Friday, November 11, 2011


Cooked food in the Mawaid is just a meal
but when a mumin family partakes it
it becomes a life energizing means
a soul nourishing force
which make the spirit soar

Pray why is it so ? - you ask

The transmutation occurs not in the kitchen
an a'la niyat behind is the real reckoning force

It is simplest of fare, no doubt
but it nourishes the body as well as the soul
Thus in a sense my dear friends
the simple Thali scores head over the rich home cooked fare

The results will show - just wait and watch
the 'baraka'ts' of Jamea Anwar, in a day or month did not unfold
can any one deny now that years have rolled
Aqa Moula oft alludes of it's bounties manifold

Likewise for sure
the 'barak'ats' of this 'mauhim' will surely unfold
Just wait and watch
Just wait and watch !!


I penned the aforesaid musings,in a burst of creativity - which I feel needs some expert tinkering - friends, you are free to have your opinion on reading it :))

I was reading the 'MASANAVI' of Rumi ( English translation) on my Kindle, and the following lines inspired me to reflect and write ;

' On the table bread is a mere lifeless thing
When taken in body, it is a life giving spirit'

Every outcome depends ultimately on the NIYAT

I for one firmly believes that the end result will be very different for one
who 'orders' for the THALI as a means of ease , to get some relief from cooking and the other who feels blessed to be part of this 'mauhim' and to share the barakat of 'same food' the 'simple food' the benefits of which, for sure will show in the years to come.

Partaking of simple food is the essence - back to basics - healthy - nourishing food, weaning us away from Passion eating to Intelligent eating.

Friends feel free to correct me, if my thinking is erroneous.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


On the Mubarak day of Eid-ul-Adha - 1432H it gives me a great pleasure to upload a free download of a collection of my 100 articles, written on different Miqaats over several years.

THE MEAVI MUBARAKA KITAB can be downloaded from my home page

The Kitab is in PDF format, and opens in Acrobat 8, so that readers can navigate easily and read articles of their choice, or if they so desire, take a printout of their articles of choice, to be read and shared at a later date.

As it not covered by any Copy Right, you can make hard copies for distribution as Hadiyah of the entire collection of the 100 articles, or a few that you have liked reading, and feel your family and friends, would love to have a copy of the same. The possibilities are endless - you are your own Publisher and choose the format you think serves your purpose best.

My only request is that, no changes whatsoever should be made in the articles and please do keep me updated by E Mail if you choose to publish any or all of the articles, I can at least remember you in gratitude and in my prayers, for spreading knowledge.

Sharing a few Excerpts from a few of my articles, which will help you in deciding to download the Kitab. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Ashara Mubaraka 1428 H

'So my young friends, next time when you are blessed with an audio/video relay of vaaz, feel the excitations and ripples resulting from the ‘nida’ of YA HUSAIN ! on the sea of energy, which in fact is true valayat and ma’arefat of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and like teleportation of photons, your souls will be imbued with spiritual bliss, tears will flow to glow in
hereafter, and the love and affection for Aqa Moula (TUS) will bring rich rewards and bounties on the day of Kayamat. You will be ever bound in love and spirit with your Moula (TUS) in spite of the separation and great distances.

In effect, we are not separated from him, we are one with him.'

95th Milad Mubaraka - TAFADI

'TAFADI for mumineen does mean unselfish love and sacrifice for his Moula, but it is as a result of true 'ma'refat' and not under influence of charm and impulse.Romancing has robbed sacrifice of its true meaning,it has got mixed up with with beauty, charm and sensuality.

When a mumin does 'tafadi' for his Moula, it is not merely a flutter of the heart, but it is a commitment, which will be tested time and again, it is commitment where one has to make very difficult choices.

Surrendering your free will is an act of the mind. It is true 'tafadi' when one commits himself to a continued dying to one's self, than to die in one moment. An impulsive dash into the flames of the candle, is easy than what Syedi Sadik Ali Saheb extols to mumineen in his Nashihat'

99th Milad Mubaraka - Mulkul Husain e be'Karbala

'Mulkul Husain e 'be Karbala till the day of Qiyamah was firmly established on the Day of Ashura . The tragedy of Karbala represented around the world the eternal struggle of truth against falsehood, justice against injustice and tyranny, human
dignity against dehumanization'

The Shariat of Nabi (SA) was firmly established. The true meaning of Jihad, which has been maligned by vested interests around the world, is in fact derived from the Arabic trilateral verb - ja - ha - da , which means to strive, struggle and work
hard. Imam Husain (SA) strove and succeeded in establishing truth against falsehood for ever, he struggled to fortify humanity against villainy for ever, and by his azeem shahadat, he established righteousness against evil, till the day of
Qiyamah. These eternal noble traits form an integral part of mulkul Husain.


The advent of year 1915 (Hijri 1333) was a watershed in the annals of Fatemi Dawat. Syedna Taher Moula Saifuddin (A.Q.)at the young age of 28 years assumed the august office of Dai-ul- Mutlaq, and since that period Fatemi Dawat has been effused with vitality and radiance. However, at the onset, the young Dai had to face an uphill task, as the community was rife with pseudo intellectuals and moneybags with bloated egos, who straddled the community like pantheons. It was indeed a daunting and herculean task for the young Dai to rein them and their incessant scheming and plotting. Syedna Taher Saifuddin Moula, slowly but surely overcame all the hurdles, with Taeed of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.), his profound Ilm and Statesmanship.

THE ISHA'RAATS IN MY MOULA'S KALAM AND SALAAM - BAYANUL IKHTETAM OF AQA MOULA (tus) at the concuding session of Imtehan-us-sanavi 1431H

The noor emanating from Moulana Ali's finger took Jabir to Medina your appearance at the gurfah mubaraka and your salami Moula took me back to the beginning of the time took me back to my fall from grace as I fell from the celestial pleroma engulfed in darkness, murk and gloom as I fell and repented I must have also looked up longingly at Moulana A'shir gazing down at me with wishful eyes myself hurtling down, jostling amongst the fallen souls but all the same looking up longingly at the reassuring and ever radiant gaze of my Moula who with the wave of his hands in salami with no words
uttered but in 'clear writing' for me to understand and feel says: ' I am doing the tadbeer just keep me for ever in your heart and your gaze I will surely bring you to me !!

Barakatul Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah


This story is a result of talking with a host of family and friends, not only in my city, but in many other cities and towns, over phone and on chats. There are facts deftly intertwined with imagination - I have tried to answer some of the questions
being raised, the niyat is that it will provide my Readers with valuable insights and at the same time, the joy of reading.

( I am indebted to Badre Muneer for publishing the story in their Zilkadatil Haram 1432H issue)

Free Download 2.65MB at