to each village. He called the leaders and dais 'elders' (mashayikh) even though many of them were young. The booty remained in their hands until the time Imam Mahdi (SA) appeared. Nonetheless, they did this, as history records show, with reluctance and grumbling, for ever in the course of time, they had grown accustomed to power and revenue, and wrongly assumed that, it would remain ever that way.

Majalis al hikmah were held daily at Qayrawan by Dai Abu Abdullah and other Dais, in which the participation of the women is particularly emphasized. Many abhorrent social practices of the Kutama were thus discontinued.

When Dai Abu Abdullah struck his first serious blow after mobilizing the Kutama against the Aghlabid rule in 902 (289) Imam Mahdi (SA) was in Salamya. It was around the same time the sons of Zakaroye, were mobilizing the Bedouin tribes, against Damascus.

Dai Abu Abdullah first seized Mila. The Aghlabid Amir sent 12,000 men of Qayrawan (the military outpost-jund ) westward on a punitive action. Dai Abu Abdullah's force was beaten in two engagements, they abandoned Tazut and Mila and retreated in the deep snow northward towards Ikjan.

Thus Ikjan the former refuge of the Dai became once again the center of Dawa. The forces of Kutama regrouped and subsequently one by one the Forts of Baghaya, Qalama (Calama) Buna (Bone - Annaba) fell in the hands of the Fatimids. The strong fortress of Maydara ( present day Haydra ) in Southern Tunisia capitulated without struggle.

The Aghlabid Amir Ziyadat Allah after his propaganda and largess failed to mobilize his troops and subjects against the Fatimids, fled from Raqqada.

Thus on 25th March 909 (Rajab 296H) Saturday the Dai Abu Abdullah - the Shi'i entered in victory to Raqqada, and awaited the arrival of Imam Mahdi (SA)

As Dai Abu Abdullah was consolidating his position in the Kutama country of Western Sahara, Imam Mahdi (SA) around January 905 (Rabi ul Awwal 292H) left Egypt and in Libiyan Tripoli he waited for his slave Jafar, to return from Salmaya, who had gone there to retrieve the treasure buried in the ruins of Imam Mahdi's house.

Halfway between Alexandria and Cejrenaica the caravan of Imam Mahdi (SA) was attacked by Berber robbers. In the fight Abul Abbas, the brother of Dai Abu Abdullah, was wounded in the face. Imam Mahdi (SA) lost some of his possessions, including the sorely missed Books with the wise saying of the Imams (SA) the religious literature. Afterward these books were returned miraculously to his possession.

From Tripoli Abul Abbas was sent forward to Qayrawan, where his identity was compromised and he was made a prisoner. So Imam Mahdi (SA) had to change plans. As soon as his gulam Jafar arrived from Salmaya, Imam Mahdi (SA) joined the caravan from Tripoli to far West.

He was accompanied only with Imam Kaim (SA) and the gulam Jafar, the other members of his household did not join him, until afterward.

The caravan first went to Qastiliya - the oasis region of the salt pan of the Chett el Djerid (Shatt al Jarid) in the south of present day Tunisia.

There they made a two day halt at Tuzur ( now Tozeur) to celebrate Eid on 6th Aug: 905 (1st Shawwal 292 H) From Tozeur through the mountain massif of the Awras (Aures) they reached the oasis Biskara (the Roman Vescera)

Traveling through the monotonous high plain of Central Algeria, by way of Qashliya, they arrived at SIJILMASA in present day Morocco. Here they rented a nice house from Abu Habasha. Three months later, they were joined by dependents and family members.

The ruins of Sijilmasa lie right at present day Rissani on both side of the road to Erfoud.

Much effort and research will be needed if a heritage trip starting from Al Qahera is to be organized. Are young enthusiastic mumineen bikers willing to give the project a thought. Alhamdolillah !

This 'write up' is being posted on 1st Shaban 1431H.

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I am sharing with readers, in particular students of Islamic Philosophy and
mumineen who are attending 'sabaks' the excerpts from the Book:


This Book primarily deals with literary expression of Shi'ism in general and Ismailism in particular.

The cycle of Walayah is thus a cycle of Imam (Vasi) succeeding the Prophet; that is to say the batin succeeding the zahir, the Haqiqah succeeding the Shariah

Walayah is the esoteric dimension of the eternal prophecy(Nubuwah) it is the realization of all its perfection, according to the esoteric dimensions, before the beginning of Time, and its eternal perpetuation.

The two persons of the Prophet ( Nabi Muhammad S.A.) and the IMAM (Vasi Moulana Ali S.A.) prior to their earthly kinship, share a spiritual relationship (nisbah ma'naviyah ) which is established in their pre-existence.

Muhammad (SA) ' I and Ali are the one and the same Light'

Moulana Ali (SA) ' I was already a Wali, when Adam (the earthly Adam) was still between 'water and clay'

Their pre-existence as a Pleroma of beings of Light had already been affirmed by Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) : ' God (Allah) created us out of the LIGHT Of His sublimity, and from the clay (of our Light) HE created the Spirit of our Shi'ites.'

IMAM : Their knowledge encompasses the totality of all times. They are muhaddathun (those to whom the Angels speak)

MUHAMMAD (SA) is the epiphany of all the eternal prophetic Reality, the Supreme Spirit, the celestial Anthropos.

This is why he can say " I am the first of the prophets with respect to creation (the Supreme Spirit pre-exists the Universe) and the last one in respect of mission and Manifestation. "

One of the Prophet's most famous Companions, 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abbas, relates how profoundly impressed were those who listened to (Moulana) 'All's commentary
on the Fatihah (the first Surah of the Quran).

The first Imam (VASI) himself gives this testimony: 'Not a single verse of the Quran descended upon (was revealed to) the Messenger of God which he did not proceed
to dictate to me and make me recite.

I would write it with my own hand, and he would instruct me as to its tafsir (the literal explanation) and the ta'wil (the spiritual exegesis), the nasikh (the verse which abrogates) and the mansukh (the abrogated verse), the muhkam and the mutashabih (the fixed and the ambiguous), the particular and
the general. And he would pray to God to increase my understanding
and my memory. Then he would lay his hand on my breast and ask
God to fill my heart with knowledge and understanding, with judgment
and illumination.

Moulana Ali (SA) : ' there is no Quranic verse, which does not possess four types of meanings :

exoteric - zahir

esoteric - batin

limit - hadd

divine plan - muttalla

Imam Jafar al Sadik (SA) " The Book of God (Allah) comprises of four things -

the statement set down - 'ibarah

the implied purport - ishara

the hidden meanings to the
supra sensible world - lataif

and the exalted Spiritual
doctrines - haqaiq "

The exoteric is for oral recitation, the esoteric is for inner understanding.

Philosophical understanding of a few important terms, we regularly hear in Vaaz and sabaks.

tafsir strictly speaking is the literal exegesis of the letter.

tawil (etymologically speaking, this means to lead back or 'bring back' something to its origin (to its asl )

tafhim literally to enable to understand the highest hermeneutic of all.

tanzil designates positive religion - it means to cause this Revelation to descent from the higher world.

Conversely tawil means to cause to return, to lead back to the origin, and thus to return to the true and original meaning of the written (Revealed ) text. It is to cause something to arrive at its original.

The word 'tawil' together with the word 'tanzil' constitute a pair of terms and concepts, which are complementary and contrasting.

Literal Meanings of some other terms:

tahqiq - Philosophical enquiery

mithal symbol

mamthul - that which is symbolized

salah canonical prayer

ma'rifah knowledge

mahabbah love. Both are essential for Walayah.

ulu al 'azam the men of decision.

ilham inspiration

alamat - signs

lahut - divinity

nasut - humanity

kashf - mystical unveiling

tajalli - ephiphanized

matbu' priori - the knowledge of the first principles.

istibsar - observation

i'tibar - inference

idrak - perception

ru'yah 'aqliyah -Spiritual vision

sama' aqli - Spiritual hearing

'ulum ksablyah rasmiyah - 'the official sciences' acquired from the external world by means of effort and human teachings.

'ulum irthiyah haqiqah - knowledge in the true sense received by Spiritual heritage obtained gradually or all at once through divine instructions.

ta'til agnosticism

tasbih the assimilation of that which is manifested in its Manifestation

'alam al ibda / 'alam al amr The Pleroma

'alam al Khalq which is the created world, the object of Creation

inbi'ath - emanation

A very thought provoking video on Universal Consciousness :

Suggested viewing for better understanding of how haqiqat truths and science are converging into a unified source of Enlightenment.